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August 25, 2015

2/24/94 #2   HATONN



You are absolutely right in your observation that the market at 3500 may well be triggering something on its way BACK DOWN--NOT GOING UP.  Note that everything in the world is "off", including gold--this is "artificial" in every aspect because the fact is, gold would (should) be increasing in this environment--just hold on!

The U.S. government is in HOT, DEEP WATER with Russia and it could "blow" at any moment.  Actually it IS "blowing" and you are not allowed to see or hear it.  Along with the problems with the U.S. there is also great internal stress within Russia.  In the U.S. Clinton is just about to get himself impeached (to say the "least").  "Whitewater", in the words of some writers, is pure "hustle".  He is in a very bad plight and Hillary's Hellcats are about to individually self-destruct.  Well, it couldn't happen to "nicer" people.

Let me just quote you something from a letter from Nick Guarino:

"Bill Clinton will be the first president to go from the White House direct to the jail house.  He is being investigated for possible criminal bank fraud by the Resolution Trust Corp.... [H: Wow, NOTHING is too good for these folks either.]  ...and for possible campaign fraud.  The FBI has opened an investigation for possible obstruction of justice for events surrounding the murder of Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent Foster.  [H: We told you readers EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO FOSTER, HOW MANY "SUICIDE" SHOTS, etc., WHEN IT HAPPENED.  Nevermind the adversarial attacks, readers, you GET THE UP-FRONT TRUTH FROM THIS "RAGSHEET" AS THE CONTACT IS REFERRED TO BY GRITZ AND GREEN, ET AL.]

"Bill Clinton is the first President in American history to have a criminal referral--mentioning him--issued by an independent federal regulator to the Department of Justice.  US Attorney General Janet Reno is desperately trying to protect Clinton by refusing to make this document public and by stone-walling the investigation."

The following is an "advertisement" and I know that you realize that when I ask for advertising in the paper--I believe the information critical and worthy of the price, whatever it is.  I hate to attract any further focus to this place but I feel you HAVE TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION.

The above quotes are from the heading of this letter [below] in point.




Dear Friend:

Whitewater was a pure hustle.  I wish I could show you this place of property.  It's in the middle of nowhere.  Hardly anybody lives there.  Nobody else ever goes there, and nobody wants to.  You have to drive 50 miles to go to the grocery store.  If the Mafia wanted to do a hit, this is where they would bury the body.  If Jimmy Hoffa's body isn't buried in Whitewater, it's in a place just like it.

I can't believe Bill and Hillary Clinton ever intended this property to be developed.  It was a scam right from the beginning--and it was almost 100% successful.  They bought the land with nothing down and then borrowed huge sums of money against it.

This was an easy scam.  All they had to do was survey the land, have it divided up, and sell a few lots to some of their cronies at inflated prices.  Then, they had other cronies provide inflated appraisals.  The S&L they went to wasn't an accident either--its owner, James McDougal, was the Clinton's partner in the Whitewater project.

On paper, they said they would convert raw forest land into a subdivision with dozens of lots.  They said it would be a thriving new community.  They got the S&L to loan millions to them and their cronies.

All that money was funnelled to Bill Clinton and his friends in the inner circle.

Hillary Clinton claims she has no knowledge of the business dealings of Whitewater or the S&L.  But her law firm handled the legal work.  She was personally retained by the S&L as their attorney; represented them before state regulators; was on a $2,000 a month retainer; and had power of attorney "to manage and conduct all matters" related to Whitewater.

Hillary was a senior partner in the biggest, most prestigious law firm in Arkansas.  From the time Clinton became governor, he funnelled huge amounts of state legal work through her firm.

If you wanted to do business with the state of Arkansas, it was no longer necessary to make payoffs with hundred dollar bills in paper bags.  You just went and "retained" Hillary Clinton.  The money you paid the Clintons to do a government deal was no longer an illegal payoff, but a legal bill.  Even better, it's protected under attorney-client privilege.  It was a scam, pure and simple.  The average attorney in Arkansas is lucky to make $50,000 a year.  Hillary Clinton made $400,000.  No wonder.

The Clintons and their partners, the McDougals, operated the S&L (Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan) as their personal piggy bank.  They looted depositors' money to pay off Bill Clinton's personal campaign debts and to raise money for his campaign to become President of the United States.

Bill Clinton even went so far as to force the Small Business Administration to make a loan for $300,000 to Mrs. McDougal, his partner's wife.  This loan was supposed to go to "socially disadvantaged businesses".  Right!

