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3/13/91   HATONN



First it is necessary for "them" to create the leadership and organization necessary to brainwash millions of dupes, both Jewish AND Christian--or whichever group is under attack.  Blacks and other minorities received prime attention for they would be the most advantageous "tools" in the game of charades.  These were the ones who would do the rioting and suffer the casualties, while the Zionist overlords ran the show from sheltered places.  In 1909, Schiff set up and organized the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE.  Now wouldn't that frost you--wouldn't you have thought this organization would have been started by a "colored" person or group?  The Presidents and directors from its inception have been JEWISH.  Jews appointed by Schiff while he was still alive and later by his successors who ran these organizations.  In 1914, a real doozie came forth, birthed in total intent of take-over.  Schiff came up with the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, of the Jewish Masonic Lodge, B'nai B'rith--you can't get more direct than that, chelas.  It was to serve as a Jewish KGB, keeping its own people in line and harassing anyone who dared to tell the truth about International Jewry/Zionism.  It is the largest and most complete private intelligence gathering apparatus and lie instigator known to human.  It is actually an AGENT of a FOREIGN COUNTRY, operating illegally, without a license on American soil--yet such is the power of the Zionist Lobby in Washington; it has for all intents and purposes become an advisory branch of the United States Justice Department--with freedom from taxes for all.

Some non-Jews look on the ADL as primarily a "spy outfit", skilled in tapping telephones, infiltrating patriotic groups and meetings, tapping into computers and phone lines of my scribes and attacking anyone who does not follow the straight Zionist line.  It is all that and ever so much more!

It is also a "sleazy, money-raising" operation which pressures Jews to give and when money does not come in fast enough, it will create problems for Jews, which they say they are fighting for.  For instance, the leader of the neo-Nazi group which invaded Skokie, Illinois a few of your years back and caused a great furor, was a "Jew" from the Chicago ADL and so stated.  This incident scared the dickens out of Chicago Jews and they shelled out much money for the ADL coffers.

The operating head of the ADL at this time is one Arnold Forster, a veteran troublemaker and a skillful money-raiser.  He says the ADL is merely a Jewish Defense Group and Political Action Committee, which spends its time and money "fighting racial bigotry", as it pursues its goal of "democracy", and "world brotherhood".  If you believe this, my friends, you need to go to Palestine and ask the Arabs, who are being murdered there, about Jewish Democracy.  By the way, do you remember after the so-called, (but isn't) cease fire--the Israelis said they lifted the curfew on the Palestinians?  They haven't--for all purposes and intent the Palestinians are still under Martial Law controls and total curfews--even as Baker dons his beanie this day.  Well, yesterday, it was--for today he is winning and dining and making proposals and payoffs to your old buddy, Assad of Syria.  You have really developed some endearing friends, America--the chief terrorist trainers and the chief terrorists of the world.

When there is no anti-Semitism available, Forster and his cronies create some and this enables him to blackmail Jewish merchants for the alleged purpose of "saving them from goyim persecution".  This scam has worked for years and Forster is paid a huge salary for doing it.  He has been in this game for more than thirty years and has used smear and blackmail tactics, and even created "nazi" groups in New York to deface Jewish tombstones and paint swastikas on the walls of Jewish synagogues.  The scare stories he manages to raise in New York called for a Congressional investigation.  Of course the ADL was NEVER investigated, only those old "bad" other people--EVEN AFTER THE PROOF OF INCIDENT AND PERPETRATORS WERE EXPOSED AND CONFIRMED BY THE SYNAGOGUES THEMSELVES AND THE ADL OWNED UP TO THE LITTLE "CHARADE".

In 1986, the National Council of Churches in America, seeking information on the Christian Identity Movement in America, went to a Jew, Leonard Zeskind (strange resource), of the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL, an extremely "left-wing" organization.  They made no attempt to go to any Identity leader for information, but instead went to this atheist, Christ-hating Jewish center.  He wrote a "scurrilous" account of the Christian Patriotic movement which has been swallowed completely by the National Council of Churches leadership.  Out of this, however, came some incredible dossiers on innocent people living "normal" American lives.

This sinister Zionist KGB maintains over 2,000 agencies across your nation.  They advise and control every action of the NAACP, the URBAN LEAGUE, and many other so-called Black political activist organizations, including Jesse Jackson's SOUTHERN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, which becomes indeed interesting now that Mr. Jackson has become a member of the CFR and is in with the really "Big Boys" of politics.  They controlled Black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Stokley Carmichael, Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond and the man I just mentioned, Jesse Jackson.

In addition, the ADL acquired absolute control over the advertising budgets of many nationally known department stores, hotel chains and key radio and TV sponsors, also the advertising agencies which serviced them--along with public relations corporations who do such in-depth work as for the Emir Sabah of Kuwait and produce such documents as the false testifying before Congressional Subcommittees with horrendous pictures of atrocities and phony participants weeping and working in total safety far from the streets of Kuwait.  And you, as a nation, bought it.  By these means, for all intents and purposes, the mass mediaone); __qcitedqca=P0-916 America is totally under Zionist control and woe be unto the politician or reporter who fails to remember this.  There have been several Senators in the past who tried to buck the Zionist Lobby in Washington and were out on their ear in the very next election, i.e., Percy of Illinois, Fullbright of Arkansas, Rep. Finley of Illinois, etc.


