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1/27/92 #1  HATONN



The noose is getting very tight now that the One World Government is on the table.  I have had hundreds upon hundreds of petitions to speak on the matter of Christianity, Church, Zionism, etc., in this thrust for final power.  Then I come and say to you that you no longer even recognize the TRUTH in "CHRIST"inanity.  Your most fundamentalist so-called Christian leaders are in favor of "just wars" and how does this all equate with that which GOD IS?

Dharma has sorely dreaded these days when we would confront the facts of religions for it causes such uprising in the blind followers of emotionally packed evangelical Pentecostalism.  Moreover, what IS this church vs. state matter?  Well, any more it is simply that the Zionists can say and do anything and you (all the rest) cannot speak back.

The facts are that George Bush's New World Order has been the finalized modern creation of the Tower of Babel.  The conspiracies are so great that they well may reach unto the very heavens except the direction is quite incorrect in conception.  And, as before when the Tower of Babel first came about--the people were scattered about and abroad from the place of God unto the face of all the earth.  Genesis tells the tale quite nicely.  The ones who pronounced themselves "chosen" and "of God" and built the Tower of Babel were, in fact, Godless.  So today is the New World Order/One World Government--Godless.  The facts are being laid forth most clearly to the very Christian leaders who object in any way to Bush's ruling party.  Oh, he keeps ones like Falwell, Graham, Crouch, etc., on the line--but they are fundamentalists who have set their churches and doctrines upon the story given forth by your very enemies.  The conservatives have no sails and their boats are sunk.  From a "Christian" perspective, there is no role to be played in this so-called New World Order because it's godless, i.e., the Tower of Babel.  It is going nowhere.  It's totally humanistic.  It is without faith and is foredoomed to failure.

But how can this be?  Bush continually invokes God's help and before the war in the Gulf he loudly proclaimed his own faith not only in the New World Order but also in God.  He said he prayed to the Lord and the Lord told him to strike at Saddam Hussein.  Why do you say the New World Order then, is Godless?

What you see is NOT what you get!  You have to remember some things--Billy Graham also showed up at the White House with the President before you struck Iraq.

The way this false kind of faith alluded to works is that a president decides what he is going to do and then he calls upon God to bless what he has already decided to do.

This is having a form of the faith but without any substance.  It is all eyewash and lip service, and it's quite frankly the kind of thing God most hates and despises.  If fact, I believe you also find the words representing God's position in the matter of this smash them with a rod of iron like they are potter's vessels."

So, please know--when you have bits of prayers at the White House and mention the "G" word--as it should be called--that is, "God" and you have someone like Billy Graham, a noted leader with an "in with God" along, then that's not really the faith at all.  That is something that is totally disgusting.

You are living in remarkable times where some of the liberal church groups--not really Christian groups, just religious groups--are against every military action in the history of the world--but certainly are liberal in every other aspect of breaking the ten commandments.  Then you have some who will change with the apparent flow of "Godliness" in action and what is politically proper for the time being.  Even a blind pig can see that a stopped clock is right at least twice a day and keeps right on rooting.  Usually these ones who were right about hating the Gulf War in point--were right for the WRONG REASONS.

But then what you get is: "Just war--this is a Just war!".  To cover their own ignorance as to what the war was about, because we don't expose our congregations to any of this type of information because they consider it Heinous and Satanic--no indeed, it is far better to mumble "just war".


Now here is where the boys got separated from the men in the "Christian" blood-lust.  The Jerry Falwells of the fundamentalists queued up right quickly to support the war.  These preachers have allowed their religion to become politics.  War is not of God.  Defense is acceptable--going to war is not.  I would suggest that if war were suitable, you would send 100,000 troops into Washington D.C. and actually defend your nation and people.  That, of course, would not be virtuous--but send them 10,000 miles away to put down a dastardly Hitler-like somebody seems to be OK.  Now, no one ever showed that Saddam was a Hitler-like man--Bush certainly showed that HE IS.

You went to war for the British and to put a vile pig with 80 wives back on a monarchial throne.  I think that anyone who sits to simply read the commandments will find several things amiss in the Gulf War.

At any time, I have just been espousing the truths about the fundamentalists and the connections with Masonic Orders and the British Crown.

I have permission to utilize more of Dr. Coleman's fine research and am most happy to share it with you.  The time appears to be right to draw attention to the lesser known activity of the Washington-Moscow partnership in the religious theater of operations.  You must remember, religion control IS the primary rule for takeover.  I'll just cruise along herein and sort some things that you might well forget to look at closely.


