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4/8/91   HATONN

... The American people have been gradually poisoned and prepared for socialism and world government by your leaders, your educational system, and the media for decade following decade.  The 1990s is the decade of destiny--the decade in which the forces of evil plan to converge and establish their global government.  Whether it be the New World Order, the New Age Movement, the massive Soviet military juggernaut, or a combination of all three, a socialist dictatorship is to be imposed on the people of America and the West before year 2000.

But first, America, the last great bastion of freedom and capitalism must be socialized, and made into a second-class power, and its people turned into passive, non-aggressive, intimidated, obedient serfs and docile "me" oriented "wimps", as you define weak-do-nothings.  How can such a transformation of a formerly great, great nation and people take place?  Socialize, centralize, and mediocritize the country, its people and its institutions.  Right along the rules of the Communist Manifesto and the Protocols of the Zionist Men of Wisdom--go back and check them out closely.

With all the uprising and confusion in South Africa--read the death note on the wall.  This is exactly that which happened in South Africa, as well as many other places--but more recently for your reflection, and the majority of their people are now passively awaiting their government's handover of power to the communist/socialist one world rulers.

The process of socializing America has been lost to most Americans.  You haven't even noticed the transition.  A few new freedoms removed every few weeks or months, a few new controls or restrictions added "for your own good", and over a period of a few hard-rock noise-filled decades, the freedom is gone--GONE--GONE!  Now that the globalists have their target in sight, however, they are beginning to accelerate the process on every front, every law and in every segment of your lives.

Environmentalism will be one of the primary vehicles for accelerating the socialization of America and Europe, hence the Clean Air Act and a host of other environmentalist absurdities which will cause the industries "to have to move" to other nations in order to meet legal "pollution levels"--so for your own good, your industrial capacity will drop to zilch.  People control, especially of dissidents or reactionaries who will not accept the new system, is essential and detention facilities are already set in place and ready to receive occupants.  Hence, the Hate Crimes bill, gun-control and confiscation, new search-and-seizure powers, elimination of financial privacy and computerization of people's lives and financial affairs, arrest and imprisonment of tax protestors, conservatives, anti-abortion protestors, and other maverick patriots who will not adapt to, or who may potentially lead opposition to the new system.


Weakening America is essential to merging America into a one-world socialist system where a dormant superpower would just not fit.  That weakening has come and is coming via massive disarmament; undermining America's financial strength via massive debt financing; diluting American business with massive imports produced with cheap Third World, or communist bloc slave labor; selling off your national assets to foreigners made possible by a weak and declining dollar; transferring your high technology, your food surpluses, and your industrial strength to communist bloc countries; squeezing the American free enterprise system to death with an avalanche of socialistic regulations, red tape, taxes, and bureaucratic controls, and opening the flood gates of pornography, abortion, and pro-homosexual initiatives.

The three watershed events that will signal that the end of a free America is near and that a socialist America has arrived have been projected by some and are worthy of listing:

1. The collapse of South Africa into a communist revolution--prosperous industrial America DOES NOT WISH TO LOSE THOSE STRATEGIC MINERALS.

2. Gun control and confiscation in America--a socialist dictatorship will be imposed immediately after the American people are disarmed and the New Constitution will take the place of the old without a Convention.

3. The merger of America with a united Europe--it will be called the Atlantic Community or something equally as cute.

Further, to really understand all of this, you must know more about the historical evolution of the Khazars and thus we will close this portion and get some needed rest prior to starting again on such a massive subject.  I am sorry, chelas, there is no longer way to separate these subjects--they are so interrelated that we will just move along in bits and pieces until we fit in some of the more urgent information.  Thank you for your attention.  Tan you for your love and caring which is flowing back to us each and every day--THAT, dear ones, is the fuel for the engines that keep us running.  As we come into brotherhood in unity of cause of God-ness, our strength builds and each step of the hard journey becomes worthy of the taking.  One reason for the urgent need to disperse this information so rapidly is to offer protection and bring back into protection those daring ones who walked ahead and now MUST HAVE BACKUP BY THE "FREE" BRETHREN FOR SOME ARE ALREADY INCARCERATED AND CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES.  WE MUST ATTEND OUR BROTHERS WITHIN THE HELL OF PRISONS AT THE HANDS OF THE EVIL CONSPIRATORS. WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO PAY THE FULL PRICE WHILE WE RIDE UPON THEIR SHIRT-TAILS OR SIMPLY ALLOW FAILURE.  TIME IS SO SHORT, BELOVED ONES, BUT WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT TO BADLY ENOUGH.

You do not walk alone!  You have called upon the Lord and He has sent his Hosts.  So be it, and salu.

Hatonn to clear.


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 11, Number 6 Pages 7-8.