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Introduction to Commander Hatonn


1/13/92 #1    HATONN

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet.  You may call me Hatonn.  I am come in service unto the ONE GOD of Lighted Creation, and as "Host" unto His people who will be brought into His places long prepared for you.  My own "Captain" is Sananda, the Christed Being you have called by many names--now totally with Creator/Creation.  [Sananda: simply meaning of/with God.]  We are not "mystical" nor even "mysterious" aliens.  We are the "Hosts" sent in preparation for His return, bringers of Truth according to His promise, and to reveal the lies foisted upon you to claim your souls for the physical evil Elite controllers.  We come in total love and without intent of force, coercion or judging.  "Judging" is a state of evaluation of self in the presence of Creator in which actions in the physical experience are evaluated.  The information within the documents revealing Truth, THE PHOENIX JOURNALS and LIBERATOR, are the outlays of lies and hidden facts for which you can find confirmation.  If you don't know the problems and the source of the problems, you can have no solutions.

I do not "channel"; I transmit on a frequency attuned to my "receiver" who is simply a translator of the pulses into English.  This is true of all receivers who receive from any of this Command come forth with God for this transition of species and planet.

The receivers mostly have no reference for material given until after the giving and then, only for their own confirmation and yours.  My petition is that you pay no attention to this resource if it is confusing and uncertain unto you--LET TRUTH STAND ALONE IN ITS PRESENTATION--THE PAST WILL FOLLOW IN PROPER SEQUENCE.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, January 14, 1992, Volume 17, Number 13, Page 2.