You have been led to believe that the Bolsheviks are opposed to anything of a spiritual and religious nature.  In fact this in NOT TRUE at all.  Mr. Athos remained the center of religious instruction for decades and indeed retains that position to this day.  The Bolshevik's hatred of religion was directed solely at Christianity.

The revival of the Fellowship of Faiths is a sign of the times; barriers are allegedly down in Europe and the nations of Europe are said to be uniting in one big happy family.  As long as diverse religions remain a force, the advent of a One World Government will be delayed.  Bertrand Russell once put it succinctly: "...religion is a nuisance, if we cannot take control of it, then we must get rid of it."


So having failed to "get rid of it", other tactics are being employed, using the shop-worn relativistic idea that all religions are the same and of equal value.  Proof that the onslaught against Christianity has not diminished is to be found in the attack upon the U.S. Constitution, which is being mounted in increasing intensity by Lloyd Cutler who was recently joined in this effort by Attorney General Richard Thornburgh and today it is all-out free-for-all, especially through the Zionists/Holocaust proclamations.

The same type of zealous denouncement came about with the Native Americans.  Oh, you went out and you made them religious all right--religiously hate the very sight of you so-called Christians.  You see--they never lost Christ.  They lived in balance and harmony with God (Great Spirit) and the Creations of God.  Yes, there were some "unGodly" Indians but, brothers, nothing to even begin to compare to unGodly Christians.

But why the massive effort to put aside this great document called the Constitution?  The U.S. Constitution is second only to the Word of God and would not work unless based on Christian LAW.  It has ceased to work because you have always seen to the breaking of the Laws and not to the required enforcing of them.  There is a Constitutional Law that REQUIRES BALANCING OF THE BUDGET THROUGH THE STATES EVERY YEAR!  It has NEVER been honored.

This political tyranny will sweep the land if you do not have the protection of the Constitution.  It is one of the desired goals of the conspirators to bring the people of your country to heel under a tyrannical government to then be shifted under the rule of Britain through the UN.  You will have a Soviet-run military force to see to its working.  Only unrestricted private gun ownership is standing between the American people and those seeking to enslave them--right now.  Yes, God does allow the defense of one's family and property.

The spirit of evil, that hatred of the right to freedom embodied in the Constitution is gaining ground, and grows stronger with the passage of time.  Spiritually wicked men in high places abound; they are everywhere at work to enslave men, not only physically, but spiritually also.  A frightening example of how successful they have become confronts you in the largest slave empire the world has ever known, to whit, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.  Don't act surprised, please--they proclaim to the world to be Atheistic!  That does not mean that the spiritually Godly people ceased to be Godly.  Remember that in the ending times of the world, as you know it--the evil would be more evil and the holy would be ever more holy.  Be thankful of that in the Russian people for they often ride "white" horses.

You are supposed to believe that the Soviet Union is disintegrating and that, as a system, it will soon be archaic.  There is no more cold war and on and on ad nauseam.  "Communism" is also a LIE but THEY call it Communism so I call it Communism.  Communism as the Soviets practiced it will never change.  It may do so on the surface but at the core there will be very little change.  Remember that all of the men on the Lenin government--Communism government--roster were and still are "Jewish" in origin.  Some, like Lenin--in fact most--simply have changed names to hide origin.  We have written about this at length so spare us the time of argument herein.  No one has torn up and scrapped (really) the Constitution of the USSR.  There are still well over twelve million political and religious prisoners still incarcerated in those Soviet prisons.  Some of them--yours!  Men as far back as the Korean War.

Note, too, that Bush has not made this a condition of any of the treasonous treaties he agreed to during the Gorbachev's "summit" meetings.  When you should have been able to "read my lips" Bush was silent.  The fact is--he is not in control in any way whatsoever.  The Communists and Zionists are pulling all the strings--all moving back as a unit to the Committee of 300.


What is this "term" and how does it fit in?  What political events could be impacted?  You will have to go first into the history of the One World Government movement.  Remember that blueprint according to the Protocols, etc.?

The idea of a unified religious faith is certainly not new.  It seems to sound good until you consider that the Baptists can't even get along with the Methodists and neither can get along with the Catholics, much less the whole group melding in with the Mormons who have a SECRET ORGANIZATION to match only the Vatican.  So, whose doctrines will you use?  None follow the rules of the Great Spiritual Creator--so whose will you choose?  Well--so, you will democratically "vote-something-in".

