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2/22/94 #1   HATONN


The following two documents [Dr. Carlson's letter on p.2 and The illusion of Money p. 5] are asked to be typed so that they can be shared with both the newspaper readers and placed in the JOURNAL.  I ask you to do it, Dharma, so that you are familiar with the content as well as having shifted the material to disc.  All hands are so overburdened that we must consider the ability of others to take more load.

I must drift from personal or current local events and leave them to the staff to pick up--as in the case of the ongoing saga of Gritz, et. al.  Comment?  Yes.  What is sent forth will always return a minimum of ten-fold upon the sender!  Things of the physical are of the physical and cannot be integrated into the invisible except as counter-balancing expression.  Dale S. has sent a good representation of the visible/invisible processes.  Even to her I have to state that here well-thought-out example (drawing) is not original in content and I apologize for causing her to ponder and think upon the concept presented in illustration, for the concept IS THE CONCEPT EXPRESSED IN RUSSEL'S AND HUNDREDS OF OTHER WRITIER'S PRESENTATIONS AND IS THE MAJOR THRUST OF THE UNDERSTANDING OF HYPNOSIS AND THOUGHT IN ACTION.   EVERYTHING and EVERY ACTION has a balanced counter-action or thought expressed in the opposite "dimension". i.e., each thought has an immediate expression in the visible plane.  Thus is the expression of YOU as God's "thought".  Likewise, every physical movement or expression moves throughout the universe of the unseen--even to the motion of an index finger in movement. i.e., an instant "reaction" in "thought" (the invisible universe) is garnered even by that one movement.  A baby in random movement of the index finger may mean nothing but that the hand is "working".  However, a finger in a hole in the dike may well save the day, or, a finger pointing at someone instantly conjures thoughts representative of the action of the circumstance.  YOU are thought--the physical (visible) is an expression of those "thoughts" in manifestation--not the YOU.

I ask that the drawing be shared with readers.  If, in fact, we had had an artist who would "listen" to me, we would have no argument this day with the University of Science and Philosophy.  However, the ARGUMENT is the lesson!  God can present the Truth of LIFE at any time in any way chosen.  The "lessons" are of the physical expression so that you can both "understand" Truth AND see in example those things which we share with you in ACTION of expression.

You are experiencing in a world of illusions so synthetic that you need to attend the evolvement of those now acceptable, but unreasonable (without logical Truth), activities presented in SERIOUS THOUGHT RECOGNITION.

In the PLEIADES CONNECTION writings, we efforted to present the already brought forth science of the workings of thought as moving into expressions manifest.  Since we are unable to utilize that material offered in its original state, we shall have to consider how to bring the "concept" and YOU will have to be able to diagram your own perceptions.  If there are ones who, like Dale, wish to demonstrate the beautiful concepts of TRUTH in original drawings, we would consider them--if, in fact, the illusion put to paper is accurate and depicted the concept in picture form for better understanding of his SCIENCE understanding.  It is now claimed that it is against the law to utilize that resource of SCIENCE and therefore I will not jeopardize further my writer.

It is interesting to note the lack of understanding of the "higher" journey to which you all CLAIM to aspire.  When one reaches the higher altitudes in the journey of upward climb, the old Earth laws and ways are left behind.  In order to abide permanently in that realm of high and eternal light, one must comprehend the issues that are involved.  He must also understand the higher laws and be able to use them with power.  The "righteousness of HIS Kingdom" is a KNOWING (knowledge) of the right-use of its laws.

Each individual will learn, in the upward ascent, that every negative thought and feeling becomes a weight upon his body and a drag upon his soul.  Negative thoughts and feelings have power not only to retard one's progress but to stop it completely, unless overcome.  Mortal thinking is mostly negative, discordant, selfish thinking.  From here on the negatives must be understood completely.  It becomes necessary to KNOW that the negative thoughts and feelings contain all the laws of the lower realms of physical darkness.  As long as an individual abides in the vibrations of negative thinking and negative feeling, he cannot possibly progress into the Light or walk with power.  Furthermore, he is shackled by his inability to "think" in terms which would actually and physically pull him into the upward half of the "spiral" journey.  By this I mean that he will turn away from that which is physically presented in form for his use--because it comes from that which is invisible and therefore "must be bad"--as presented by your churches and self-selected "leaders".

