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Mar. 22, 20`7


2/24/94 #3   HATONN



This is a time for defining "God", precious ones.  I have no pick with anyone who presents Truth--from whatever source and there are many.  The problem often ends up, however, with misunderstandings as the presenters move off into the self-awareness of the truth they BEGAN to bring forth.  Further, other things come into play and the very proving of the equations fall to the wayside as the perceptions of the speakers and presenters take over the "instructions".  Therefore, we are forced to give a very simplistic presentation which, after all, may be the ONLY way man can entertain the possibilities of scientific expression of GOD.

Can one actually "define" God?  Yes indeed.  It has been done and the most accurately presented idea focus and definition of God has come forth many, many times but to be buried in misinformation and misunderstanding--BUT THERE IS ONLY THE ONE DEFINITION.  As Little Crow so wisely presents the path to God and Truth: There is only ONE TRUTH--but each has HIS OWN VERSION OF THAT TRUTH--and, there are MANY ways to arrive at that HIGHEST TRUTH CALLED GOD (BY ANY LABEL).


God is THE unconditioned White Magnetic Light of ALL THINGS--Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent MIND!  This force is invisible, motionless, sexless and undivided.  We will get to the "dividing principle" of God a bit later.

There is ONE LIGHT only in all this universe of countless many things.  This is "Mind of God".  Mind of God and the two extended lights of HIS thinking, which HIS imagining created to manifest HIS Being in what appears to be "action".  There is nothing, readers, in all nature other than God's KNOWING Mind--at rest and the motion of Mind-THINKING.

Electric and magnetic: God's "thinking" is electric.  God's KNOWING is magnetic.  GOD HAS BUT ONE IDEA, DESIRE, PURPOSE, ACTION AND LAW.  His One idea is His unity within, in the duality of that which we can refer to as parental or Mother/Father LOVE.  His desire is to "think action"--and then, to rest from the action.  HE has one purpose, to think His knowing of what HE IS, and what HE KNOWS, into His OWN IMAGE.  His action (One) is to GIVE.  HIS ONE LAW IS THAT WHAT HE GIVES MUST BE BALANCED BY EQUAL REGIVING!

God's thinking is universal; thusly so too are His actions universal.  Thoughts are everywhere and yet the beginning and ending are within, in--the ONE.  Therefore, "actions" are likewise, Omnipresent as their source in Mind-thinking.  SO, AS IT IS--THAT WHICH HAPPENS ANYWHERE HAPPENS EVERYWHERE IN THIS UNIVERSE OF NOTHING SAVE MIND-EXTENSION.

Ah, but "idea" has no extension; however, idea, divided by imagining, extends into an imagining INFINITY, and then repeats its division unto the infinity which can be compared to a kaleidoscope as it repeats and multiplies its imaginings as it continues the repetition.



Spirit is not and cannot BE matter.  It becomes, however, obvious that you cannot have matter without Spirit and Spirit without matter, BUT Spirit has the capability to clothe itself in many forms of MATTER for special manifesting, or put differently, it is Spirit manifesting that CAUSES matter.  It simply is "matter" THROUGH causation--remember cause and effect.


Knowing or knowledge of the identity and Presence of God within the Soul of Man--and throughout ALL Nature--is mandatory as a stage for the human race to attain before it is even possible for him to build an enduring civilization to unity and brotherhood.  In the same focus, Man must understand "Nature".  Nature multiplies, adds and divides, then combines by the use of electricity--ALL THINGS.  In that extent it becomes factual that man has everything he needs, all the electricity required to create all things also--IF he but knows how Nature DOES IT!



The most difficult thing to equate to the ALLNESS OF GOD is the ever influencing, contradicting and ego oriented presences of the PHYSICAL impacting through the "senses" which accompany the human.  This impacts all physical animal life, etc., however, MAN is set higher in that--in addition to the SENSES--he is given ability to choose and reason, and through this capability he can CONTROL all of the SENSES.  He does not, however, as he moves within the senses themselves--they control him.

Here you have to again look to "cause" and "effect" for all of Man's fundamental conceptions have been the result of forming conclusions of which have been based upon the outer-vision of the senses, and not upon the inner-vision of the MIND.  The senses see illusion and are mightily deceived.  Mind-vision does not deceive for "cause" begins there, and "effect" is but its product.  This is "inner-vision" of which I am speaking and not "visualization" as is practiced by most New Age presenters.  There is a big difference.

