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4/3/91  HATONN


Hatonn present, and yes, I gave her an inch and she took pages.  We do allow her to play at being human also for she, too, has the learning to be accomplished.  Each of you will truly find that no job in service unto Creator/Creation is greater in totality than another--only different and only in importance of "sequence".  As knowledge is gained in various facets of experience--you may "prevail" in given circumstances because of knowledge--it is not appointed hierarchy ("greater position").  In the higher experiences, the physical ego is not present to demand stroking and, therefore, as you progress, the "pecking order" ceases to present itself.  It is simply hard to understand for the MISunderstanding is that you move from the third dimensional physical into one with knowledge and Godness.  No, you progress and grow into that wondrous position of ONENESS.

There is, however, wondrous insights as you move along the journey into Truth and Oneness.  At the "termination" of one experience--say death of the "body", there is always the wondrous moment of understanding, total knowledge and "judgment" of the journey "so-far".  Ones who experience the "death" process and return to tell you of their experience will all tell the same basic tale--of a moment of total "knowingness".  This is most important for in that moment of Truth you KNOW what the lessons are which are learned and remain unlearned--what missions were accomplished and which remain to be finished.  Each interim transition allows knowledge of status and growth level and an opportunity to get off the binding wheel of a need to remain longer at that particular level of experience--having not learned that which moves you ever higher toward the ONENESS and TOTAL ALLNESS.

As you grow higher in understanding and experience, the transitions become experiences of great anticipation for as the entity grows in Truth, so are the experiences more profound and glorious.  As the entity of individual substance--let us call it personality for lack of better definition--becomes of higher dimension and knowledge, it then becomes the teachers and guides who are the "guardians" of the less-knowing beings so that responsibilities become that of guiding another aspect into the higher path.

Then in the overall experience of cycles, there are given the opportunities of experiencing in such manifested circumstances as planets and civilizations find themselves bogged in dense perception of forgetfulness.  Then, as now, some have the privilege to participate in the "remembering" of "awakening" as we refer to it here.  Each with a different function--all with the same "goal" or the "opposite goal".  Existence of an immortal energy is in the experiencing--not in the existing.  It is the "experience" which is the God-given free choice of life itself.  Whatever you think your "choices to be" the one you are experiencing at the moment is the ONE you chose!  Ponder it.  At this instance in Dharma's experience, she has CHOSEN to scribe for Hatonn--no matter how she complains or rejoices--it is solely her choice.  It becomes my privilege to have a scribe upon whom I can always depend for service, but it is totally, 100% her choice to write or not write.

This very point is where man bogs down; he wants no human responsibility for his own choices.  For instance, if you wish to change of the direction of your travels or return your nation to greatness, YOU must take responsibility as if you were the only one and as you take your place and stand in total responsibility; others shall do likewise.  How quickly we make the change, or the difference, is determined by how strongly we respond to our responsible place of leadership and direction, teaching or writing, or, or, or.  Our responsibility in this place, for instance, is to lay out circumstances as they are.  We are not the first to do so nor shall be the last, however, it matters who and how the banner is taken up by the receivers as to whether or not the score shall be made by a touchdown in the ball-game.  Dharma can do her job to perfection but if the printer puts it not to print and the distributor distributes it not and you receive of it not, nothing but exercise is gained.  And even that, in itself, is experience in learned information.  Let not any single moment escape the noting of the lesson involved and the gift offered if you will but accept it.  A gift unto another does not change possession of ownership until the receiver accepts and takes possession of the gift.  WITHOUT THE READERS OF THIS INFORMATION, THE INFORMATION IS VALUELESS AND THEREFORE, THE READER BECOMES THE PIVOTAL POINT OF IMPORTANCE--NOT THE WRITER.

Do not think this point is lost on the Would-Be Elite Controllers--for they first try to stop the scribe, then the distribution of the Truth by any means possible--then they will slap rules upon you-the-readers and stop you from receiving the information and/or discounting it--FOR IT IS YOU OF WE-THE-PEOPLE WHO ARE IMPORTANT--NOT HATONN, NOT DHARMA, NOT AMERICA WEST--YOU!  You, however, can judge the value of the writing by how hard they effort to stop it from reaching YOU, and it has been an incredible effort exerted to stop our contact and information flow from mental barrage to physical violence.  Funny thing about attacks, however; you will find the attacked simply grow stronger and the attackers become confused and irrational and make more blunders.  That is why it is never wise to react in fear and panic--respond in calm wisdom and you will always win the round.

Something to ponder: You believe you have not experienced any miracles?  You were birthed, were you not?  Now, think about this--have you ever experienced death of the body?  No?  How about every time the heart finishes a beat?  If you have not the next beat, you just died!  You experience at least 40 to 200 miracles a minute of existence, and you still ask for "proof".  How often do you thank God for those 60 some-odd miracles--or do you simply complain about your lack of "comfort" and that which you perceive you have not?  Think carefully about those things for it will be that for which you are grateful which shall ultimately enter as "circumstantial evidence" at your judgment hearing.


