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3/21/91   HATONN


We were speaking prior to this, about the hypothetical triangle and we shall continue.  The right side of the "perspective triangle" represents the social-political decline of Western civilization, and certainly America.  As the moral and spiritual under-pinnings of society grow more and more liberal and farther and farther away from biblical "Christianity", one can expect the social and political realm to move as well--for one follows the other.

"Theological liberalism" defines those who have left affirmation of scriptural authority, as flawed as it might have been, and allowed their belief systems to be open to any and every-thing.  The political counterpart of the term "liberalism" invariably accompanies this change.

A political sickness dominates America today.  You can call it whatever you like for labels are constructed to deceive you, but whatever label you place on it, it is sapping your strength, you morality, your standard of living, and your freedoms.

Every single plank in the Norman Thomas' Socialist Party platform of 1932 had been adopted in the U.S. some two decades ago, and today the liberals who dominate both political parties, the Administration of Congress, the gargantuan government bureaucracy, the judiciary, academia, and the media are pushing America into the socialist quagmire described by George Orwell in his novels 1984 and ANIMAL FARM.

It has long been said that the communist system would move toward capitalism and democracy, while the capitalist, democratic countries of the West would move toward socialism and communism--with East and West meeting somewhere in the middle. Perhaps you can see the intent in meaning of "..merging the common interests of America and the Soviet Union".  Funny thing happened years ago as officials in the British Labor Party and also the British Communist Party announced: "You cannot move directly from capitalism to communism.  Socialism is a necessary stepping stone to communism and hence all communists should work for socialism."

Mikhail Gorabchev refers to communism as "scientific socialism" and to himself as a socialist, while the old communists of Eastern Europe now call themselves socialists and have renamed their communist parties "Democratic Socialists", "Social Democrats" and thus and so, absolutely giving no meaning to the titles what-so-ever.

The U.S. government and power structure has been moving the country to the political "left" so gradually and for so long that most Americans don't even remember what America was like when it was truly free.  Most Americans believe in free enterprise, not socialism, but your politicians are, in piecemeal fashion, imposing socialism on you.  Most Americans are traditionalists, who are interested in their families, their country, their businesses, their jobs, and their neighborhoods.  In Washington, however, both Democrats and Republicans are fundamentally internationalists who view your traditional nationalism as old-fashioned, outdated, unsophisticated, and even reactionary.

These "great" leaders tell you that you must be taxed more, sacrifice more for the good of all, and your defenses cut because of your huge deficits, and yet they spend ever-increasing billions of your so-called money (credit) for foreign aid, for the World Bank, for twenty-five percent of the funding of the United Nations and for dozens of other international boondoggles.  The majority of Americans are simply hardworking citizens who don't approve of liberal wealth redistribution schemes whereby they are taxed to pay subsidies to those who don't want to work or to the impoverished Third World masses who never receive the aid at any rate.

But if you look carefully, America, you can begin to see that which is coming as surely as night follows day--there is no way to handle all this debt, is there?  What happens when debt can no longer be handled?  I thought you might begin to catch the glimmer!


What had you yesterday?  Mr. Bush unilaterally "forgave" seventy percent (70%) of Poland's debt--right across the board and offered "free-trade" adventures and "President" Waleasa said "God bless you, Mr. President".  Why the sudden, or not-so-sudden, gifting of Poland?  Ah so--now we are going to find the worms in the woodpile again, are we not?  Where does the POPE of ROME (VATICAN) come from?  Why was THAT POPE chosen in the first place rather than the traditional Italians?  Oh, chelas, if you don't get those eyes opened soon, you have a rude awakening in store for you.


Most Americans are law-abiding citizens who don't approve of handing your neighborhoods and cities and housing projects over to criminals, while social workers, lawyers, and judges debate the finer points of the criminal's rights and disadvantaged background. While your streets, your property, and even your schools are unsafe and insecure, your liberal government's response is not to punish the criminals, but to nurture them, to deny the victims and means of self-defense (especially via firearms), and to then send you the bill.  In many instances, given more rights, and pampered more than the victim.

Most Americans believe firmly in the principles of fairness and of equal opportunity, but Congress, the executive branch, and the federal judiciary have turned racist and are fanatically promoting quotas and reverse discrimination in favor of racial minorities, gays, women's libbers, AIDS "victims", the poor, and so on.  It is all orchestrated to bring total chaos and confusion and turn one against another and in division of the population--strength will flow to the police.  Socialistic legislation is being passed that allegedly protects minorities, but in reality discriminates against the great majority of middle class Americans of all races and colors.  Most Americans are certainly heterosexual without argument, and yet the government, the TV networks, the American political left, and your educational system, in their obsession with homosexuality, are pushing homosexuality and the gay lifestyle down the Americans' throats while at best, the activities and concept are deviant in nature as nature presents associations in a natural state, of those which allow procreation and continuation of the species.

