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1/2/92  #1   HATONN

Christianity is unique; it stands alone; it is the basis of the economic system you call Capitalism.  Shocking?  Why?  It is because since the turn of your century, at least, Capitalism has had no real meaning in "fact".  It has been totally and completely prostituted and abased by the Conspirators of the One World Government--just exactly as has been the term and realization of "Communism".  Without Christianity, the world would plunge into a New Dark Age, such as overwhelmed it during the 15th century.  Why?  Because true Christianity takes in ALL creeds, all colors--ALL who function in the human form of knowledge, thought, and reason.  It is a state of being or progression of consciousness toward the Christed workings of God of Light, according to the balanced guidelines and guarantees given by God through the LAWS for your species and orderly growth. The remainder of natural creation work within the Natural Laws simply ARE and cannot be changed--only brought into imbalance and disharmony.  This state of affairs in the physical manifestation is always projection according to his chosen direction.  At some point in each "stage play" comes the point of total imbalance wherein balance shall be returned in natural sequence regardless of what the "human" does.  He will bring self into balance or he shall be given lessons through the imbalance and ultimately Mother Nature will work it all out in very proper sequence of events.

Bring MAN into balance and harmony and the rest follows as surely as the balanced order of the universe.  So, it is MAN out of control for you have called your way "Christian" and yet moved directly in opposition to the Christed teachings and State of Being.  All the arguing and voting will not change an iota of the fact of it.  Until the direction and intent of man changes, things will further deteriorate.

I get petition after petition asking for input and interference for "I am asking" are the pleas and "don't I count"?  Indeed, indeed--and if asking in serious and honest intent--YOU are in great shape, aren't you?  Remember, however, that you cannot change another--only self.  So yes, yes, your petition is heard and honored and you will find your path to be quite clear as YOU learn to release those who are blinded and deafened.  Offer and then allow, is all you can do.  Then WAIT UPON THE LORD.  You cannot force and be of God.  Each must desire the change and it is part of your coming into KNOWING to recognize as much and yet, continue constantly to call upon the Hosts for assistance for it keeps you attached and prepared for service in your own purpose.  Remember that prayers are rarely ever answered as YOU BELIEVE THE RESPONSE TO BE--because you know not another's contract nor the purpose of that which already IS.  YOU, in honest intent will not be given more than you can bear--even if it seems otherwise.  There are some wise words which the Master Teacher brought you--"To save your life you must give up your life!"  Now how much are you willing to give up of the physical to save that of the infinite?  All save sex on Friday nights?  All save my security funds?  All save talking badly about my neighbor and hating him just a little bit?  What are you ACTUALLY willing to give up to save your own infinite soul?  I didn't say you had to even give it up--I said what are you honestly willing to give up?

You remind me of the monkey with his hand in the narrow-mouthed jar.  He can grasp the peanuts within but cannot remove them in clenched fist.  Yet if he unfolds his hands, he drops them all.  Wouldn't it be higher intelligence to reason out the problem and simply turn the jar into another container?  That is for the monkey; for human of higher reason--if that be all the peanuts on the planet--you had better eat one, save one and hopefully have one or two to plant.  THERE IS RESPONSIBILITY IN BEING IN THE HIGHER REASONING MANIFESTATION OF MAN!  Further, you must understand that every action bears a reaction--cause and effect.  If you eat all the peanuts the consequences are that you won't have any for later and none to grow.  If YOU chose to eat them all, why do YOU then blame GOD for your consequence of reaction/effect?  You of mankind have made some miserably poor and horrendous choices and now the consequences are upon you as effect.  NOW you want God to make it all nice and shiny new for you while you dump your load on the blood of a murdered man of 2000 years past, and most of the world never believed in that particular entity in the first place.  Does that mean that the majority do not have equal Christ presentation?  No--ALL DO, for GOD IS JUST!  IN OTHER WORDS--YOU DID IT, NOW YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THOSE CHOICES OF ACTION OR INACTION.  YOU MUST UNDERSTAND INACTION REPRESENTS AS MUCH ACTION AS DOES ANY OTHER CHOICE.  I CAN'T HELP IT IF YOU CHOOSE TO DISBELIEVE ME OR MY PRESENCE--THAT IS SIMPLY ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR CHOICES AND IN THE ENDING WE SHALL SEE WHO HANDLES INFINITY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE.  ULTIMATELY YOU SHALL HANDLE IT, YOU KNOW, AND YOU SHALL DO IT IN "MY" WAY.  IN THE MEANWHILE DO THAT WHICH YOU WILL FOR I HAVE NO CAUSE TO JUDGE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER--I SHALL GATHER THOSE WHICH ARE MINE AND WANT TO COME AND YOU MAY DO WHATEVER THE ADVERSARY OF THE PHYSICAL PLANE HAS TO DEAL OUT TO YOU--WHILE YOU LAST.  DO I THREATEN YOU?  NO--THIS SIMPLY IS THE WAY IT IS.

