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Dec. 7, 2019

12/7/91 #2  HATONN


Let us go back, Dharma, and continue with the ending of the Pearl Harbor affair so you have adequate information and facts upon which to work, then we can move back into the methodology of Zionism as relates to dictatorships.  You have to know how the "system" works, its wonders to perform.

You must understand herein that you no longer have this problem as will be outlaid here because you have not since had declarations of war--you have only had wars (without declaration--but, rather, through Presidential Order).  Don't fool yourselves into believing the Congress finally declared war in the Persian Gulf--THEY DID NOT!

Again, honoring Mike Blair, writer for SPOTLIGHT:



There were 2,403 American servicemen who died 50 years ago, on December 7, 1941, when a strike force of 350 carrier-based Japanese aircraft struck Pearl Harbor and other U.S. military installations in the Hawaiian Islands.

They were not, however, the first American military personnel to lose their lives in World War II. There were 141 others who died prior to the Pearl Harbor attack and before a declaration of war by the U.S. Congress which brought America officially into the bloodiest, most costly war in the history of mankind.

Congress, under pressure from President Franklin Roosevelt, enacted the Selective Training and Service Act on September 16, 1940, and in just one month some 16.4 million young Americans were registered for the draft.

At about the same time, Roosevelt, while campaigning in Boston for an unprecedented third term in the White House, stated: "I have said this before; but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars."


History has recorded, in American blood, that those words, declared by an American president seeking reelection, represent the biggest lie ever uttered to the American people by an American candidate for the presidency.

While stating this colossal lie, FDR was making plans to do just the opposite--to in fact involve those 16.4 million young American men registered for the draft in the war raging since 1939 in Europe.

In fact, an American had already lost his life.  On April 21, 1940, Capt. Robert M. Losey, an Army Air Corps Weather Service commander, had been killed in a German air raid in Norway.

Not only was Roosevelt plotting ways to drag America into World War II through the back door--by baiting the Japanese to attack America or planning attacks upon Japan--he was in fact already planning to involve these young Americans in an undeclared war against Germany.

FDR created the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet on February 1, 1941, and a month later American warships were detailed the dangerous task of escorting arms-laden cargo ships bound from Canada and the United States to Britain.

The fleet's Support Force, or convoy protection group, included 45 destroyers, 51 patrol aircraft, one destroyer tender, 10 minesweepers and minelayers and three aircraft tenders.

The mission of Rear Adm. Arthur L. Bristol, as commander of Task Force 4, as it was known, was to provide armed escort for convoys to Britain and to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations. This was nine months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.


In early 1940, Britain ordered from the United States 50 twin-engine PBY-5 patrol-reconnaissance flying boats, which became more popularly known as "Catalinas".

The first of these valuable aircraft were delivered to Britain in late 1940 and early 1941 and were intended by the Royal Air Force for use as reconnaissance aircraft and bombers.  At the time, the British were just becoming aware of the grave dangers the Royal Navy faced from German U-boats and surface raiders.  They faced a serious lack of long-range reconnaissance aircraft capable of tracking the German submarines and surface ships.

However, the arrival of the American flying boats presented a new problem.  British airmen were unfamiliar with the operation of the new aircraft, which needed to be put into active service immediately.

Roosevelt, however, who was by then already pouring thousands of tons of vital war material into Britain under the Lend-Lease program, had a ready solution to the problem.  Seventeen American naval aviators, familiar with the Catalinas, were sent to Britain to "familiarize" the RAF fliers with the seaplanes.  [H: Doesn't this sound familiar? You also sent your beloved SERVICEMEN into Israel to "familiarize" the Israelis with Patriot missile launcher--which were already in Israel. How handy to have another nation fight and die for your own!]  However, it soon became apparent their roles were far more than mere instructors.

Sir Frederick Bowhill, the commander-in-chief of British Coastal Command, on May 26, 1941 dispatched two Catalinas on a patrol mission to help locate the German battleship Bismarck.  The Catalina crews included both American and British airmen.

On May 20, the German battleship, accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, had sailed out into the North Atlantic to attack British shipping.  Four days later, the two powerful German vessels encountered the British battleship Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser Hood.


