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4/24/92 #1   HATONN


The prophecies are exactly correct--right down to having technology and knowledge to heal all disease.  We have capability and it is now on your placement which can be programmed to, like a pac-man, change any mutant cell--simply by ingesting the programmed "new" cell which is simply a crystalline (crystal) life form--also called "virus".  This is created through DNA and programmed for specific targets. 

By the way, it is already on your place and now you can quit wondering why only the Elite Global Masters have it available. Moreover, you should be noting that the pharmaceutical companies are insuring that substances which associate with this new technology are being removed from your markets!

Let us just take one example in point of capability: Taking a vial of this programmed solution and putting one drop of human insulin in it, within 48 hours there will be pancreatic beta cells producing insulin.  So, did the solution hold the key to life itself?     No, the key to life is the DNA sequence, the genetic code sequenced by the engine of LIGHT.  The insulin contained enough of the genetic information to generate the pancreatic beta cells from whence it came.  THE SOLUTION WAS THE SPARK, THE CATALYST, THE BRICKS AND ENERGY REQUIRED TO GROW THE BETA CELLS AND REPRODUCE THE INSULIN.

You might well think of this as "magic"--no, it is simply an elixer for the DNA.  The directions of this one element of "insight" are totally staggering.  So what is wrong?  The Elite keep it from you and claim that Hatonn is an evil liar.  THE INTENT OF THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT 2000 IS DEPOPULATION OF THE PLANET TO AROUND 550 MILLION PERSONS.  THIS WILL NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED IF EVERY BODY SICK GETS WELL!

I use the example of insulin production simply because a diabetic patient at this point cannot be "cured" on your planet.  Herein within a few simple treatments, the system will rebuild itself and in a matter of weeks the insulin system is functioning again--in perfection.

Further, this "directed" DNA form can be introduced, say, into an algae base which will both nourish the physical body to perfection and also give total perfection to all body cells along with getting rid of all mutant cells.  Right now, as in cancer and AIDS, you have mutant cells which finally overwhelm a person's immune system with nothing to rebuild "from".  Mutations are totally normal, but if the immune system cannot contain them all, the body dies.

You don't believe me?  Go right back to your lessons and look again at how "life" begins.  Remember, the pictures of the developmental stages of the human embryo, where you began as a primitive creature looking like a skinny fish?  Remember the human embryo with gill bars and a tail--called a sperm?  Remember the fact that essentially all mammal embryos go through these stages?  Perhaps you even studied this in your school process.  Your professors would have said the descriptive phrase for this phenomenon in point: "Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny", the Biogenic Law of Genetics.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, May 5, 1992, Volume 19, Number 3, Pages 9-10.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.