The Christian creed was not appreciated by Sir Thomas Younghusband nor Sir Thomas Youngblood of recent writings.  It is not appreciated by the legislators of your country.  The Fellowship of Faiths sought to merge Christianity with other religions and so cause it to lose its unique identity, and the legislators of your country have carried forward Youngblood's ideas.  You can easily see it in the falsely vile doctrine of "separation of church and state".  What is really meant by this term?  It simply means the total suppression of CHRIST-ianity.  The point in focus was the intent to turn a "State of Being" into a State of Religion so that the workings within the Laws of God would not need be noted.

Youngblood did not explain the nature of the Threefold Movement and the League of Neighbors.  No wonder, when it becomes known that both the foregoing stood for the unbridled revolution against Christianity and the Western ideals which rest upon it.  "But", you say, "...we are talking about something called the Church of Christ and/or Christian and ChristIAN Baptist, Methodist, Catholic ad nauseam."  No, you are talking about MAN doctrines according to his opinion of how a "thing" SHOULD be structured--not according to the teachings nor state of being of Christ.

As mentioned, the founder of the "Threshold Movement" was Kedranath Das Gupta, a real fundamentalized Communist revolutionary.  Other notables who joined with Das Gupta were as follows:|

Keith Harkie:  A Communist member of the British Labor Party.

Felix Adler:  A notable Zionist and founder of the leftist Ethical Culture Society in New York.

H.G. Wells:  Oops--ah er, " said, Hatonn, to go watch the Time Machine, etc."  So?  I certainly did and I hope you did so.  You had better start seeing how its going to come out if you allow the Planners to complete the story.

Representing Bertrand Russell and the pro-drug league headed by Aldous Huxley, Wells was an ardent socialist and a member of the Socialist International Society founded in 1919.  Wells was also a member of the secret Masonic society Kibbo Kift Kindred (KKK).  By the way, KKK as you recognize it is simply more of the same type of secret actions from the very same source.  You just kid yourself into some blathering about "white supremacy", etc.  It is simply hate-mongering right out of the Satanic organizations of Freemasonry.  Actions are used as tools to continue hatred and chaos--it certainly can have nothing to do with the CHRIST state of being.  The Kibbo Kift Kindred and "Clarte" histories are very hard to dig up but ones have done so and shared with you.

KKK-"Clarte" had its headquarters in the Grand Orient Nine SIsters Lodge in Paris, the same Freemasonic lodge which played a major role in the bloody French Revolution, of which Moses Hess, one of the most virulent Communists the world had ever known, was a member.

Hess and Wells actively supported the offspring of Clarte; the Society for Cultural Relations with Soviet Russia.  It was in the confines of the sinister Nine Sisters Freemasonic Lodge in Paris where Wells made the statement that set him in opposition to Christianity and which later appeared in his book, THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: "Henceforth the new world government will not brook the competition of rival religious systems.  It will have no place for Christianity.  There must henceforth be only one faith in the world, the moral expression of the world community."

Annie Besant.  Besant was a notable member of the Fabian Society established in London by Sydney and Beatrice Webb as a leftist club for the Elite of Britain, the sole purpose of which was to foment a climate in which Communism would become acceptable.

Besant was the spiritual successor to Madame Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy.  Besant was head of Co-Masonry and was allied with Clarte and the Grand Orient Nine Sisters Lodge.  Besant was very active in promoting what she called "social democracy", one of the forerunners of Willy Brandt's "Socialist International".

You shall come to see the great harm done by all of these people, and I shall mention the organizations they represented at the time, and whose successors now befoul this great land, the United States of America.

Miss Jane Addams.  Addams founded the Women's International League in conjunction with Mrs. Pethwick Lawrence.  Notice these are big "society" names, not the types one associates with the mad bombers who were attacking the Czar and his family in Russia.  Addams was a confidant of several American presidents, which is interesting because of the fact that she also belonged to the KKK-Clarte and Co-Masonry.

Addams was an enthusiastic backer of Wall Street investment in the Soviet Union and a stockholder in Nicolai Lenin's Russian-American Industrial Corporation and the Communist Federation Press.

Apart from Lenin, another close friend of Addams was Rosika Schwimmer.  Schwimmer is interesting because she was a close confidant of Count Karolyi, the man who handed Hungary on a plate to the Red terror directed by the beast, the foul murderer, "Bela Kuhn" (real name: Cohen).  It was Addams who arranged a lecture tour of America for Count Karolyi.  Addams was a member of the Federal Council of Churches.