Dharma, leave this room for a few minutes as we have some electronic tampering which must be tended immediately.  Go lie down, come within the shield for you will soon be rendered unconscious.  Act now!  Go!


3/25/91  HATONN



All is related to all and you err if you perceive that that which I just gave unto you is somehow not relative to this which I shall now share with you.  You must come into seeing HOW a "thing" or circumstance comes into being.  If you are to catch a bird, let us say, you must first learn his "habits", where he eats, when he comes for food, where he sleeps and what he does in each of these situations.  How did he train the "seedgod" to put his morsels out at the proper time to appease his hunger, etc.  This is how you enslave a species--you meet the needs of their habits and then ultimately they become habitual to your "seeding" times.  The more gradual the change and the more demanding the impact, say, winter when birds cannot feed elsewhere, the more powerful the chains.  Ponder it.

I am going to take information herein from a "white paper" presented by the publication services of SPOTLIGHT.  It is information presented in August, 1981 (almost a decade past).  I utilize this as a tool so that you can better see how this has worked its way from a fledgling power to an all-powerful resource of the adversarial preceptors of freedom.



In 1981 most Americans had never heard of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL).  In 1991 most Americans still have not heard of it and if they have, have absolutely no interest in it and have no idea what it is or does.  Many of those who have heard of it, including some of its own more naive supporters, regard it as nothing more than another in the vast herd of organizations that claim to be promoting brotherhood.  Only those who have paid attention to what the ADL is actually doing have a real conception of its nature.

The ADL was founded in 1913 by the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant), a Jewish fraternal organization dating back to 1843. Now, I offer the dates so that you have no need to accept what we tell you at face value--GO LOOK UP THESE FACTS FOR THEY ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE IN SUBSTANTIATED FORM AND DOCUMENTATION.  The B'nai B'rith has always publicly represented its own activities as essentially charitable.  It is TAX-EXEMPT and contributions are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.  Its creature, the ADL, was allegedly intended to act as a counterforce to anti-Jewish sentiment in the United States.  Originally, it appeared that the ADL was to be nothing more than a publicity organ of the B'nai B'rith whose purpose was to combat religious prejudice against, and unflattering stereotyping of, the growing number of Jewish immigrants in the United States.

It quickly became clear that the ADL had taken to itself a more ambitious role.  It would have not only a positive propaganda function, it would also have a "monitoring" or espionage function, along with a suppressive, censoring function whose goal was to prevent anything being heard, read, or seen which was opposed by those who control the ADL.

Additionally, the scope of the ADL's protection of the Jews against defamation was defined to include the encouragement of political and social programs and attitudes which would help the Jews (most of whom were arriving from Eastern Europe and were perceived as people of distinctly alien race, tongue, beliefs, and customs) gain more and more power, status, prosperity, and influence.  Because the Jews on the whole were "outsiders" working their way up--as were other immigrants--the ADL took a stance that was harshly opposed to people who already "belonged", as well as to their opinions, religions, traditions, heroes, institutions, clubs, jokes, scientific theories, and everything else which tended to bind together and stabilize the already-established Americans into a relatively homogeneous cultural and social whole.


There was an effort to make the ADL's efforts appear more altruistic, and to disguise their true thrust, by creating the appearance of working on behalf of all minorities, for brotherhood in general.  A proof in 1981 that such a scheme was consciously contrived by the ADL is found in a secret report entitled "The Proposed B'nai B'rith-Anti-Defamation League Operation in Latin America", written in 1965 by Arnold Forster, who for many years was general counsel of the ADL.  Depicting Latin America as a kind of new frontier for development by the ADL, and lamenting only that Latin American Jews are not more unified and more aware of the threat of anti-Semitism, Forster writes of page 46:

"(Many elements in the Jewish community are convinced 'things are good'.  These people have closed their eyes for many years to existing anti-Semitism, hoping that by doing so it will go away.  This group is fearful that public action designed to counter anti-Jewish hostility will 'stir things up'.  They are reluctant to 'make waves', attracting attention to themselves.  The only way these Jews will be persuaded to join defense efforts is to 'dress up' programs with the problems of other ethnic groups, camouflaging the fight for the Jewish minority in an across-the-board fight for all minorities.)"