This means fully that all of the major news that America hears is slanted or falsified in the direction of the Zionist overlords, as they desire it to be presented.  Your own beloved Walter Cronkite stated: "Our task is not to tell the truth; we are opinion molders".

One of their major purposes is to sway sympathy for Black rioters and criminals, no matter where they are or what they do.  This can be vividly illustrated by many incidents but one especially is clear.  This incident took place in the nation's capitol a few months ago.  Now, before you read this I wish you to know that I believe the Klu Klux Klan to be a totally evil organization as indicated by the secrecy and hood-wearing anonymous offender--but that has nothing to do with the story--for you have " received uot;e attentioot?  The KKK had received permission from the Washington police for a peaceful march in your capitol.  But the Blacks, agitated by agents provocateur from within, tried to disturb this "lawful parade" (as was certainly planned and anticipated) and were stopped by the Washington police, as they should have been.  But the Blacks went on a rampage, burning cars, breaking store windows and looting stores--just as instructed and paid-off to do.  The next day, a white correspondent with the Washington Post gave this explanation for the riot: "The Blacks rioted because their civil rights to confront the KKK purveyors of hate had been denied".  NOW WHO DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE WERE THE PURVEYORS OF HATE?  ACTUALLY, NEITHER GROUP BUT RATHER BOTH GROUPS WERE USED TO ACCOMPLISH THE AIMS OF THE THIRD AND MOST POWERFUL GROUP.


A prime mode of operation which gets the innocent "Jew" of Judean descent into horrendous circumstances is that he is always set up as one of the radical participants.  For instance, in 1910, a Jewish playwright wrote a play titled THE MELTING POT.  It was sheer communist propaganda designed to incite BOTH Blacks and Jews.  The pepartment-pposh freedom alize how the American Whites were discriminating against both Jews and Blacks.  At that time, no one seemed to care that this was propaganda because it seemed quite possible of truth.  It was cleverly written and the propaganda was wrapped very well in the entertainment offered by the play; it became a big Broadway hit.  In those days, the famous Diamond Jim Brady would often hold fabulous banquets at the famous Delmonico's restaurant in New York after the opening of a successful Broadway play.  The author, plus cast and selected political and Broadway celebrities were invited.

Myron Fagan, a well-known Hollywood playwright, who actually initiated some of this very information given you now, was invited to attend that party.  There he met the English socialist George Bernard Shaw and a Jewish writer named Israel Cohen.  Both Shaw and Cohen had worked together in London with a Jew named Karl Mordecai Marx.  Remember, at this time Marxism and Communism were just emerging and very few people paid any attention to what they were trying to do.  No one suspected the propaganda which permeated the writings of either Shaw or Cohen.  At that banquet, Cohen told Fagan that he was engaged in writing a book, which would be titled A RADICAL PROGRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.


You had best remember this: traitorous acts by your leaders, whether it be the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, or whatever, never hapfor the ri form of ACCIDENT.  They have all been planned by the over-all blueprint for your destruction as a free people.

You can bet anything you wish that the 70-plus Senators who "vote the straight Zionist ticket" (over two-thirds of your Congress) are under direct orders from the Conspiracy.  They are, whether or not they will admit it to you-the-people, bought and paid for and the blackmail comes down heavy indeed.

Haven't you ever pondered just HOW a man can go into the U.S. Congress (when the Constitution gives the most power to the State representatives) and then come out in a few years as a multi-millionaire?  Why do these men spend eight to ten million dollars to get elected to a job that pays a rather (proclaimed by the participants) meager salary?  It might look good to you Joe, Tom, Dick or Harry but to those men who had to have a big raise--it must be small indeed.

It really doesn't add up, does it?  Especially when they show by their actions and their voting records that they are not all that much interested in the welfare of the people who rstand bethem into office.  Do you think they spend all that money just for the prestige it brings them?  Don't be stupid, America!  There are vnd selecten in your government today who are free from the "taint of treason and therefore keep silent".

This is a good place to close this segment.  We shall take up how Jacob Schiff entrapped the American people and the effect it has had on your "American Way of Life", which at one time was the shining light unto the entire world.  I feel you need a bit more background prior to dealing with all that is under way this day.  I am efforting to pull it together into a bit of a bundle whereby you can look at it a bit more closely and perhaps better understand why the thrust must be NOW if you are to reverse this monster which is consuming you as a nation and a people.

May God rest His hand upon your beings that you might be given into the seeing of that which is upon you.


Hatonn to clear, please.


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 10, Number 1 & ies. 2-16.

http://phoenixarria="" awa/express/1991/0391/10-01-02.pdf

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.