The concept of unified "religion" is as old as Christianity itself and even prior.  You will find as you investigate the matter THAT THE OBJECTIVE IS TO DESTROY THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF CHRISTIANITY BY WHATEVER NAME.


And what is Kedranath Das Gupta?  Is it some kind of Amaranth goop?  No.  Who were the men behind a fellowship of faiths? The movement was the idea of Kedranath Das Gupta, who was a member of the Executive Committee of the pro-Communist War Resisters League which advocates armed proletarian revolution.  There is no need to argue with me--GO LOOK UP THE INFORMATION.

The formal first session of the Fellowship of Faiths in America was held in Chicago in 1933 (at least by that title) and the true nature and intent of the movement was soon declared by Sir Rabindranth Tagore, the founder of the pro-Communist school in India (British) that bears his name and underscored by Bishop Montgomery Brown, an Atheist-Communist keynote speaker.  Montgomery closed one of his speeches with the following admonition to the delegates who wildly cheered him: 

"There will exist a complete World standpoint."  Forget that either one or the other might be correct but that both could not be totally correct as shown by the fact of four separate entities, each differing.  "He has worked for 25 years on this idea and latterly found a cordial co-operator in an American, Mr. Charles F. Weller, who had for years been working hard for a League of Neighbors."

"When they spoke to me a few years ago about forming a Fellowship of Faiths, the idea made an instant appeal.  In America a Parliament of Religions assembled in 1893.  In Paris in 1904 commenced a series of sessions of the International Congress of the History of Religions, other sessions of which were held in Basel, Oxford and Leiden."

It is not by accident that these cities were chosen, for especially in Basel, Oxford and Leiden, are found the organizations who promote Liberation Theology.  The violent anti-Christian ideas generated there were nurtured and then turned into action throughout the world.  Leiden today is THE center of revolutionary ideas, and some consider it to be the home of Liberation Theology.

It was out of Leiden that the traitor Heissewitz came, the son of a Jewish Rabbi who succeeded in dividing the Christian church in South Africa and thus opening the door to the heathen black hordes of the African National Congress to swarm in.  If ever there was a case of treason against the Christian faith, that dishonor belongs to Professor Heissewitz, alias Professor Heynes, a dedicated spiritual enemy of Christendom.

To return to the statement made by Sir Thomas Younghusband:


"In London in 1924 a Conference of the Living Religions of the Empire (the British Empire, that is,) was held.  And in 1933 in Chicago, continued in 1934 in New York, a Congress of the World Fellowship of Faiths was convened under the presidency of the Honorable Herbert Hoover and Miss Jane Addams."  Oh, you are appalled--England wouldn't treat us like that, you might object: DOES ANYONE REMEMBER A REVOLUTION?  REMEMBER A REVOLUTION CALLED THE "AMERICAN REVOLUTION"?  WHO DID YOU WAR WITH?  WHY?  DIDN'T YOU LEARN ANYTHING AT ALL FROM THAT WAR?  BECAUSE OF THAT WAR DIDN'T YOU WRITE A CONSTITUTION FOR FREEDOM PROTECTION?  FROM WHOM?  IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?  YOU FOUGHT YOUR VERY WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE AGAINST ENGLAND--THAT IS "GREAT BRITAIN" AND THE QUEEN.  PLEASE SPARE ME THE MOANING AND GROANING--THEY HAVE ONLY COME BACK WITH MORE SEVERE PENALTIES AND TAXES, AND YOU HAVE ALLOWED THEM IN BY YOUR OWN DOING.

What think ye, that makes today "DIFFERENT"?  At each turn of eras--all things are possible--AGAIN--for you never finish in truth the wonders before you.  You are given gifts of pearls from God and you cast them back into the path of the swine.  Why would God "rapture" YOU--YOU who deny HIM??

"The Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda was elected International President; it is now proposed to hold in London in 1936 a second such congress."

The most striking objection to such a "meeting of religious minds" comes from the words of Christ who asked, "...what communion doth darkness have with light?"  In those few profound words lie the death knell of ideas of people who have long sought the demise of Christianity by merging, or better yet, submerging it in a floodtide of other religions.  You think YOU would stand up as a Christian?  NO--the fact that it is being discussed indicates that YOU WOULD NOT!


Please allow us a rest break and allow ones to ponder the words for that which we bring forth now is the basis for man's journey through this veil of expression.  Be most careful as to your "druthers" for "druthers" don't count.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 11, 1992, Volume 18, Number 4, Pages 18-20.