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10/25/95  #1   HATONN



As you walk through the storms, know that God is with you if you will but be with HIM.

Just as is the Sun shining beyond the clouds, so too is Aton (the ONE Light) shining through every perceived curtain of shadows.  God bears many names, but Truth and Light are HIS banners of recognition.  Any who would walk in this sheltering Light shall prevail.  So, beloved friends, get the chin from the chest, weep if you must when the blows fall--but succumb not to the trashing you are going to get, for LIFE itself is a journey of expected confrontations.  The point of the enemy forces of God is to gain control of your soul and, thus, YOU.  Always MAKE SURE you are within the pathway of that ONE LIGHT and keep your direction-finder focused on that Light and you shall not be put aside.  When confrontations arise, check your own bearings FIRST, and then release and put aside all distractions after attending them.  It is no longer "enough" to simply "believe in Holy God"; you must stand squarely in His corner.  When you do these things, the WAY will always be opened unto you for your work in order to accomplish that which is necessary for our passage.


Confirmations are POURING in upon you if you but pay attention and the beginnings of the turn-about from evil toward Light is at hand.  Just as the Sun offers light unto the growing life-forms, so too does God offer insight and LIGHT unto the SOULS OF MAN.  "Take MY hand and I'll take you there", as the guide said to the child.  "Hold MY hand and you shall accomplish the journey while within My shelter.  I can see to it that you accomplish the purpose of your journey--if you but remain in the Hollow of My Hand", said the Father unto His children.  "I shall place conditions upon your actions and intent--but My love shall be ABSOLUTE and will surround you with the glory of joy in the face of conflict.  When the blows come and the accusations flow--lift your face unto MINE and you shall sustain the storm, for the Light shall flow FROM and ALL ABOUT you in MY (GOD'S) NAME."  ATON is the name given to the ONE LIGHT, ALSO CALLED THE ONE GOD.  My own name reflects my mission and my purpose; "H"ATON"N" is my name, and FREEDOM IN GOD AND LIFE IS MY "GAME".  Go ahead and do something RIGHT and make my day!  Please, for it shall also "make" yours.  I need no courts of your false laws or validation by your politicians and false prophets and speakers in your churches, temples and tabernacles--YOU and GOD are MY VALIDATION!  God sends ME that I AM, and because I AM, so too, can YOU BE.  What more validation do YOU require?  A remnant of our people WILL SURVIVE, dear friends; I pray that you shall see the way and be among us.

The "march" has begun; the drumbeat is established.  You had best stop counting and sorting your crayon colors lest you choose the WRONG COLOR for you ticket to the parade.  God is no "color" for God is ALL color--which, of course, is LIGHT.  God intervenes when the cry of MAN is raised in truth and desire for goodness--and you saw it on the 16th of October, year 1995 in the most evil city in your world--Washington D.C.  Terror was struck in the hearts of the Politicians and Harlots of the Nation blessed by God for HIS PEOPLE TO AGAIN RISE ABOVE THE CACOPHONOUS NOISE OF CONFUSION AND HATE, EVIL TERROR AND HEARTBREAK.  GOD HAS SPOKEN AND ORDAINED THAT IT SHALL BE SO, AND SO SHALL IT COME TO BE.  

[ RM:  On October 16, 1995, The Million Man March took place.  Led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, Black men from all over the U.S. gathered and marched in Washington D.C. declaring their rights to equal justice and reaffirming Minister Farrakhan's pledge that they would be responsible and active Black men within their communities. ]


October 23, 1995

This volume shall be called:


God always shows His countenance through any stormy passage if you will but seek His way.  Just as the Sun shall shine upon the lands as the clouds pass--so too shall your passage be Lighted that you might avoid the pitfalls and stones in your path.  Put your hand in the hand of the man--Who knows the way!  God sends His messengers and His Angels forth and they reach out to you from the heavens through the infinite Cosmos to bring you safely home, and that you might find your way from the darkness.  I offer my hand unto you for I have LIFE to share with you. Salu.




"ATON" means, in Egyptian:  THE ONE, or THE ONE LIGHT, GOD!  The name itself is the MEANING within "atonement".  May you come to know truth and live justly, for God asks not "perfection", only the INTENT of perfection toward a more perfect union within HIMSELF.  So be it.  God is the Father, Nature the Mother, and when you have a bonding of the perfection of the two into the ONE, you have CREATOR/CREATION, THERE IS NO THING GREATER THAN THIS.  YOU are the child of this perfect union--may you find your way back home.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 31, 1995, Volume 11, Number 1, Page 3.