Among her closest friends were the Freemasons Dr. Glen Frank, Dr. John Lapp and Dr. Newton Baker (all Communists).

Mrs. Pethwick Lawrence.  Definitely Mrs. Lawrence was a member of the British "upper crust" and a notable society figure in London in the early 1900's.  Mrs. Pethwick was cofounder of the Women's International League along with Jane Addams.  Like Addams, she was a member of Co-Masonry and a leading member of Blavatsky and Besant's Theosophical Society.

Mr. Charles Weller.  Mr. Weller was a Capitalist-Communist millionaire at a period in history where the term really meant something.  He was not a Donald Trump type of millionaire.  The task of organizing the American Chapter of the Fellowship of Faiths was given to Weller, who quickly obtained the blessing of Samuel Untermeyer, a leading American Jewish Zionist and one of the controllers of President Woodrow Wilson.

Untermeyer received Weller's proposal with great glee and immediately took it to Woodrow Wilson who endorsed it on the instructions of another of his controllers, Mr. Justice Brandeis.  In fact the controllers of President Woodrow Wilson, Baruch, Untermeyer and Brandeis made no secret of their blackmail powers over President Wilson.

A close associate, Mr. Samuel Landman of the New Zionist Organization, said: "Mr. Woodrow Wilson, for good and sufficient reasons, always attached the greatest importance to the advice of the very prominent Zionist."  He should have said, "to three prominent Zionists".

Oh, are we going to get back to the Zionists?  Yes indeed, you will find it all started in the highest inner-sanctums of the British anti-Christs.  By any name, they are your enemy on this planet--the anti-Christ, as you like to refer to the adversary.  WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT TO MAKE LAWS THAT YOU CANNOT SPEAK AGAINST NOR DENY THEM?  USE YOUR GOD-GIFTED BRAINS, LITTLE EARTH-DWELLERS--THEY ARE ABOUT TO BECOME YOUR PRISON-MASTERS FOR THE REST OF PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET EARTH-SHAN.  Bigot?  Dear ones, there are not strong enough words in your Earth Languages to express the extent of my loathing of this representative of the highest adversary of goodness in the dimension of physical man.  I respect my enemy--AND I KNOW MY ENEMY.  LIKEWISE THIS ENERGY FORM KNOWS HIS LIMITATIONS AGAINST ME AND MY HOST AS WELL AS MY CHILDREN ALREADY IN CHOICE.  If you are not concerned about the evil about you--then I suggest you are going to be most unpleasantly awakened one of these days very soon.  YOU HAVE MET YOUR ENEMY AND YOU HAVE CAUSED HIM TO "BE".  PONDER IT CAREFULLY.

The "good and sufficient reasons" referred to by Mr. Landmann were the packet of love letters written by Wilson to Mrs. Peck who, in exchange for considerations for her embattled son, handed them over to Untermeyer and Baruch.

"Oh come on, Hatonn", you retort, "...don't try to sell us on illicit affairs all the way back to Wilson." No, I won't, for it goes much, much farther back than Wilson.  We shall simply deal with Wilson for that is the subject in point.  Woodrow Wilson had a magnificent passion for affairs with women--married women, the Peck "romance" being one such particularly torrid one.  Most foolishly (as is the usual case of such disregard for public attitudes), Wilson expressed his love-lorn sentiments in writing to Mrs. Peck.  Peck was an "indiscretion" which crippled Wilson's Presidency and your nation along with him, and brought about America's entry into the First World War.  Hard to accept, is it not?

Both Wilson and Harding supported the League of Neighbors whose influence and input into the Paris Peace Conference almost carried the day for the One World traitors, and we shall also further consider the Fellowship of Faiths in sequence herein.

Rabbi S. Wise.  Wise succeeded Brandeis as Chairman of the Provincial Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs.  Wise was also a member of the pro-Communist Emergency Peace Federation and 19 other inter-connected Socialist/Communist organizations, including the Fabian Society.

Many of these organizations are quite well, alive and kicking in the U.S. under other names today in 1992, and are just as much of a menace to your "Republican" United States of America as they were in 1919.

Wise was the leading light of the Jewish World Congress in Geneva in August of 1936, from which Congress wholeheartedly approved the Samuel Untermeyer plan for war against Germany--this being three years prior to the actual declaration of war by Britain and France.

Upton Sinclair.  Sinclair was a member of the International Revolutionary Writers and a member of a number of affiliated societies along with Wise.  Sinclair gave outright support to the Fellowship of Faith idea which would eventually unify and bring about a single religion.  Sinclair gave Christianity a minus in this equation.