So how is man deceived?  Easily, for the fundamental conceptions have been and are based as a result of forming conclusions which have been based upon the "outer"-vision of the senses as I said above.  The truths of all fundamentals of Nature are just the REVERSE of the conclusions of science, just as the reflections in a mirror are the reverse of their cause.  "Gravity" is a good example of misperception in definition and action.  All things SEEK their own density and the entirety of all is held together through compression--not some "pull" as would make a dropped apple "fall".  Until you come into proper perception you cannot realize your journey to GOD and become within that wondrous LIGHT.  However, until you come to your sense of mind--you won't be able to have the information which allows you to understand that of which you are offered.  I will NOT have my scribe go to federal prison in order that you accept no responsibility for gaining the scientific understanding given unto the peoples of the world and hoarded by a select few self-appointed "keepers".

I will leave this subject for a minute while I suggest you read the following since integrity and responsibility are the two components of being able to assimilate the information as it comes forth through those senses.  I would like to share with you a writing received by Druthea, dated June 25, 1991.  It was directed from the one you call "Jesus Christ"ed Sananda.


This day I will discuss the meaning of INTEGRITY and how it relates to and is integrated with responsibility.  Let us first define integrity:  "1. Uprightness of character; honesty.  2. The condition of quality of being unimpaired or sound.  3. The state of being complete or undivided."

Now we will define, responsible:  "1. Answerable legally or morally for the discharge of a duty, trust, or debt.  2. Having capacity to distinguish between right and wrong.  3. Involving accountability or obligation.  Responsibility:  1. State of being responsible or accountable; also responsibleness.  2. That for which one is answerable; a duty or trust."

Integrity and responsibility are most delicately intertwined.  To achieve utmost spiritual integrity, one must fully recognize and understand his responsibilities; first to God/Aton/Creator Within and also to the rest of the life-force expression within The Creation.  In order to become a spiritually conscious co-creator with God/Aton, one must become ONE with living the cosmic laws of God/Creation.  One must realize his accountability to the Great Spirit within him.  He must become impeccable (free from error, fault, or flaw) regarding adherence to Cosmic Law.  And to gain cosmic power, he must become spiritually complete, unimpaired and sound of character, which is the state of being called integrity.

Now in order to become impeccable in your integrity, one must BE responsible by listening to Spirit within about "right" and "wrong"--or as I prefer to call it balanced and unbalanced--thinking and behavior.  Each of you have the KNOWLEDGE within with which to be responsible in every thought, word and deed.  You need only LISTEN carefully and ask God/Aton within to help you recognize your error, instantly, when you make one.  It may not always be pleasant to become instantly accountable for your misdeed or misthought, but if you pay careful attention, you will find that you will seldom if ever repeat the same error.  You will find that the careful attention to and recognition of your inner guidance, INSTANTLY, is well worth the temporary inconvenience or discomfort to your "altered" ego.

So by requesting God/Aton within to show you the error, immediately, He will also show you the balanced thought, action or deed with which to reclaim your impeccability of Spirit.  Why can it be seemingly so easy to recognize errors?  Because, chelas, you ones have made essentially THE SAME errors over and over again.  Lifetime after lifetime now you have chosen to be irresponsible and remain spiritually ignorant.  You already KNOW and can distinguish between that which is balanced and unbalanced thought and behavior; you simply have forgotten you KNOW.

When you separated yourself from the Great Spirit within you, which fully contained your being as far as perfect guidance and knowledge, you became spiritually powerless.  When you worshipped in separateness from THE ONE and therefore sought OUTSIDE your being for guidance, you DENIED the Spirit within YOU its full creative potential.  And because you felt no longer responsible for that which you manifested, you became your own slaves to the physical illusion.  By your self-denial you created leaders over you who would support your "belief" in separation from Creator, and thus you developed tremendous attachment to physical matter.  This accounts for the same developed attachment to EGO--separate illusion.

To achieve Spiritual integrity you are required to BE responsible and accountable for the effects of your thoughts, words and deeds.  In order to be responsible, you must UNDERSTAND and adhere to The Cosmic laws of Balance.  You must seek ONENESS and see UNITY with all, NOT separation, inferiority or superiority to anyone or anything.  You must become impeccable in your intent to serve God and The Creation.  You must recognize only ONE WILL, the Will of THE ONE, Creator/Creation.  Then you will gain the Spiritual integrity of CHRIST perfection and with that your Power within will become magnificent.

Remember when I, Esu Immanuel "Jesus", walked as man upon your place I told you, "Those things I do, YOU will do GREATER."  So be it and it is coming to pass, chelas.

I would like to requote something for you to ponder from our beloved St. Germain: "Your personal power is in direct proportion to the integrity of your soul."  This one sentence says it all, chelas. Ponder these things most carefully that you hear Spirit to Spirit and not Spirit to ego illusion.  This "time", my brethren, is the "hour" of the dawning of YOUR spiritual awakening.  How the Angels of Glory in Heaven REJOICE; for earth human is preparing for the celebration of ONENESS and BROTHERHOOD within GOD'S HOLY Kingdom of LIGHT.

