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10/17/91 #1   HATONN


The ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL), the Israeli primary Lobby group has struck--this time our own beloved and the radio station on which his messages were aired.  Representatives of the ADL called in to the radio station in point (I will give you details AFTER the smoke settles for I must command silence of information which can further damage.)  It is unthinkable that America has come to this insanity.  Know, however, that the adversary always stumbles if you allow him to so-do.  He devours himself for he is not prepared to respond to "reason", "TRUTH" and always avoids "Light" like poison.  Bring into focus, God of Light and he will run as quickly as his slimy legs will speed him in the other direction.  Open discussion is not a part of his activities--lies, deceit and hidden actions behind vile and viperous nature are his inner workings--the face presented is only a mask to deceive the ignorant.

Pay attention, America, for these representatives of the ADL have now made charges against George and announce they will "close down" the radio station which dared air his interview.  The speaker for the station said that he not only would air the information in the face of such blatant attack but would have George back this evening to respond.  He stated that "I might not longer have a job or a station from which to speak but I WILL SPEAK!"  These threats are constant all across the world and all interviews and stations are warned to stop allowing any presentation of anything of the nature of the JOURNALS or patriots who project the Constitution, to be aired.  Even the subject was presented by President Bush regarding the massive Israeli Lobby present in Washington, at your expense, during the postponement of the $10 billion payoff to Israel.  You don't have to believe Hatonn or any other speaker in your nation---your own President said there were more than a thousand Israeli lobbyists in Washington trying to "shoot him down".  Who do you think they are?  Where do you think they come from and what are they about?  Since they demand aid to a foreign nation, they cannot be in service to you-the-people.  Or do you even take note, America?  Will you allow the enemy within and too late realize that the enemy was thought to be your best friend?  So be it for it appears that this is what has come to be in your blessed nation.

The "charges" are everything given forth as instructions found in the Protocols of Zion and the attack is as given in the Communist Manifesto--right down the numbered lines, headed of course, by the labeling of "anti-Semitism", cast forth as though it had meaning.  It has no meaning for that would mean one is "against himself" and NOT the "Jews".  Impossible, if nothing more, since they (Jews) have nothing whatsoever to do with Semites.  These so-called, self-styled "Jews" are not Semites, never were and never shall be.  They are Khazarians right out of the lineage of the Rus, Mongol and Nordic mixtures.  They have no lineage in fact from any portion of the so-called Holy Lands and in particular, Palestine.

Israel is not a place--"israel" simply means chosen of God.  Israel, the "state" is NOT chosen of God for the people of any part of this group which moved into Palestine.

In the first place, I am aware of the danger that it may be maliciously misinterpreted as a denial of the State of Israel's right to exist, this which I project.  I care not whether any nation exists but let us clear up a point or two regarding this particular circumstance.  The right of "Israel" is NOT based on the hypothetical covenant of Abraham with God; it is based on international law--i.e., on the United Nations' decision in 1947 set forth by the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.  This mandated the partitioning of Palestine, once a Turkish province, then a British Mandated Territory, into an Arab and a Jewish State.  Whatever the Israeli citizens' racial origins, and whatever illusions they entertain about them, their State exists de jure and de facto, and cannot be undone, except by genocide.  Without entering into controversial issues, one may add, as a matter of historical fact, that the partition of Palestine was the result of a century of peaceful Jewish immigration and pioneering effort, which provide the ethical justification for the State's legal existence.  Whether the chromosomes of this people contain genes of Khazar (which they most certainly do in great measure) or Semitic (which they do not in any measure have), Roman or Spanish origin, is irrelevant, and cannot affect Israel's right to exist--nor the moral obligation of any civilized person, Goyim (Gentile) or Judaist (falsely labeled "Jew" for political reasons in the 18th century).  Even the geographical origin of the native Israeli's parents or grandparents tends to be forgotten in the bubbling racial melting pot.  The problem of the Khazarian usurpation of the peoples of the given location in point goes back to long past centuries as they began to spread out from the Russias (Soviet Bloc locations).

Many will state that this is totally irrelevant to modern Israel--no, it is most relevant.  Especially is it relevant as it is transposed onto other nations--not to even consider the plight of the Palestinians who have been robbed, persecuted, and driven from their homeland--but to countries all over the world and especially to a Constitutional nation for freedom of religion such as America.

Where else in the world do you have a religion representing the same as a "nation"?  How is it that all loans, gifts and monies given to Israel by you-the-taxpayers are tax-free to them (even these organizations within your country) because it is stated that these groups are "religious" but--THEY ACT AS A NATION?


Israel and the Diaspora

Let us look further at this circumstance as regards the area of Palestine.  The "Jews" who inhabit it, regardless of their checkered origins, possess the essential requirements of a nation; a country of their own, a common language, government and army.  The Jews of the Diaspora (dispersion of the Judaists and Christian Judeans among the Gentiles after the exile), have none of these requirements of nationhood.  What sets them apart as a special category from the Gentiles amidst whom they live is their declared religion, whether they practice it or not.  Here lies the basic difference between Israelis and Jews of the Diaspora.  The former have acquired a national identity; the latter are labeled as "Jews" only be their religion--not by their nationality; not by their race.

This, however, creates a tragic paradox, because the Jewish religion--unlike Christianity as a for instance, Buddhism or Islam--implies membership of a historical nation, a chosen race.  All Jewish festivals commemorate events in national history: the exodus, the death of the oppressor Haman, the destruction of the Temple.  The Old Testament is first and foremost the narrative of a nation's history; it gave monotheism to the world, yet its credo is tribal rather than universal.  Every prayer and ritual observance proclaims membership of an ancient race, which automatically separates the Jew from the racial and historic past of the people in whose midst he lives.  The Jewish faith, as shown by 2000 years of tragic history, is nationally and socially self-segregating.  It sets the Jew apart and invites his being set apart.  It automatically creates physical and cultural ghettoes.  It transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a pseudo-nation without any of the attributes and privileges of nation-hood, held together loosely by a system of traditional beliefs based on racial and historical premises which turn out to be illusory.

Orthodox Jewry is a vanishing minority.  Not only is this orthodoxy dying out, most of the Judaists have been set-up and suffered genocide at the hands of the "so-called" and "self-styled" "Jews" integrated into the nations who worked to annihilate them, and claiming (stealing) for themselves the heritage which is NOT theirs nor any portion of theirs to claim.

The main, specifically Jewish literary activity of the Diaspora was theological.  Yet Talmud, Cabbala, and the bulky tomes of biblical exegesis are practically unknown to the contemporary Jewish public, although they are, to repeat it once more, the only relics of a specifically Jewish (Judaist) tradition--if that term is to have meaning--during the last two millennia.  In other words, whatever came out of the Diaspora is either not specifically Jewish, or not part of a living tradition.  The philosophical, scientific, and artistic achievements of individual Jews consist in contributions to the culture of their host nations; they do not represent a common cultural inheritance or autonomous body of traditions.

To sum up this subject, the Jews of your day have no cultural tradition in common, merely certain habits and behavior-patterns, derived by social experience of the ghetto, and from a religion which the majority does not practice or believe in, but which nevertheless confers on them a pseudo-national status.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, October 1991, Volume 17, Number 2, Pages 1-2.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.