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As the days pass and it seems the tasks and burdens are outweighing the wondrous beauty of that which is about you--LOOK AGAIN!  The beauty is there.  Even in the darkest hour there is a beauty of sorts and a wondrous lesson in each moment.  As to that which is perceived as "bad"--look more carefully than that and check your perceptions and also the TRUTH of the circumstance.  Look and see if YOU might well have allowed or even "arranged" the happening.  If it touches you at all then YOU AS WELL AS OTHERS--HAVE INFINITE IMPACT.  You may well not be able to control all actions but you CAN decide--totally--HOW YOU WILL PERCEIVE EACH AND EVERY ACTION.  Walk alone?  Never, for there is no way to walk alone--even if you would be the LAST of your species on the planet--you would not be "alone".

There is a destiny that makes us brothers'

None goes his way alone;

All that we send into the lives of others;

Comes back into our own.

In remembering this one universal law at all times, you will think and respond to each action and thought as to that which you will expect BACK INTO SELF.  When another sends that which is painful and hurtful to you--do not waste time with revenge and hate --HE WILL GET HIS IN EXACT (OR MORE) MEASURE OF THE SAME--WITHOUT YOUR DOING.

How can you know if a "friendship" is false or true?  Usually it takes "time"--for the deceivers are everywhere to suck you into a trap and then devour you.  Openly accept the joyful hand offered--but do not blather your innermost thoughts until friendship has proven itself--against odds which usually cause friendships to fail.  False friendship is like a vine such as climbing ivy which decays and ruins the walls it embraces.  True friendship, however, gives new life and animation to the object IT SUPPORTS.  Always you must leave something of beauty and goodness as you pass your way--for if your focus is on such--you shall not leave any negative evil behind.  It cannot be both ways.

Readers, our tasks are varied--our goal ONE.  Be gentle with one another for ALL are going to have to "get there" for the picture to be whole.  If you live your lives with the thought in mind that when you were born, you cried and others rejoiced--live your life in such a manner that when you die, the others and world cry and you rejoice.  MAKE YOUR JOURNEY WORTH THE TROUBLE!



Many believe there is NO GOD!  Pity those.  Have compassion for those who seek but avoid, at all costs, the finding.  Sympathize with those who are finding The Light hard to abide within, for they are but human.  And always, keep unto your own true path toward goodness.  Ah, and watch carefully self and others who pray only for self with naught save "I" and "me" in the fine petitions to God and watch more carefully HOW you pray.

To speak to God on behalf of man is like the highest service any of us can render.  To sincerely ask that God's WILL be done and THAT, in behalf of another--is Divine and ALWAYS bears fruit beyond measure.  The next is to speak to MEN in the name of God in the Christed goodness.  And remember that either and BOTH are possible--through HIS Grace!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 24, 1993, Volume 2, Number 9, Pages 8-9.