I love you greatly, my precious chelas!  I am most honored to serve My Father and therefore you, my brethren.  I AM Sananda, One with God.  Thank you my precious sister, Druthea.  You are most blessed in Our Father's Kingdom.  Be at Peace as is the spring time flowering of this time.  Enjoy the radiance of Our Father's Creation before you.  Salu.

[CONTINUING TO QUOTE; later same day]

If you will remember of the lessons given forth recently of Germain and Hatonn, Germain spoke of the nature of God.  Specifically, I am referring to GIVING and REGIVING which IS God.  You may see it here upon Earth (Shan) as birth and rebirth such as of the natural seasons which you call Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  All Creation falls within the cycles of giving and regiving life.

Only Hu-man (Higher Universal Man) is given the choice through his free-will about whether he will cooperate in the co-creation process of giving and regiving, or he will "develop" through his compressed/limited senses of monitoring EFFECTS, ways to manipulate, dominate and conquer Nature to suit his spiritually ignorant means.

Only Man through adversarial-primitive misdirection chooses to take from nature without regard for balance and harmony of ALL with Creation.

The resounding EFFECTS of Earth Man's adversarial TAKING behavior is clearly represented upon your plane at this time...although man has only just begun to realize HIMSELF as the CAUSE of this unbalance.

It is always a struggle to take, even if it is only perception of physical "things", simply because the soul is left empty, for your immortal soul is not enriched and replenished through "taking" of life and physical conquering of another or Nature.  Only through KNOWLEDGE of giving for self, without emotional strings attached, will your immortal soul be lifted from earth physical attachment and compression.



In order to give effortlessly, the knowledge has been gained that it is one's expression of God Divine LOVE which is ultimately being given.  The fulfillment of true ego-selfless giving is immediate and not dependent upon perceived physical acceptance of same by the receiver.  Although one who is a selfless giver will also be a most gracious receiver of returned LOVE to himself.

Are you beginning to understand, precious chelas?  God working through you will ALWAYS BE FULFILLING YOU through His giving and regiving of LOVE.

Those of us who serve HIS DIVINE LIGHT OF LOVE, could not be very effective "guides" to you, our brethren, if we gave up on our outpouring of LOVE to you simply because so few "accept" what we give.  This is the measure of your spiritual maturity, precious ones.  That you can give and regive without emotional attachment of suffering to self.  Giving and regiving Love is effortless when it is continuous, and measured outcome of "success" does not dissuade one from selfless Divine God-GIVING and REGIVING.

The NEED for LOVE giving is great upon your plane and that is why the focus of many ones from the HIGHEST levels of God's Kingdom is upon you.  This does not mean that ones of us don't become rather passionate in our concern and compassion for you, our struggling little brothers.  We, too, have our lessons of KNOWLEDGE earned through our service to God through our service to Earth Human.

You ones have no idea how often ones of us who work closely with you want to DO something more than COSMIC LAW will allow us to do.  Many ones of us have petitioned to GOD and He clearly has defined that which we may and may not do to remain in His service.  The difference between us, of higher experience, and you of Earth physical compression, is that WE KNOW THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION and our Spiritual Integrity of SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST ONE will not allow us to break THE LAWS.

Just as a parent with a child who is stumbling and learning to walk feels compassion for his child who he knows must do it on his own with only loving guidance, we too must observe and guide you ones without interfering and DOING it for you for then we only serve ourselves in our impatience to "hurry" along your growth.  The progress of your growth, however, "long" it takes, is between YOU and GOD.  Interfering in that process is FORCE and FORCE IS NOT OF GOD/ATON!


So you may be thinking, "What about the Adversary?".  The Adversary definitely seems to "force" his way into domination.  DOES THE ADVERSARY "REALLY" FORCE?  Think about this, chelas.

The adversary definitely lies, cheats, and intimidates, but does he force his way into existence here? The adversary can kill the body physical to further his means.  So where does the adversary get its power?  The answer, chelas, is from YOU!  You have "allowed" the adversary to intimidate you, and when you became "afraid", you gave the adversary your GOD-POWER.  He controls you through your perceived "separation" from GOD.  And the only reason you are still upon this 3rd dimensional plane is because you have BELIEVED THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS OF THE ADVERSARY WHILE YOUR GOD-GIFTED SOUL HAS PINED AWAY FOR THE RE-UNIFICATION WITH THE ONE, GOD/ATON.