You can obtain a full copy of this amazing blueprint for expansion into South America by exploiting and intensifying social problems which, as you can now see ten years later, was effective indeed--through Liberty Lobby, White Paper on the ADL, 300 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.  [Update note: Liberty Lobby went bankrupt in 2001.]

If resentment arose among the established Americans (most of whom were of Northern European descent) then it would be ascribed to selfishness and prejudice; a strong sense of guilt must be inculcated in those who felt the natural response of pride and self-defense even as the ADL and other Jewish groups worked to increase Jewish pride.  If anybody criticized the ADL or the aims and people it supported then he was an "Anti-Semite" and a danger to democracy.  If anybody opposed legislation that would take money, power, or privileges away from the established Americans and give them to unestablished Americans, he was somebody to be shunned and humiliated on account of his greed and bigotry.  Even those who manifested simple patriotism and pride of heritage were ridiculed as "nativists" or attacked as dangerous fanatics.  "Nationalism" became a dirty word in the ADL dictionary because of its connotation of white cohesion.  Meanwhile the ADL always dealt sympathetically with any ideology--socialism, communism, internationalism--which promised to break down the existing leadership of society.

That was during the first half of this century.  And then came political Zionism--no longer just a dream of returning all Jews to a single nation of their own, but instead an active process by which Palestine was to be seized by Jews from its Arab owners and turned into a super-nationalistic state with an official religion, to be populated by Jews from all over the world and supported patriotically and financially by those who did not actually go there.

What was bad in America was fine in Israel, as far as the ADL was concerned.  America needed a "pluralistic" (that is, accommodating every race, religion and culture) society, while Israel had a monolithic society.  America needed a total separation of church and state (no displays of Christmas trees or crosses on public grounds, and no prayers in public schools, etc.), while Israel was inseparable from Judaism as the usurpation of the local areas of the Middle East were completed and the population merged into the new Zionism.

The ADL became the instrument of a foreign power following the Zionist policy of terrorism and aggression in Palestine which resulted in the foundation of Israel.  ADL leaders are constantly traveling to and from Israel, and have frequent communications with Israel diplomatic personnel in the United States.  ADL publications, such as the "ADL Bulletin: and "Facts", are largely devoted to Israeli and Zionist matters.  The energy of the ADL is largely focused on stifling criticism of Israel in the U.S. by labeling such criticism of Israel in the U.S. by labeling such criticism "anti-Semitism" and seeking the ruin of any politician or private citizen who dares to say anything against Zionism or Israeli interests.


Here we must again mention the USS Liberty (ship) for it is such an important point.  After Israel's planes knowingly attacked the American ship, "USS Liberty", and killed 34 American sailors and wounded dozens more, the ADL boasted about its success in covering up and distorting the truth about the atrocity.  When Liberty Lobby's daily radio program, "This is Liberty Lobby", reported on Israeli military attacks on the Arabs, the ADL called the program anti-Semitic and bigoted, and undertook a long and vicious campaign of lies, threats, and economic intimidation to get the program off the air.

As all members of Congress know, more than one man of politics has been consigned to private life because he was less than adoring of Israel, or even because he admitted that there is such a thing as a Zionist lobby or a Zionist influence on the American press--an influence which, less than incidentally, is felt mainly through the ADL.

More ominously still, it now appears that Zionist influence in the U.S. is spearheaded by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, and that the ADL and the openly terroristic Jewish Defense League (JDL) are orchestrated by the Mossad.  The ADL maintains a pose of opposition to violence, while the JDL, openly flying the Israeli flag within your country, screams for blood and makes physical assaults on its victims.  The same man who loses his job or is denied an office because of the ADL is liable to be beaten up or shot by the JDL.  The ADL and the JDL are two horns of the same beast.


According to Joseph P. Kamp, Arnold Forster, the long-time general counsel of the ADL, was arrested many years ago for painting swastikas on a synagogue.  Much more recently, the Associated Press reported that Irving Rubin, West Coast leader of the JDL, was booked for investigation of using an explosive device in the bombing of the Beth Sar Shalom Religious Center in North Hollywood.  In 1990 there were several incidents which were ultimately proven to be perpetrated by "Jews" themselves in an effort to cause major racial disturbances.

