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Jan. 16, 2017

1/10/97 #1   HATONN



Let us look here, for a moment, at "words".  Now think about how many times you MISinterpret, or simply forget, a name.  Let us say you are a writer, even of news items, and you are faced with identification of say, Quadafi.  I have seen it written as Kadaphi, Quadaffi, Quadaphu, and Kadafi.  Which is correct?  ALL are correct unless you wish to personalize ONE as head of Libya.  The same with Mr. Farrakhan who is over there in Libya meeting with this person named (possibly) above.  Who is this Farrakhan?  Or is it Farikkan?  How about Farrukaun?  Could it be Farikhan?  Perhaps it is Farrukhaun?  Is THIS one important?  Only if you are referring specifically to the Leader of the Nation of Islam in the United States of America!

Let's go a bit further now and into something that causes Dharma a LOT OF GRIEF as people pour on the "I know better" and "you speak heresy".  Your paper is good if you would just leave out the garbage about God, because you have it ALL WRONG."  Wrong?  We have it all wrong?  From whence did YOU get your information?  Let us even look at the word "whence", or is it wince?  Perhaps it is whince?  Or, wence?  Does it matter?  Yes, wince means to "pull back quickly" as in a sort of grimmace, or is it grimmice?  Perhaps it is gremace?  At any rate, MY usage of the word whence is to inquire of YOUR source of your information so bluntly judging ours to be wrong?  Have you ever been mistakenly called by another name or ARRESTED for a crime committed by another because your name is close to the same and identification is not fully explored?  Lots of people have even been slain for lack of proper identification.  Don't you have better methods for full identification than they did in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago?  Still, misinformation is pressed forth in the media, in the press, in everyday language.  How do YOU pronounce Brzezinski?  You know, that chap called Zbigniew.  He is a VERY important person in your world and how many of you can spell his name if I take away the spelling laid forth here?  Perhaps your name is Brownen, but perhaps the "en" is not pronounced clearly--how think you might be called?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, whether or not YOU LIKE IT--there was no Judas Iscariot who betrayed a man named Immanuel that you call Jesus.  "Jesus" was a name attached to Esu (I)(J)(E)mmanuel of the House of Joseph AFTER Paul (Saul of Tarsus) went to Greece after the alleged crucifixion of "Jesus".  I am NOT arguing religion--I AM pointing out that accidental, if not deliberate, tampering and mistranslation has TAKEN PLACE.  Remember that the New Testament was not written until some 300 YEARS after the departure of this Jesus man.  And, furthermore, JESUS NEVER WROTE ANYTHING!  Therefore, you have unlearned men carving or scratching in stone some tales long AFTER the events.  Do you think you could give ACCURATE information even TODAY about the downed TWA Flight 800?  Oh?  It was Pan AM?  Are YOU sure?  Who told you?  Have those sources EVER made an error?  Now, please, tell me the list of passengers on that crashed plane.  Please make sure you SPELL their names correctly because it CERTAINLY DOES MATTER.  Oh, and by the way, I want CORRECT information as in the time of day, date, exact coordinates and all the valid information making up FACT, not FICTION.

You who are unbending in your staunch belief that a thing has to be a certain way--how can you know?  Even the person complaining the loudest and most nastily about this topic misspelled word after word in his diatribe.  But what do we get in counter-lip?  "Well, damn it, you know what I mean..." "I" know what "YOU" mean?  No, I do not know what you mean.  Further, it matters little what you mean if you be incorrect, other than perhaps YOU ARE THE FOOL and not I.


So, will the REAL kisser of death and betrayer of one Esu Emmanuel stand up?  No, I didn't say "Jesus", although I can toss that one in for your own comfort.  Will the real betrayer of Jesus stand forth, please?  IS THERE POSSIBILITY AFTER 2000 YEARS THAT SOMEONE MISSPELLED THE NAME?  How about the fact that FALSE INFORMATION was, as in most crimes, projected to protect the guilty?  The guilty in this instance being the son of a HIGH-RANKING PHARISEE.  The man named Judas Iscarioth (THAT YOU FALSELY LABEL JUDAS ISCARIOT) was the closest friend to the Master Teacher of any of his friends.  However, the one who betrayed the Master Teacher was Judah Iharioth, the son of the Town Political Head, a Pharisee.  Does this make any difference?  Of course it makes tremendous difference!

What if your name is Clinton, even Bill Clinton, and the police come and arrest you for "Clinton's" indiscretions with one Paula Jones?  Do you even know this Paula Jones?  Would you be upset or anything?  Once they execute you for these crimes, can you protect yourself?  How?  If the political powers that be DECIDE TO PLACE BLAME ON YOU TO PROTECT THE PRESIDENT, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PROVE YOU ARE NOT BILL CLINTON?  AFTER ALL, THAT IS YOUR NAME AND PERHAPS THAT HAS BEEN YOUR NAME FOR EXACTLY AS LONG AS IT HAS BEEN SLICK WILLIE'S NAME.  Clinton's Father was not even "Clinton", he came from the Blyth family tree of the Rockefeller clan.

So, COULD SOMEONE, in 2000 years with thousands of language translations, be INCORRECT--possibly?

So again, when anyone bashes me and/or my secretary for writing something, is it not just possibly that perhaps someone else could have erred?  I am not "protecting" as the accusation goes, one Judas Iscariot--there simply was no Judas Iscariot in any connection, when the Teacher was betrayed.  Perhaps you might wish to consider just WHO is in error?