The laws of God, the laws of "overcoming", the laws of glory and happiness and power are contained in the ability to "think" TRUE thinking which is the processing of one's thoughts as they are brought under control by complete comprehension of their purpose and power.

True thinking is the thinking which holds the keys of faith-filled, magnificent, unspeakable joy that all so greatly desire.  Many are deceived and enticed into evil dens and dives of iniquity, thinking that joy is obtainable by imbibing strong drinks.  Too late they learn that "strong drink is a mocker".  There are many who have to discover this truth for themselves--in fact, ALL have to somehow discover this fact for selves.  Few can be told.  Any who continue to become addicted drinkers lose the power to think clearly and correctly--thusly are "out of control".  They not only relinquish their power of true thinking, but even their very freedom is confiscated, in time.  This is a subject which begs for further discussion but I do not wish to foist this off on you as a focus for it is a focus of its own.

As one progresses into the higher realms he must leave all this "negativity" behind.  But, one doesn't have the capability of realizing that "negativity" is only a "thought" regarding a circumstance or "thing".  In other words, it is simply a reflection of thought patterns REGARDING THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION, FOR ALL HIGHER THOUGHT IS, OF ITS VERY NATURE, POSITIVE!

One can neither think nor feel the discordant, harassed, evil things of which moral life is composed.  The point of transition is where one comprehends this fact and drops the negative aspects, knowing fully what he is doing and what he will accomplish.

Well, some of you ask, is Dharma able to move in this singularly "positive" pathway?  My goodness, NO!  In "divine" thinking there are no thoughts of evil, of lack, of fear, or hate and distress.  True thinking IS divine thinking.  True thinking is so love-filled that fear, darkness, and all evil flee before it.  "Perfect love casts out all fear."  YOU are becoming "divine" when you can rise above and beyond these terrors and perceptions; she is just like YOU, scared and petrified from time to time, as assaults strike, that she will fail somehow.  This is "human" expression resulting from "conditioned learning".  It often serves as a good protector of physical bodies.  You are all on this journey--TOGETHER.  It is a transition, a graduation, not some medal to hang around a physical neck to swell with pride over its acquisition.

Man's creative ability is contained completely in his thinking and feeling processes.  Any thought, dropped into the emotions so it becomes something an individual actually feels, will become an established, definite reality in his life.  Please note that the results of evil thought such as hate, anger, or selfish thinking, when awakened in one's feelings, are conditions precipitated as old age, disease, poverty, and all earthly misfortune.  These "symptoms" go with the resulting physical manifestation of these "thoughts".  All the negative aspects of life come to an individual as real experiences because of his own negative thinking, including the FINAL SEAL OF MORTALITY, WHICH IS CALLED "DEATH".



Glorified, love-filled thoughts of praising gratitude awaken and bring forth the gifts and powers of life eternal.  Behind every glorious, love-filled thought is contained the breath of everlasting life.  You can read a response to given thoughts of "Truth" or "lie" from a simple lie-detector testing.  There is a physical response to the "thought" which is Truth and that which is lie.

With these things in mind, we can then speak of what happens in the now-in-focus sexual presentments within society which are now accepted as valid TRUE expression.  They CANNOT be valid expression (go back and read the first part of the defining material in this writing).


There is love for the same sex and, then, there is physical expression (actions and behaviors) of outward misinterpretation of feelings.  You will note that in ALL instances of "out of closet" homosexuals--there is no focus on respect and/or "love" of a same gender.  It is a focused DEMAND for interaction and PHYSICAL expression of erotic interchange.  In EVERY case the "feelings" are birthed in total loss of self-respect and in that loss the creation of good self-esteem is buried and lost while seeking satisfaction within the undercover world of physical activities--NEVER SATISFYING.

