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6/29/90   ATON

Yea, though you walk through the valley of the shadows--I am with you.  AHO!  In Radiance and the Light of Mother/Father God, I come to give unto you that for which the longing within your beings cries out.  I am Aton.  Will you tarry with me for a while that we might commune and find balance?


Yes, there are hundreds of other books which bring truth and would it not be wondrous if mankind would read them?  I remind you of something thrust upon man which has no truth but plays unto man's desire to take not responsibility.  "If God wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings." So, in the same mode of thought, "If God wanted us to have this information, he would bring us the selected truth and we would not need to search."  Therefore, as mankind has become more and more apathetic, we must jog his memory and bait his interest, and allow him to see that HE CAN DO SOMETHING TO ALTER HIS PATH.  THEN HE CAN GO FORTH AND FIND CONFIRMATION IN THE BOOKS OF HIS BROTHERS.  UNTIL THAT TIME, DHARMA, WE SHALL CONTINUE TO NUDGE HIS ATTENTION AND TELL HIM WHERE TO SEEK TRUTH FOR THE WORLD IS OVERFLOWED WITH LIES AND FALSE PROJECTIONS OF "EVERYTHING".

An example is the Federal Reserve System; the downfall of a nation and society.  Would God speak of these things?  Of course God would speak of these things for these are the things which are destroying creation from balanced perfection.  Evil intent of ones will tell you that God would not speak of these things which appear of human physical and unclean matters.  God is within thine very beings and to set your path to right would speak of little else.  You must come into your revolution of physical direction, reclaim your birthright of freedom and THEN--ONLY THEN--can you find peace and respite, and again come into God-ness.  Even in the changing about, shall you find yourself moving again into true God-ness for you will be turning again into the direction and within the Laws of God and The Creation.

Your Constitution was set within the Laws of Nature and God to "insure" freedom and equality of experience; justice and order--you allowed of it to be taken from you and you as a people placed your rights into the hands of corruption.  You became apathetic and remain in hopeless apathy. Your siren song is, "Let me just live in my abundance and luxury as long as it exists and then I shall raise my vibrations and float on home to the heavenly realms of light, golden streets, milk and honey."  NO, YOU WILL NOT!  If you allow this to happen, you will live out your days in enslavement and perish according to the plans of the evil conspiracy who have rewritten the direction of your planet.

Nay, Dharma, we shall not cease of the Journals even if they repeat and repeat and repeat that which man already has access to if he would but discern and study his lessons.  However, the mutilation of the educational system has bred a generation of mass citizenry who cannot focus on studies and few can truly read; those which can, are given poison and lies to fill their cups that truth be hidden while the theft of your globe is completed.


Ultimately all that is important in any measure is your relationship in truth unto your Godness and your journey back unto oneness with that God-ness.  But, you are experiencing within a manifested physical experience (scenario) set forth in thought form and prophecies which allow yourselves no movement without the destructive guidelines into destruction.  How can you know it is of Satan? Because God is "Creation" and Satan is "destruction".  The ultimate experience would not be set forth from God to direct toward destruction but fulfilled "creation" of balance and harmony among other creations in balance and justice.  GOD WILL ALWAYS POINT THE WAY TO RECLAIM, REBIRTH, REBUILD AND RECREATE.  GOD WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR PLEAS AND GIVE UNTO YOU DIRECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS TO MOVE BACK FROM THE UNBALANCE INTO THE HARMONY--NEVER TOWARD FURTHER CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION.


Salvation is not something "given" by any action of "another".  Even if you perceive you have saved another's life by, let us say, pulling him from a raging inferno if he is unconscious and would surely perish--no, you have only prolonged his existence in the physical format.  You have "saved" nothing. The "victim" who remains in the physical form following such an experience has "saved" himself for the ultimate choice of prolonged physical experience and transition rests within self.  No one and no thing shall save anyone from anything.  If you perceive you need saving you will awaken, gird yourself with action and shield of truth and save yourself.  The love part of the experience is that in so doing you will pull your brothers with you and in unity you will change that thing you perceive as "killing" you into wondrous creative change.  YOU CREATE CHANGE FROM THAT WHICH IS DESTRUCTIVE AND NEGATIVE INTO THAT WHICH IS CREATIVE AND POSITIVE.  NO ONE SHALL DO IT FOR YOU; OTHERS CAN ONLY SHOW OF THE WAY.  THE GREAT SPIRIT TEACHERS AND HOSTS OF THE UNIVERSE--WILL ONLY SHOW OF THE WAY--YOU WILL DO THAT WHICH NEEDS TO BE DONE OR IT WILL NOT BE DONE.


