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June 28, 3016

2/6/92 #1  HATONN

One last comment sequence before moving into the subject in point because for you who realize your soul is the point of the play, allow me to remind you that you are existing in a time of chaos and your soul is being manipulated by the evil clowns.  You must know who, how, what, etc., of your enemy.  To understand better the overall--go back to the KNOWING that all is total simplicity--only complicated by that which appears to be real but is not.  Your perceptions are flooded with confusion and chaos in order to blind you.

God made everything so simple and if Man would understand that simplicity he would only have the Laws of God by which to act and live.  You would obey the laws of nature and Creation and all would remain in balance within that simplicity.  The Indians (natives) for instance, had the mountains such as the Black Hills as their churches--they needed not your stone and gaudy temples.  But you of the strippers and pillagers came and carved the very evil faces on those sacred mountains that desecrate all that is beautiful, balanced and in harmony with God.  I can promise you that those evil tamperings will be wiped clean and you had best pray it will not be with Zionist White Man blood.

The "ancients" need not your Bibles or any books save those who have been misled by your generations of intruders.  The child of the Earth has wind and rain--stars and sky and they honor those wonders as the Bible.  It was ever thus for the "ancient" ones and they will again become your teachers and wayshowers.  It is, in fact, for this very reason that the tribal nations have been deliberately pulled apart and addictions integrated within their society.  Evil has no boundaries of heinous attack in order to win the skirmish even though they know the war will be lost to them. However, to win this war--YOU ARE GOING TO COME BACK INTO THE SIMPLICITY OF GOD AND CREATION.

You are going to learn that God rules the universe and that everything God made is living.  Even the sands and the rocks are alive.  When they are used by Man, they must be recognized as the beings which they ARE and in balanced energy flow each gives unto the other; for in nature and God there is only GIVING, never TAKING.

Why is a vision quest so special?  Because it means the going away into a place ALONE WITH GOD.  It means spending days and nights in the presence of God, speaking with God and LISTENING.  Is it always purifying in spiritual aspect?  No--it, as with all things, depends upon the intent of the participant.  In other words, there is no limitation on those who participate in greed and self-ego.

If a man petitions in Truth of intent--God sends His messengers, be it a "Pale Prophet" from the stars or White Buffalo Calf Woman, as the Lakotas receive.  At this time God has sent many messengers--who heal, who write and who are ones to show the way in hope and light.

Indeed, you will go back to the wisdom of those "ANCIENTS" or you will perish for, as white men--the perception is always reverse of Truth.  It is a good rule of thumb, chelas--always the lie is presented as Truth.

You cannot realize, in your world of chaotic conflict, that you are rude and abased in your very ties unto the Creation of God.  Just as with those Indians you put down in your own beloved nation.  You have taken everything and given them nothing, but worst of all--you never even thanked them!  YOU will change, brothers--not they who abide with God--YOU WHO HAVE TAKEN, AND TAKEN AND DESTROYED--WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A "THANK-YOU".

May I share with you a projection from one who is honored as a Chief, Noble Red Man, of whom I shall again write later, and you had best think hard upon these words to which I shall add no comment:





I prophesy many things that come to pass.  God is going to put a judgment on the world. He's mad.  I'm sorry it's going to happen.  He's not going to destroy the whole world.  But every living thing will perish, and it'll be maybe another million years before a new life begins again.  Grandmother Earth will be alone.  She's going to rest.  All because of White Man's wickedness.  You're going to fall and fall hard.  You're going to be crying and wailing.  You'll realize you can't get away with destroying God's world.  Don't think you can get away with it.  God's going to wipe the wickedness from the earth.  You can see His signs.  Out of the West Coast, Mount St. Helens volcano--that's a sign.  And there's going to be earthquakes; maybe half of California and half of Washington and Oregon will go into the water.  [H: oops!  Ramtha?]  The same in the East, and in the South.  You're going to have volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes.  It's God giving signs to the White Man, punishing him for not paying his debt to the Indian people, for destroying the land with his greed.  And it will get worse until you pay us what you owe us, what you promised us...until you give us what is ours.

You are going to learn the most important lesson--that God is the most powerful thing there is.  We Indians aren't afraid to die.  We've got a place to go, a better place, so we don't care.  We're ready.  We just want you to know.  Maybe you can change; maybe you can stop what's coming.  There's not much time.  It's going to happen.  Take it from me.  Tell them Noble Red Man said so!"

Well, chelas, Noble Red Man is with US now.  Do you think it differs as one moves on into the higher realms within the vision to serve more closely with God?  You are not only people of the lie but you have been deprived of KNOWING.  You do not know God nor OF God.  That which you have been taught to believe is in gross error and, therefore, no matter how hard you try to right the physical plane--unless you come into KNOWING--you will not have [the] way to achieve.  So be it.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 11, 1992, Volume 18, Number 4, Pages 13-15.