The question now is to self.  "Are you ready to release the adversary?"  If so, then ALL of your TRUST and FAITH must be directed toward GOD who exists within YOU!  Therein will your freedom from the bondage of limited-physical adversarial perception by EARNED.  Did you read that clearly?  YOU WILL EARN YOUR SPIRITUAL UNITY BY ACCESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WITHIN YOU.  And your "proof" will be forthcoming through FAITH and the return of your Free-will to GOD.  For your "proof" of God's existence and "coming" will be revealed WITHIN YOU! FOR THERE IS WHERE EXISTS THE KINGDOM OF GOD...WITHIN YOU!


Grace is the quality of God of Giving and Regiving Love.  Let us define Grace: "1. Beauty or harmony of motion, form or manner.  2. Any attractive quality.  3. Service freely rendered; good will.   4. The act of showing favor.  5. Clemency; mercy.  6. Theology.  a. The love of God toward man.  b. The divine influence operating in man."

Mine scribe, Druthea, watched with some amusement a "Christian" TV Minister on the yesterday. He was speaking about his perception of God's "Grace".  He said words to the effect: "You need do NOTHING to receive God's Blessings and Grace."  (Sounds a bit like the "just BE" philosophy of many New Agers, does it not?)  "We humans believe we must 'work' to earn God's Grace.  This is NOT true.  We must simply accept CHRIST (Jesus) as our Savior.  HE has taken our burden FOR us."  There is a catch, Christ has TAKEN responsibility for YOU!  Do you see how deceptive the adversary is?... "God will take care OF YOU.  You need do nothing.  You are not responsible.  Christ is your Savior" nauseam!

I am not YOUR savior.  YOU are your Savior.  And the good news is YOU will EARN your way into GOD's Grace by standing responsible for self and obeying THE LAWS OF GOD/CREATION.  It is really so simple, chelas.  You see, GRACE also is a wondrous quality of EFFORTLESS GIVING AND REGIVING BY GOD!


I will first define Mercy:  "1. Kind or compassionate treatment of an adversary, prisoner, etc., in one's power.  2. A disposition to be kind, forgiving, or helpful.  3. The power to show mercy and compassion."

Remember this carefully, chelas: GOD is all-compassionate LOVE and MERCY.  It is the adversary who seeks punishment and is absolutely merciless!  You who have allowed yourselves to be ruled by the adversary WILL PUNISH SELF AND BLAME GOD EVERY TIME!

It is only a spiritually ignorant being who will seek punishment for self for perceived errors.  Errors are EFFECTS of dis-eased thinking, NOT ever are errors caused from GOD-KNOWLEDGE.  ONLY THROUGH THE MISUNDERSTANDING AND MISINTERPRETATION OF THE PHYSICALLY COMPRESSED SENSES AND BLIND DEFIANCE OF THE LAWS OF GOD/CREATION ARE ERRORS CAUSED BY MAN.


God IS ALL-FORGIVING MERCY.  So, then, chelas, forgiveness and mercy must begin within SELF since that is where GOD resides.

The adversary will dissolve in its power when confronted by the Divine Holy Power of GOD WITHIN YOU!  WHY?  Because EVIL is an illusion developed and sustained by MAN.  God's Love, Light and Knowledge is ALL that exists.  YOU each are fragments of HIS divided thinking.  THERE IS NO SEPARATION OF GOD AND WE OF HIS THOUGHT FRAGMENTS EXCEPT THROUGH THE BELIEF OF SEPARATION EMBRACED BY LIMITED HUMAN SENSING PERCEPTION.  So be it.


Only through KNOWING that which is GOD will you KNOW GOD WITHIN ALL.  How can you KNOW GOD?  BY YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW GOD will HIS Kingdom be revealed within you.  Your song of LIGHT resounds within GOD's KNOWING and you will dance and sing HIS presence in co-creation as ONE WITH GOD AND ALL THAT IS.

"In all that I AM Father, not MY will, only let THINE WILL BE DONE."  And so it is.

Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service.  I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD within Creation.  I am most pleased to be of service to you, my precious brethren of Earth Shan.  Walk together in Absolute Love, Unity and Peace, and KNOW that ALWAYS Our Father walks with you.  Salu.


And may the LIGHT be ever given to shine around this precious being that she find her way, for she is in torment.  The testings are HARD, readers, indeed hard.  We can KNOW the way and the TRUTH--but behold, the monstrous voyage through the seas of contempt and trial to find passage. Some "gifts" however, once tossed away, are never allowed acceptance AGAIN.  It is a time for each of you to ponder upon these things most carefully for the physical journey is short indeed whilst the soul journey is infinite!  Good day.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 1, 1994, Volume 4, Number 10, Pages 28-30.