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12/10/91 #1   HATONN


What do you mean by "safe"?  How can you be other than "safe" if you are in intent within God?  What portion of self do you want "safe"?  Why, for instance, would you wish to be "picked up"?  Would it be to continue service unto God or to save of your assets?  If you are in alignment with God, you are already in His Hand which also indicates--without argument--your placement in the security of his "pick-up".  If you have to ask, you need to ponder a bit more within in intent for it is only between you and God within where and what will be your journey.  If your intent and expression are openly unto "truth" then there is no question to be asked--for YOU ARE!

Don't misunderstand or accept this as a chiding for inquiry.  I know that the physical needs reaffirmations of Love from God for the physical is so blastingly hard and the teachings have been so diligently applied to delude you.

The churches tell you that you must - -. The government tells you that you must - -, Then God comes and "allows" and you have built no support system to function for self without the "harpers" and dictators of your circumstance.  Well, you must build that support within for the days are coming when it shall be that very support and undeniable foundation which shall see you through the tempest.  But you must also learn to be clever as the serpent and gentle as the dove.  "Wisdom" must be your guide and Love your foundation.  Stop thinking of God as a wimp in pious robes, lest you be nothing save a wimp in pious robes.  I, for instance, am most certainly not a wimp in pious robes; I AM a teacher with KNOWLEDGE which I am wanting to share that you might be strong and write your life story in worthiness and KNOWING, above and beyond the confusion and chaos of the crowd, rituals, and physical compression.

If you challenge God to "prove it to me", you shall never find Truth or proof.  If you COMMAND GOD TO SHOW YOU THE WAY IN HIS PERFECTION, YOU SHALL HAVE BOTH!  Contradiction?  Indeed!

What is it that Hatonn gives you that causes you to deny me?  What do we bring that causes you to turn away from this pronouncement of the "word" and "truth" as we are showing, sharing, and PROVING unto you?  Most who deny have not so much as opened a JOURNAL or know anything of that which they speak in opposition!  So be it; if ye set out to bake a cake and use salt instead of sugar, I dare say the cake will be most untasty.

We bring the Word for that is our commission according to God's promise that man might have "Light in Truth" for his judging.  We bring it for all who would see and hear--we are not to force nor shove it into your beings--for you have all rights of acceptance or denial.  I would say this, however, if your denial is through REFUSAL TO INSPECT, that is the very same as denial through deliberate intent!  In other words, refusal by choice and/or no decision at all is already having made the decision against God, for you will have chosen another path.  And, except through the path of the "Christness" (goodness according to the Laws of Creator/Creation) you will not come into the Kingdom of that Creator/Creation!  It is time you ones be a bit more discerning in possibilities regarding your TEACHERS and WHO it is you give unto your power.

At this time you have given your power unto the Elite of the human experience and have rendered yourselves enslaved to the physical aspect of your existence just as it was projected that mankind would do.  You are only trapped, however, if you choose to remain trapped and give away your power!  He who retains and commands his POWER will not be sorely blighted by the adversary, for the physical has not valid control over the Spirit in Truth--only the perception of such.

This is why you must come to understand that God has already "WON"; evil cannot and will not exist in the Light of God's presence.  Where there is even the most tiny spark of light, there is not darkness for darkness is NOT in the presence of light.

When you can act in the knowingness that what you need shall be forthcoming as it is needed--if the needs be Godly in intent--then you shall have abundance as the tidal wave.  If you live in the fear of "not having" so shall it come to be that you will be without!  God gives harvest according to your planting!  We of the Hosts are come to prepare the garden; you will plant the seeds and the harvest is yet to be shown!  Which will it be?  How will this story episode conclude?  What are you planting?  The harvest will be in "kind"!

Salu.  May wisdom be given as your reward for the seeking and may your seeking in TRUTH never fail until the "finding".  It is all within thine very space of breathing for God IS your breath of life and you have forgotten.

I am but a reflection of that which you are and shall come again to remember.  God, too, is that self beyond your limitations--that wondrous reflection of His image.  Do you make the reflection worthy or unworthy?  The choice is always YOURS and ONLY YOURS.

I salute you in your journey for it is always how you handle and receive your lessons which is the measure of MAN.  Will you pass your graduation examinations or will you need further tutoring?  You will not learn if you cast aside the Tutor sent for your lessons.  Worse, if you accept only the teachers who come to suck you into the morass of physical expression, you will only forfeit your treasures.  The treasures perceived upon earth are forfeited at the end of your physical expression, and that is most worthy of consideration.  What is it that you hold that is of worth and value, that the Elite and more powerful physical controllers will not take from you?  Indeed, these are worthy matters to think upon.  If you have denied God's Hosts who come in silver ships, why think yourself a welcome guest on the trip to anywhere of safety in the realms of ones who follow only the path of balance and harmony?  Evil will not be allowed or brought into the realms of balanced experience.  This does not mean "except for you" or "except for that one over there...".  It means exactly that which it says--EVIL WILL NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE HIGHER EXPERIENCE OF BALANCE AND HARMONY WITHIN THE RADIANCE OF TRUTH AND THE LAW!  The deciding of each path is left into the choosing of the one in point.

I offer my love, my hand--everything that I AM--but I cannot do it for thee.  Adonai.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 17,1991, Volume 17, Number 9, Pages 21-22.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.