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"God Creator created greater HUman species. Satan DEVEL­OPED lower human species. There is a BIG AND MON­STROUSLY LARGE DIFFERENCE. You, as an individual, have an opportunity and a choice TO BE EITHER ONE. One is infinite and the other destined for downfall. One is eternal and the other very, very "mortal" indeed."



"Now, may we please move on to create that which we need to bring change into this weary and worn old world. Pain and agony was not her intended lot and neither is it yours. God's people are destined for JOY and abundance. This old suffering garbage is a lot of hooey and now you know where the idea originates. Suffering and whining can be of Satan's crew; it is not acceptable for Creator's children."


---Phoenix Journal 229, "RISE OF ANTICHRIST' , CHAPTER 6, P. 91