David Hale, the official who made this SBA loan, is now under federal indictment for defrauding the SBA.  He says Clinton pressured him to make the fraudulent loans.

After stealing as much money as they could--Clinton and his partners watched as the Whitewater project went broke.  It was the typical Florida swamp deal of the '30s.  No, it was worse.

The regulators knew what was going on as far back as 1985.  They wanted to shut Madison down. But Bill and Hillary used their political influence to stop them.  The regulators were appointed by governor Bill Clinton, who was their boss.  They did the right thing to keep their jobs; they backed off.

A 1986 audit by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) could not have been more harsh in its depiction of Madison Guarantee.  It portrayed Madison as financially reckless, rife with conflicts, and on the brink of collapse.

Yet, Hillary Clinton was claiming to regulators that the S&L was solvent.  She even put together a stock offering, which the state of Arkansas approved.  The scheme was so outrageous that even Hillary couldn't sneak it by the FHLBB, who killed the deal.  Four years later, the Federal government called the plan Hillary tried to push through "fraudulent".

If this was you or me, we'd be in cell block C.  Clinton became President of the United States.



His name was Vince Foster.  Foster was Hillary's law partner, and purported by several witnesses to be her lover.  He worked with her on Whitewater and Madison Guarantee, hand-in-hand.  He was the one who conned the regulators into paying them $400,000 to prosecute Madison's auditors.

After Clinton was elected President, Foster was appointed as the President's deputy White House counsel."  His job was to bury the Whitewater mess once and for all.  That meant: "

* Updating the Whitewater income tax, which was three years in arrears.

* Cleaning up the Whitewater records and "handling" any incriminating evidence.

* Getting McDougal to agree to buy back the Whitewater shares for Bill and Hillary.  That would allow them to say, "This is McDougal's project; we have nothing to do with it."  So, he had to set up McDougal to be the fall guy.

Foster failed.  The press picked up on the tax returns.  They found out about the phony campaign contributions.  They phony land deals came out.  They found out that Whitewater had been very slow to pay its taxes.  They found out about the phony $68,000 lost the Clintons claimed they had on Whitewater, which never appeared on their tax returns.  In addition, the press found large payments from Madison Guarantee to Whitewater that nobody would explain.  The whole cover-up started to unravel.

On the afternoon of July 20, 1993--Vince Foster was found dead, shot in the head with a .38 caliber pistol.  He was found laid out with his arms at his sides, and the pistol in his right hand.  Detectives and other experts said that the gun could not have remained in his hand--the explosive recoil of the revolver would have thrown it clear of his body.  One pathologist said the recoil should have thrown the pistol up to 30 feet away.  [H: It is obvious that none of these good people read CONTACT! This whole scenario cannot be true--either.  The fact is the murder was so blatant that there were TWO (count them) two shots, so, surely he would have dropped the gun after at least one of them.]

The same experts said that there should have been pools of blood.  But, paramedics who first arrived at the scene said there was no blood, and no exit wound for the bullet.  [H: Ah Ha--the plot thickens...]  Despite the lack of exit wound, no bullet was ever found.  An autopsy was performed, but the results HAVE BEEN SUPPRESSED.

Four days later, the White House announced that they'd discovered a "suicide" note in a briefcase taken from Foster's office.  This so-called suicide note never mentioned dissatisfaction with living in D.C. away from his family and discussed returning to Arkansas.  It had been ripped apart into 27 pieces.  The signature was removed.  Foster's finger prints were never found on any of the 27 pieces.



Contrary to standard police procedure, Foster's White House office was not sealed after his death. Law enforcement officials investigating the death said they had to wait across the room while Chief White House Counsel, Bernard Nussbaum, sorted through papers on Foster's desk.  A former D.C. police official said, "I was completely stunned to learn that Foster's office had not been sealed as soon as it was learned that he was dead.

Clinton later admitted that his people had taken documents.  MANY key documents ARE STILL MISSING.



What you've read in this letter is just the beginning of the corruption, conflicts of interest, and influence peddling, that you will learn about in my explosive new report The Impeached President. In this report, you'll learn the suppressed story that Clinton desperately doesn't want you to hear...

*    How the Clintons lied about their $68,000 "loss" on Whitewater.  The problem is their partner McDougal contradicts them, saying that they had almost nothing invested.  How they twisted the facts to try to make huge profits look like losses.

*    Why this huge so-called loss never appeared on Bill & Hillary's income tax return--this from a man who took a $2 deduction for his used underwear donated to the Salvation Army.