I shall respond to a question from a reader and then we will leave this document and move on to the Journal in progress.  We have been asked about the seeming contradiction of usage of the term Israel and "Jew" in the book AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL and the recent information regarding those terms not being valid in the time of the Judeans.  We have also told you that if the terms are used directly in a circumstance of original writing--such as a "Bible", "Talmud", etc., say the Book of Mormon, Oahspe, etc., which "claim" DIRECT writing of original material--the terms would not be used which do not relate to the given time in history.

We claim no "original" new information.  Dharma, for instance, in the penning of the above named Journal claimed no direct instructional input--nor did the speakers.  The information was a directly TRANSLATED WRITING.  The writing was written in Arabic and was not a "first" writing as was claimed, say, by Joseph Smith in receiving the book of Mormon.  I comment not upon that work except to say that the terms show up frequently without explanation of "clarity" in writing.  Dharma was only given a translation from that Arabic/German into English as to current translation of language as acceptable for understanding.

The fact that the terms did not exist at the time of the original writing is not as important in current translation as to when and how the meanings of same were CHANGED OR BECAME VALIDLY ACCEPTED AND WHY.  If the term JEW, for instance, remained a shortened version of Judean and had the original meaning as Judean and had the original meaning as Judean--fine--it is the taking or creation of the work with deceitful definition which is the work of intent herein.

Another reason we would allow the words to be used is to allow understanding to come in proper sequence.  Had we given you all the information in the last Journal, without the information from the prior writings, you would throw the work away and denounce it just as have many.  You have to be allowed to absorb that which is given according to growth with ability to go and find confirmation as it is outlaid unto you.  You do not feed an infant a slab of beef and expect him to cut it and eat it for he will choke to death.  You give him milk unto his teeth come and then you still must cut his meat with a knife and fork until he can use the tools for self.  He doesn't even have to know the name of, nor the function of the knife and fork; he only has to come into the trust that you will properly cut his meat for him.  We must first build trust of our presence in bits which can be confirmed and chewed, and as you grow and our Truth remains intact, you can trust more and then you can cut and chew and select your food and recognize that which is good from that which is poison.  God would never treat you lesser than you would treat your most precious child.  He will, like you to your child, give us that which we are capable of handling and then hold us while we learn to walk--always giving us the knowledge through teachings and lessons--the correct path to follow to come home again.

It is not so much the terms which are of import; it is the intent of the usage which you must remain ever alert to and when you see a word misused, be careful as to interpretation.  Know who and what lurks behind the term and that IS JUDGED BY ACTIONS AND NOT BY WORDS.

Thank you for being alert enough to inquire.  As you read more and more of the documents, you will find the answers given but some things are so bothersome to the searching mind that they need attention before all the information can be accumulated, digested, and sorted.  If, however, we tend all the inquiries of ones who have not apprised themselves of that which is already given, we shall never get enough of our mission accomplished to make any difference; we shall simply be stagnant in the pool of repetition.  This is what we refer to as "homework" and research.  Further, if you have read and have not found answers, then by all means ask and if it is not forthcoming on its own, ask again.  We must work with those things most urgent to your welfare and frankly, right now, your very freedom and human ability to function is in jeopardy of severe crisis so we must pour on the "physically human" enemies so we can get on to the place where we can give the IMPORTANT soul growth input.  Again, we are limited by the physical and that which is perceived at the moment, and we are sitting where we can see around the bend in the road and it is serious circumstance indeed!

It is very much like the child behind the three foot wall; he can not see the bomb ready to explode immediately upon crossing the wall, but the six-foot tall father can see it hidden there awaiting the blowing up of the child.  Would the father be right to deny the child the guidance and information?  Well, we cannot force you to avoid crossing the wall which hides the pitfalls as you can literally force your child to stay in security, but we can certainly tell you where the bomb is located and who put it there so that you can recognize your enemy.  What is more, we intend to continue to give you more and more and more information as long as Dharma's fingers can type and others are willing to risk and serve and act.

And I will repeat what was said to ones in this group by a man thinking himself funny--but there was great "meaning" in his statement which he realized not--as he moved away from service unto God.  He said, "Well, I intend to do God's work but, by God, I intend to do it my way!"  No, my friends, THAT is NOT doing GOD'S WORK; guess whose work you are REALLY doing?  WE WILL DO GOD'S WORK AND BY GOD WE SHALL HUMBLY DO IT GOD'S WAY!  SO BE IT AND MAY THE LIGHT SHINE ALWAYS ABOUT YOU THAT YOU MIGHT SEE AND KNOW THE WONDROUSNESS OF THINE JOURNEY.

I am but your brother and I am humble in appreciation for being allowed service in your company.  We each do not have to walk alone, for in brotherhood and understanding there can never be "alone", only "oneness with ALL".  Salu.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, April 1991, Volume 11, Number 1, Pages 13-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.