Following the loss of self-respect, there is little left to build upon.  The only hope in existence for such as these unfortunates is for them to comprehend the issues, then with increased understanding and almost super-human determination begin to battle for their release from enslavement and their rights to lost powers and lost virtues.  Hopefully, this comprehension and correction of "actions" will come PRIOR to the infections and misunderstandings.  Again, you can only heal or deal--through the direction of THOUGHT.

Sex perversions of any kind are caused, in almost all cases, by uncontrolled "thoughts".  It is a condition that is self-encouraged and hence self-developed.  When such uncontrolled thoughts and feelings are strong enough, they become the controlling factors and the persons who created them and become the slaves.  When the perversion becomes the accepted norm of social behavior, you have birthed the demons upon mankind from which burdens, once accepted, a civilization cannot prevail but will ultimately perish.

"Over-sexed" individuals have become so through their own thought processes.  The "thought" of no satisfaction which is sought after in all the wrong places and activities.  Satisfaction is a thing singularly felt within the soul emotion expression.  To "satisfy" a physical body is a misdefinition for in the physical, there is no such state of being--only a temporary "feeling" of satisfaction or satiation.  So, from their own minds in distress and misperception have come the seeds of downfall.  In the emotions those seeds of thought were and are nurtured into feelings that have run out of bounds.  In such degeneracy it is possible for man to sink below the level of the beasts and reptiles.


It is necessary to speak of these things now and at some point along the journey, reflective of the issues involved between light and darkness, it is necessary to note these issues.  Why?  So that it can be fully comprehended, and to fulfill the promise that: "All men might be left without excuse."  This point must have clear definition so that all may totally comprehend the issues involved and glimpse the glorified realms ahead.

This is quite necessary in order that the transition might be made while still in mortality.  In Truth, it is the point where mortality can take on immortality through perfect understanding, divine obedience to Truth, and with great love.  This is the point along that upward climb in which the laws and powers of eternity can become fully operative as one leaves the mortal realms.  This is the point of egress from the earth plane onto the higher plane where mortality takes on the properties of immortality.  The dividing line is as sharp a line as is the River of Life.  However, the pathway is infinitely, continually merging wherein no finite LINE can be drawn and anticipated.  None can possibly travel into the higher realms without comprehending in the fullest detail the issues involved.  We speak of these things so that ultimately the very subject can be considered in the ways of "mortality" so that they might afterwards be forever left behind.

It is by VISION that all things come forth.  The power of vision is the power of Creation.  The power of "vision" is also the power or gift of imagination.  It is the power to "image-in" to the emotions one's thoughts until they become alive and active so they are registered as feelings or intense desires.  It is then that they produce or bring forth the tangible results.  This is the law which holds the everlasting powers of Creation within its embrace.  This knowledge reveals the true aspect of that which is recognized as the "Tree of Good and Evil".  This law of Creation will as readily produce all good as it will evil.  Within man himself is contained the seed of its fruitage.  Man holds the keys and powers of all Creation right within himself.  Whether or not the results of such powers are good or evil is of man's choosing--each individually.  Man has all that the Father has, even the full powers of Creation.  Man, himself, chooses how he will use such powers.

Thus far in experience on the Earth plane, these creative powers have been mostly MISUSED through man's gross ignorance.  It is time for that blinding veil of ignorance to be torn asunder and for man to begin to stand forth as a master and the deciding factor in such creative processes.

I realize this is such an important step in "understanding" what you ARE and what needs to come into your perception and actions in order to attain higher comprehension that we shall continue the subject if that pleases you.  It is time to do so in open forum.  It is, further, time to come to understanding that ALL FRAGMENTS of MAN will not come into understanding at all.  This is why we can only present TRUTH and then back off and allow you ones to do that which you will with THE WORD brought forth as promised.

Let us close this chapter so that the segments do not become unmanageable.  Thank you.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 1, 1994, Volume 4, Number 10, Pages 3-4.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.