Madame Sun Yat Sen.  Madame Sun Yat Sen was the wife of a Red Chinese Communist who rose to become the first Communist President of China.  Madame Sun Yat Sen was a staunch supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

It becomes clear from the membership of the League of Neighbors that this was no organization devoted to peace, stability and religious freedom.  On the contrary, its revolutionary activities showed exactly what the League intended.  The following "poem" called After the Order of ***Melchisedek (OOPS!!) became part of the manifesto of the Fellowship of Faiths:

" I have no temple and no creed.

I celebrate no mystic rite,

The human heart is all I need.

Wherein I worship day and night.

The human heart is all I need.

For I have found God ever there--

Love is the one sufficient creed,

And comradeship the purest prayer."

This so-called prayer appears to be quite good on the surface, but the human heart is not noted for generating true inspired love, which is why Christ's Blessed Incarnation and Blood Passion became a necessary presentation and expression.  It is this type of humanism, inherited from the Fellowship of Faiths, which is so prevalent today.


By 1926 the Fellowship of Faiths was a well-established friend of revolution.  A group calling itself Rosicrucians, dominated its executive boards and committees.  It had also formed an alliance with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, whose members in 1932 voted for the Communist ticket in elections of that year, particularly in New York and Chicago.  Please, let us not get sidetracked onto "Rosicrucians" at this writing.  We get a lot of inquiries about every known social club and I simply cannot cover it all in this document.

The Threefold Movement started by Charles Weller and Das Gupta in 1924 held meetings all over Britain and America.  By 1925 they had held 253 meetings, one of which was in London under the Presidency of Dr. Norwood of the City Temple.  Thinly veiled attacks on Christianity were usually delivered at these meetings, although some of them had as their theme "What Christianity means to me".

HINDUISMRepresented by S. N. Malik of India, a member of the Beni Israel sect.

ZOROASTRIANISM:  Represented by Dr. A.D. Jillia of the Parsees.

JUDAISM:  Represented by Rabbi A. A. Green of the Hempstead, London synagogue.  As with Rabbi Green who changed his name to be more acceptable, I have a suggestion in great humor that perhaps George's problems would diminish somewhat if he called himself Green "berg".  All through the centuries ones have changed names to a suitable asset as needed.  It doesn't change ANYTHING--but gives the appearance of change.  You had best hold close to your "sense of humor" for it is sometimes the only visible link to the soul.

MOHAMMEDANISM:  Represented by M. A. Dard.

SPIRITUALISM:  Represented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Please note that this was the first time Spiritualism was held out to be a religion, a belief which continues to this day.

BUDDHISM:  Represented by Angarike Dharmapala.

THEOSOPHY:  Represented by Annie Besant.

The important point to remember, of course, is that all of these religions are essentially anti-Christian (oops!!?).  Well, so too are the Christians!  There are continuing contradictory signals sent out by the Fellowship of Faiths which are intended to lead to confusion and obscure the true mission of "Christ".

It is noteworthy that literature published by the Fellowship of Faiths was to be found in Communist bookstores all over America, Britain and Western Europe.

One of the distributors of such literature was the American Society for Cultural Relations with Soviet Russia.  The First World Congress of the Fellowship of Faiths in the U.S. was organized by Jane Addams and held in Chicago in 1933.

One of the principal speakers at that very Congress was Bishop Montgomery Brown, an Atheist and National Chairman of the Communist Workers International Relief and a member of fifty other Communist organizations.  Bishop Brown was a keynote speaker and coming up we shall share extracts from at least one of his speeches.

Dharma, allow us a break at this point.  We will take up right here when we sit again.  Thank you.

Hatonn to clear and give appreciation for the assistance and sharing of ones who already bear such heavy loads as purpose bursts forth.  Lay your foundations well, chelas, for when the purpose is unfolded--the load can be mammoth.  Be patient in your unfoldment so that your roots are true and strong and choices well-made and stable.


Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 11, 1992, Volume 18, Number 4, Pages 22-24.



Learn Who the Zionists Are

2/1/92 #1   HATONN

You who continue to be honestly irate regarding Zionism, I suggest you study carefully ALL the information on the subject along with outside confirmation.  Then, remember--Zionists are usually NOT JEWS!  In fact the Elite controllers--ESPECIALLY THE ZIONISTS--were "birthed as a concept" from the Committee of 300 headed by the Crown of England--(hardly Jewish).  If you cannot be open enough to deal with these possibilities and investigate, then I have nothing to offer you.  I will not, however, cease nor desist in bringing the WORD for it is my mission and your privilege to deny it.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 11, 1992, Volume 18, Number 4, Page 1.


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