There are even errors in AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.  The scrolls are in ancient Arabic-Hebrew, translated into Greek, among other languages, and then finally into German.  How many of THESE LANGUAGES do "YOU" speak?  Well, if you didn't speak Ancient Arabic then you MADE MISTAKES in both spelling and translation for one language is symbols and the other alphabetic--but try YOUR ENGLISH ALPHABET on Ancient Greek!  Modern Greek?  Well, how about Ancient Aramaic--so, do you speak fluent Aramaic?  In what language WAS IT that translated Judas Iscariot into placement?  And believe me, even you skeptics, this new Emmanuelian theory of such as Christianity was the cult to end all cults!  Oh, you thought it was a Jesuan Theory of something or other?  No, the man (Master Teacher) taught the TRUTH of "CHRIST"-ness versus the concept of EVIL being the right way to go.  So, this "Jesus" was called the Teacher of Christ Theory of "goodness" (GOD-NESS), the Atonian realization of THE "ONE" GOD.  He did not, either, blunder into calling God, The Creation.  There is "God" and there is "The Creation" and one is a PART of the other, but is NOT the SAME.

So then, does Dharma have total recall?  Does she have total visual memory retention?  Does she have a photographic memory?  No, none of the above.  She is bright and can LEARN--but I HAVE TOTAL RECALL, A PHOTOGRAPHIC RETENTION, etc.  All she needs to have to work for me is being able to type letters on a keyboard and accept the responsibility of not EDITING, to please her "rathers", the material.  Have you people not had enough LIES?  You are in a mess, people, so DON'T YOU WANT TRUTH in order to straighten out your very lives?  Certainly NO ONE FROM HERE IS FORCING ANYTHING ONTO ANYONE!  You don't think much of my input?  Well, frankly, I don't think much of your unlearned input.  I look and study ALL; you REFUSE to even consider possibilities.  Who might well have the most knowledge?  I didn't say intelligence, I said "knowledge".  If my input is incorrect--PROVE IT.  I can PROVE your input is incorrect.  I can begin to prove it by asking someones of you, who had a birthday last May, on what day of the week did that fall?  What did you have for breakfast that morning?  Did they bomb the Oklahoma City building that morning or did they burn Waco--do you remember?  Oh, that was in April?  April 9th, 12th or 19th?  And was it LAST year?  From which channel or radio station were you gaining your information or was it from a friend or paper?  What friend and what paper and where did FRIEND get his/her information?  How many days lapsed before the Natives of Alaska learned of the Bombing?  How about Brazilians?

Check yourself right now: Do you have a current set of Encyclopedias?  Do you have a current World Almanac?  HOW MUCH OF EITHER HAVE YOU ACTUALLY STUDIED WITH INTENT TO KNOW CONTENTS?  THEN WHY DO YOU TREAT YOUR VERY SOUL WITH SO LITTLE ATTENTION TO ITS NEED FOR TRUTH?

Tell me what your pancreas does, please.  How about the hypothalamus?  The pineal?  What about the Eustachian tubes?  Or is that eustacian tubes?  Perhaps Eustacean?  Your Philappoians?  Phaloppians?  Felopians?  Falopians?  Well, which is it?  "It" are "they" and a female cannot bear children if those tubes are not present and open.  HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF?  Strangely enough, I know all about MYSELF.  Further, I can tell you that in English it is Fallopian.  In Greek or Latin, however, it is not even recognizable as the SAME thing.  How dare you even pronounce me an evil liar because YOU DON'T KNOW VERY MUCH ABOUT ANYTHING?

So, the man you NOW call "Jesus", but was not, was NOT BETRAYED by Judas Iscariot and no matter how I might wish to make it be so--for you, it is NOT TRUE.  All the voting-in of the names and circumstances WILL NOT MAKE IT ONE IOTA TRUTH.  And no, I don't care what Paul (remember old Saul of Tarsus, the ENEMY of Jesus Christ [as you label him??]) wrote or said about the subject.  I don't care what Peter wrote--if it was not so, it was not, and IS NOT so.  Truth does NOT change with the whims of man.  Truth is infinite and never changes--lies are like the wind and never hold truth--not even for one moment in time.  And when you speak of Judeo-Christian religions, you are as absurd in every instance as saying the Lie-Truth religion.  It simply cannot be for one is in extreme opposition to the other.  If you have Jewish religion which denies a messiah in the form of Emmanuel or Jesus or whatever and you have another based on the very belief that Jesus is Christ--you have extreme opposites and they cannot meld one within the other.  If you want to have a religion based on mutual possibilities--try the CORRECT history books, not such as a "BIBLE" called "holy".

If, however, YOU DESIRE TRUTH IN SPIRITUALITY and wish to live those ideals--you must go within and KNOW TRUTH, PRESENT TRUTH AND ACT TRUTH.  Anything that moves you away from God of Light IN TRUTH--is "away from God" and is simply identified and defined as "evil", no more or less.  If you assume there to be no evil--then look again at the definition for there is evil in abundance and you go further and pronounce "SIN" upon the actions.  Well, "sin" is an error in efforting to reach that which is perfection.  Good or bad has little meaning.  Right and Wrong are totally useful words.


Source:  CONTACT:  THE PHOENIX PROJECT, January 14, 1997, Volume 15, Number 10, Pages 21-22.