Overconfident, the British felt their two ships could outgun the German warships.  However, in the ensuing battle, the first salvos from the German ships struck the Hood, which literally disintegrated, with only three of its crew surviving.  The Prince of Wales suffered severe damage and was forced to withdraw from the engagement.

Since the Bismarck had suffered some damage, including the contamination of one of its fuel cells with seawater following a hit from the Prince of Wales, it separated from the Prinz Eugen and set a new course for St. Nazaire, France, for repairs and refueling.


At 10:30 am on May 26, the German battleship was sighted by Catalina Z-209, piloted by U.S. Navy Ensign Leonard B. "Tuck" Smith, one of the 17 American pilots sent to Britain to help with the flying boats.

After the Bismarck had been sighted, its exact location was radioed to Coastal Command, and later in the day the battleship was attacked by bombers from the British carrier Victorious.  The warship's steering gear was damaged and the vessel sailed in circles, out of control.

On May 27, the damaged Bismarck was sunk by a British force of two battleships and several cruisers and destroyers.

The 17 Americans continued in other engagements for the British and two ultimately lost their lives.

On September 12-13, 1941, 13 U.S. Coast Guard men were dispatched to a remote fjord on the shores of Greenland after reports had been received of suspicious activities along the coast.  They captured three German radio operators, who had been landed by submarine.  This took place months before Pearl Harbor was attacked and war was declared by America, but the three Germans were taken prisoner and were interned in Boston.

In the North Atlantic, the U.S. Support Force escorted 2,500 cargo ships halfway across the ocean, where they were met by British escort vessels.  They lost only eight cargo vessels to German U-boats.

It was not, however, without cost.

On October 17, 1941, five American destroyers of Task Force 4.1.4. found themselves involved in a full scale battle with German U-boats.

A torpedo from U-658 struck the destroyer Kearny, nearly cutting it in half.  Eleven American sailors were killed, and 24 were wounded.


On October 31, 1941, the American Reuben James, a World War I-era four-stack destroyer, was blown in two by a German torpedo from U-552.

The U-boat's commander described in his ships log, "Wreck atomized by powerful detonation of her own depth charges."

A total of 115 members of the 159-man destroyer crew perished as the warship went down in less than five minutes.  Floundering sailors watched helplessly as their ship-mates sank beneath the surface.

Adm. Harold Stark, chief of naval operations, stated: "The situation demands our people be fully informed of the issues involved, the means necessary and available, and the consequences of success or failure.

"When we go in we must go to the full extent of our resources.  To tell our people anything else is to perpetrate a base deception which can only be reflected in lackadaisical and half-hearted prosecution (of the war)."


But the dying was not over.

Early in November, 1941, Patrol Squadron 73 took off from Skerjafjordhur in Iceland to escort a convoy.  One of the planes failed to return.  Its remains were found on a hillside near Reykjavik. ALL 12 crewmen had died in the crash.

"I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars."


That is what Franklin Roosevelt had promised the American people.  [H: Read my lips?]

*****Special reprints of the special OVERVIEW marking the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor will be available from The SPOTLIGHT, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C., 20003, at the following prices: eight copies for $3; 25 copies, $6.50; 70 copies, $12; 200 or more, 15 cents each.*****  [Note: Liberty Lobby and THE SPOTLIGHT newspaper are no longer in business.  Refer to the SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION at the end of this article.]


Because the Editorial from this recent edition of SPOTLIGHT is so exceptional, I am asking for reprinting herein also.  Again, I do so without editing.  I "assume" the comment is from the Editor, Ryan but find no verification.


You shall know the truth and the truth shall give the Establishment a migraine.  Surely December 7, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy: but not for the reasons the Establishment--media, historians and academics--would have us believe.  Our OVERVIEW of Pearl Harbor, beginning on page 10 in this issue, sets the record straight.

What is most perfidious about Pearl Harbor, however, is not the act of betrayal itself.  It is, rather, the continued cover-up of the truth.  It's not unusual that politicians and Establishment journalists would participate in the 50-year-old lie.  Lying is their stock in trade.  But professional historians and academics on whom people depend to take a hard look at events from moment and to present the truth in proper perspective, eagerly validate the deception.

