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2/24/92 #1   HATONN


As we set forth upon the winds of life journeys, how many are tossed about by the whirlwinds and how many are prepared in security beyond those winds?  You, perhaps, cannot ever learn to stop the winds but you can keep your wings intact and learn to shed the winds so that they can pass you by.

In this endeavor there must be goals and dreams of how to reach those goals--beyond the moments in passing.  There is only memory from past--and no future in certainty.  There is but the moment--buffered by the lessons of the memories and the positive goals of the future in perception.

Since you can only be sure of some type of transition from this experience into another--even if you perceive it to be "death" and ceasing of adventure--so you must, in sequence, look beyond.  HOWEVER, DO NOT DWELL IN IT FOR IT IS THE NOW WHICH IS MANIFEST FOR YOUR USE.

You must, also, hold fast to dreams for if dreams die and are buried, you become as a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.  Perhaps, chelas, if there are no flights today for you, then maybe there is a wound which must first be healed.  Perhaps you need acquire more "knowledge" that your directions and insight are honed for action.  Even a broken wing can be healed and new feathers grown if ye but know HOW.

Dreams are but "thoughts" and thoughts--just mere thoughts--are powerful.  They are as the electric batteries processing and storing energy.  They are priceless as sunlight for life or as bad for one as poison.  What are your thoughts?  Your fear?  What do ye fear?  Mistakes?  Oh, precious ones--there is glory to be had in GREAT MISTAKES.  In gaining of perfection one MUST make the mistakes of the growing being--how else can the lessons be truly learned?  Do not fear error--simply "correct" error!



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 3, 1992, Volume 18, Number 7, Page 14.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.