This apparently incongruous behavior points up the important fact that the ADL (and the JDL) must have anti-Semitism in order to exist and they will create the appearance of it if they cannot find it growing in the wild.  Zionism is, in fact, founded on the Zionist's acceptance of anti-Semitism as a natural and unavoidable phenomenon which can be ended only by the movement of Jews to their own homeland.  (Herzl, "The Jewish State" An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question", 1943, pp. 19-20; Hertzberg, ed., "The Zionist Idea", 1966, p. 49.)  As long as most Jews show no inclination to migrate to Israel, the fear of anti-Semitism whipped up by the ADL serves the second useful purpose of garnering tremendous financial and political support for Israel among Jews in America and elsewhere.

The scope of the ADL's propaganda efforts would be impossible to detail in a short space.  The ADL line in planted in everything from comic books to textbooks, "true confessions".  The television series, "Holocaust", was basically an ADL creation and was accompanied by a great outpouring of ADL-orchestrated publicity and a barrage of study guides for use in schools and churches. The same is true, to a lesser extent, of the series "Masada".  Without even going into the historical inaccuracies of the two films, their messages can be summed up easily:

1. The Israelites were (are) nicer than all other humans;

2. Jews always are persecuted by unappreciative "gentiles";

3. Israel is Jewish property, and

4. Israel is the only hope for Jewish survival.


Before taking a break from writing I want to take note of several things.

One, it is the time of the celebration of several "Holy" holidays--Passover, Easter, Ramadan, etc.  Now, in the U.S. what have been the predominant signs of the celebration?  Christian symbols, etc.?  Well, in the past few years, what has taken place in your television viewing?  "Old Testament" stories and a major thrust to the "Poor-Jew" holocaust playing and replaying and thus and so.  Now, look at the news on the yesterday--the Zionist thrust enters into EVERY scenario without your even being aware.

There was mention of a holiday time of several religions--but, the following three segments of visual attention flowed to the Jewish celebration and here is one you had better look at closely for it bears more information than can be imagined: it showed the hundreds and hundreds of boxes of Jewish foods being distributed in great and massive quantities (this being "their" description)--"TO THE NEW SOVIET JEWS RESETTLING IN THE U.S."  Oops, wasn't the 400 million dollars you just gave Israel for the purpose of resettling all those Soviet Jews into Israel?  Then came the commentary that, "We are trying to get away from the one-track narrow thrust of the Easter holiday by integrating all creeds, blah, blah, blah?"  Now, keep in mind that one of the most severe denouncements of Dharma's presentation at one point was that "Easter" was mentioned as a pre-crucifixion "Holiday".  The rocks flew like machine-gun bullets--so, what have we here?  So, to all you Christians--Easter is the time of Christ?  Right?  Wrong!  It has now turned into the celebration of the Zionists in great suffering at the hands of the Christians--according to your controlled media and you Christians are the first to pack the boxes of traditional items for their enforced celebration.  It was also stated that, "...most of the people receiving the traditional foods of the Jewish faith, had never been exposed to them prior to now--having been so persecuted in the Soviet Union as to have been deprived deliberately of partaking of their traditional accoutrements and feasting foods."  Further, it was stated that, "...therefore, in order to fully appreciate their newly found 'freedom' a pamphlet accompanied the food packages giving the traditional stories for proper understanding of the 'ancient traditions' ".  Sounds to me as if there are some "new traditions" being thrust around quite deliberately and have naught to do with "ancient" anything.

Now secondly, the "U.S. is going to 'allow' Assad and King Hussein of Jordan a meeting--since there is concern of these two nations in range of missiles from Israel--and the newly placed U.S. Patriot missiles in Israel, to come to comfort regarding security.

AND, what about the new episodes of "stabbings" of Israelis?  To solve the problem, they are going to bar all Palestinian single, young males from even working in Israel and will deport many who are already in Israel.  No, chelas, THIS "STUFF" CAME FROM YOUR OWN CNN!  Following all this BS, above, there was a long dissertation on the horror of slashings and fire-bombing and could the knife now be taking the place in "terror" of the rock throwing?  Why no mention of guns?  BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO DEFEND SELVES IN THOSE "AREAS" EXCEPT WITH PRIMITIVE WEAPONS OF STICKS, ROCKS AND HEWN KNIVES--THEY WERE DISARMED TOTALLY BY THE ONES IN POWER!  TAKE HEED AMERICA AND WORLD--YOUR DISARMING IS AT HAND!

Let us take a respite, please.  I have forgotten our last segment and "gun controls" but you may as well integrate this information a bit as we move along and you can see the measure of your journey.

Hatonn to clear, please.



Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 10, Number 9 & 10, Pages 4-12.