These intellectual whores continue to write books and articles, produce specials for television and so forth that perpetrate the lie Pearl Harbor was the "surprise attack" President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it was.  These presentations are then lauded by the same Establishment media ultimately responsible for their production.  It's sort of like Tweedle Dum being the only judge in a beauty contest in which Tweedle Dee is a contestant.

This situation points up the importance of the


to history.  If Establishment-approved historians are so dishonest as to knowingly cover up the true story of Pearl Harbor, one must conclude they are doing the same thing with other issues.

Another Establishment-generated cover-up is the murder of President John F. Kennedy.  The politicians, journalists and obedient academics pushed the Warren Commission conclusion--that there was one assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Today hardly anyone believes that, so the Establishment has gone to its fallback position--that we'll never know what happened.

But then along comes attorney/author Mark Lane, in a blockbuster new book Plausible Denial  [H: I recommend this book very highly!]  [Hardback, 393 pages with index, is available for $25 (post. and hand. incl) from Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.], to set the record straight.  And he shows how the politicians and media colluded to keep the truth from the public.  [Note: Liberty Lobby is no longer in business. The book Plausible Denial by Mark Lane can be purchased on-line through and other retailers.]

We owe a debt of gratitude to the small group of intrepid investigators in the United States and throughout the world who are rooting out the truth despite the best efforts to keep it hidden.  These efforts and the people making them are often the target of vicious attacks by the Establishment media--and no wonder.

Now, thanks to the truth we know about Pearl Harbor and JFK, it makes it very easy and clear for us to see the truth about President Lyndon B. Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin incident.  Both Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin were efforts to get the United States involved in a foreign war.  Both employed the willing connivance of the Establishment media.  Both were successful.

And speaking of cover-ups, don't forget the deliberate, unconscionable attack by our favorite ally--Israel--on the USS Liberty.  The Liberty was sailing in international waters and was clearly identified as a U.S. vessel.  It was attacked by air and sea forces by the state of Israel in what was subsequently described by the White House and the Establishment media as a "tragic error".  Israel even gave a few thousand dollars of foreign aid BACK TO THE UNITED STATES as "reparations".

That attack happened in 1967.  In 1976, The SPOTLIGHT exposed the incident for what it was--a deliberate, cold-blooded attack intended to kill everyone on board and sink the ship, to keep secret Israel's war plans.  Now, in 1991, the truth is finally filtering into the Establishment media.

Then there is the


of the events leading up to Operation Desert Storm.  Iraq's Saddam Hessein was deliberately misled to believe the United States would stand aside if he decided to invade Kuwait.  Then, when he did, George Bush was "shocked" and launched a war in the desert.  The result can only be described as calculated genocide.  The SPOTLIGHT's coverage of the president's duplicity, his "bush-whacking" of Saddam, won an award as one of the top 10 most-censored stories of the year.

Did the Reagan-Bush campaign make a secret deal with Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini to keep Americans prisoners so Jimmy Carter would be defeated in the 1980 election and Ronald Reagan elected?  Knowing you have been routinely lied to in the past helps to bring historical events such as this so-called October Surprise affair into clearer focus.  Any establishment that is so deceitful and dishonest as to hide the truth about the Kennedy assassinations, Pearl Harbor and the USS Liberty is going to be capable and willing to cover up a "minor" event such as the October Surprise.

No wonder FDR was Reagan's favorite president.  No wonder the Establishment--media, historians and academicians--must continue to perpetrate the lie about Pearl Harbor.  If the American people ever realize the extent of the perfidy of the government-media axis, who knows--they might vote intelligently.  That would be the death knell for the manipulators.

Thank you.


No, they would NOT cause the death knell for the manipulators will NOT BE CAST OUT BY SIMPLE ELECTIONS--NOT ANY MORE--FOR IT HAS GONE TOO FAR TO BE SIMPLY "VOTED IN" OR "VOTED OUT".  The point is in the "uncovering" of the lies.


Hatonn to move to stand-by--in appreciation unto the brothers who dare to speak out because the blows against them are indeed heinous.  But their light shall be given the uncovering and I am honored to recognize their achievements.  I salute them.


Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 17, 1991, Volume 17, Number 9, Pages 15-20.