*    Was Bill really just interviewing those women in the back of the police cars?  How he used intimidation and bribes to make sure the cops wouldn't talk.

*    How Bill used prisoners who were assigned as trustees at the Governor's Mansion, to get drugs, women, and carry the money for the high-stakes poker games he loves so much.

*    The long string of sham real estate deals that Clinton--and his associates--used to raise millions for their slush funds.

*    How Clinton and his associates swapped land back and forth, fraudulently inflating the values so the bank would loan ever more money that would never be repaid (except by the US taxpayers).

*    Picture this: a bank regulator writes a negative report saying that Madison has engaged in "unsound" lending practices", and had improperly booked profits.  A regulator with a report like this could easily shut Madison down.  But suddenly, a few months later, the same regulator took a job working at Madison Guarantee as executive vice president (under her maiden name).  Her salary skyrocketed to $65,000.  In addition, she got a $5,000 unsecured loan; a $500 a month expense bonus, yearly bonuses of $2,000, plus a Rolls Royce Bentley sedan to tool around town in.

*    How Hillary, while representing the US government--the RTC, to be precise--got the government to forgive a $600,000 loan to her partner's father-in-law.  Hillary's firm pocketed a $400,000 fee for her efforts.  The same partner was later appointed--by Bill Clinton--as the #3 person in the Justice Department.  He was assigned to "investigate" the Whitewater case.

*    How Clinton used a small Arkansas bank to funnel over $100,000 to himself and the members of his good-old boy network.  It only stopped when the FDIC and the State Banking Commissioner both demanded that the bank immediately stop all loans to Clinton and his friends--and ordered the bank to demand payment on the existing loans.

*    How Hillary was able to build a house with no money down.  She then sold it at least two times: and according to one source, more.  Several of the deeds were never recorded.  All the records of her profits on these unusual transactions are "lost".

*    Congressman James Leach, head of the House Banking and Finance Committee, says that "It has now been publicly revealed that President Clinton is the first President in American history to have a criminal referral--mentioning him by an independent federal regulator to the Department of Justice.  This document has not been made public, but is has been confirmed by the regulators..." How U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno is protecting Clinton by refusing to make this document public and by stonewalling the investigation.

*    Why the Clintons are facing three more potential criminal indictments... One campaign fraud... Another for bank fraud related to SBA funds that were siphoned off to Whitewater... And three cases of conflict of interest by Hillary while representing the government against her former clients and personal friends.

*    The first president to go from the White House straight to prison?  The FBI is now opening up an investigation for "obstruction of justice" for events surrounding the murder of Vincent Foster.


I'm Nick Guarino.  I ran a multi-million dollar business in Arkansas.  I know how business is done there.

I also know that Bill and Hillary will say--when they read this letter--that I'm an ex-convict fresh out of Leavanworth.  That's true--but irrelevant.  I was railroaded for supposed white collar crime--but that's also irrelevant.

The more important point is that what I've told you here is true, and I have the documentation to make it stick.  I'll tell you now, Bill and Hillary will smear me and try to discredit me.  But they will never sue me, because in a court of law, I can depose them, and subpoena documents that they want NO-ONE to see.

You see, I know where the skeletons are.  I was locked up with people who had inside knowledge of Clinton's corruption.  In a legal battle I can open up the Clintons like a can of worms.

And, I would love to.  This was the greatest country in the world--and crooks like Clinton are selling us down the river.  It makes me sick.  Clinton has got to be stopped.  People have got to know the truth now.  Photocopy this letter and send it to everyone you know.  Order extra copies of the report. Get the word out to the public.  The truth will set us free and get him out of office.

Look, I don't know how long I can keep The Impeached President in print.  This is red-hot, explosive material.  It can bring down Clinton's presidency.  It WILL bring it down.

I have a small but gutsy publisher.  But Clinton is a powerful man.  He can sick the IRS, Secret Service, FBI, Post Office, or any of 100 other government pit bulls against me.  He's going to do it--because he can't afford to let the public see the truth.  What Nixon did was "jaywalking" compared to this.

The first printing of The Impeached President is 5,000 copies only.  This letter is going out to 150,000 people this week alone.  So, these reports are going to be sold out in a flash.  If you want a copy of The Impeached President, rush in you check or money order, (sorry, no cash please)--today, this moment.  First come, first serve.


Nick Guarino


Last Stand Publishing, Inc., 1129 East Cliff Road, Burnsville, MN 55337  (612) 890-3553



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 1, 1994, Volume 4, Number 10, Pages 31-32.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.