You accept the TRUTH now being brought to you.  Shake off the illusions of the lies being thrust upon you through false metaphysical misguidance and mysticism.  That is only an additional form of enslavement which will only cause you to slip farther into the trap.  Look at truth as it is physically manifested (by all of you), around and about you, understand the plan to enslave the world and her people and move into action.  It is of God to perfect self; it is not of God to attend only self.  Only in the selflessness in truth can you find perfection within self.  Only in the "giving" can one find the "receiving" and then through the allowing of "receiving" can you complete the cycle of self perfection.

In the United States of America, a blessed place upon your globe, you must begin by reestablishing your foundation which was laid forth in truth and freedom.  You must reclaim the laws and functions of your nation as laid forth in your great document of truth and direction; your Constitution.  Your "whole" Constitution.  No more usurpation of the wondrous Laws to place one man, race or creed above another for that was the evil input in your original actions in spite of the purity of the document of Laws.  Natural Laws of God and balance which would have given you truth in government and control of the people, by the people and for the people--one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

Your entire world is bankrupt--literally--it is through the misuse and corruption of that which is the banking system as set forth upon the peoples as the Federal Reserve System and Bank structure.  That does not sound very heavenly or glamorous?  So be it--you will cut those shackles of that system or you shall forever be enslaved.  That world system, which has nothing to do with your Federal Government, controls your planet and all the people thereon and your Federal Government pays all its debts and serves it in unlimited manner.  The banking/monetary system has brought your world to destruction.  Even wars are created to feed the dragon.  Humankind is sacrificed wholesale unto this dragon with insatiable lust, greed and power.

In your United States of America it is well recognized by those who see beyond the lies--you have a parallel government and it is headed by one called Henry Kissinger.  Only lipservice is given unto the Constitution and every day the lipservice decreases for the rule by deceit and assumption has won the battle--it is up to you the people as to who will win the war.  As a for instance: who of the military who KNOW the lies and cover-ups, the projections of your government into the very drug business which they proclaim to "fight", the secret cover-ups on every turn and action--who will step forward and join the daring few such as the Bo Gritz's of the nation?  Where are the military officers hiding who are retired now, and who left the military because of the inability to longer participate in the evil charade?  DO YOU REALLY PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES WHO ARE THREATENED IF YOU SPEAK OUT?  WOULD YOU SEE THEM ENSLAVED AND SLAUGHTERED IN THE FORTHCOMING PLAN OF WORLD DEPOPULATION?  CHECK YOUR VALUES AND PRIORITIES.  WILL THE "THINGS" WHICH YOU CHILDREN BE THE BIRTHRIGHT YOU WISH THEM TO HAVE?  WILL YOUR SILENCE MAKE THEM PROUD OF YOUR ACTIONS AND THAT FOR WHICH YOU STAND?  BY YOUR CONTINUING SILENCE IN THE FEAR, WILL YOU ALLOW DESTRUCTION OF THE VERY FIBER OF HUMANITY?  WHAT LEGACY WILL YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN?  A MEDAL OF CITATION FROM A GOVERNMENT OF EVIL TO PACIFY YOU AND FEED YOUR EGO, OR A FREE NATION WHERE YOUR CHILDREN CAN LIVE IN FREEDOM AND PURSUE LIFE, LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS THROUGH PRODUCTION AND SELF-ESTEEM.  WILL YOUR CHILDREN LATER CALL YOU HERO OR TRAITOR?

Close to home; who will stand forward in truth to support this scribe who is on the hit list of one Henry Kissinger?  Who of you brave army, navy, air force, marine, etc., of your country's finest, stand forward to protect this little grandmother who dares to speak truth?  Who will leave the greater legacy unto your children and grandchildren?  WHO COMMITS TREASON UNTO YOUR WONDROUS NATION?  THIS SECRET GOVERNMENT, IN THE SECRECY OF EVIL, DELIBERATELY LEAVES YOUR OWN SOLDIERS IN FOREIGN LANDS IN PRISON CAMPS TO DIE ALONE AND IF THEY ARE SOMEHOW ABLE TO RETURN--ARE MURDERED TO KEEP THEM SILENT!  HOW CAN IT BE THAT PROOF OF PARTICIPATION OF ONE SUCH AS RICHARD ARMETAGE AS A KEY MEMBER OF THE CIA DRUG TEAM ENDS UP APPOINTED AS U.S. ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE FOR EAST ASIA--TO CONTINUE THE DRUG TRADE IN THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE?  WE DO NOT TALK OF A LITTLE COCAINE--WE NOW SPEAK OF HARD, COLD OPIUM.

WHO WILL STAND NAKED WITH GOD ON TRANSITION DAY AND FEEL NO SHAME OVER THAT WHICH YOU KEPT HIDDEN?  Or, will you do as the ones in Galilee and deny that you know these ones?



The tragic comedy is all but pitiful in its playing.  Ones come--even unto this placement to meet these speakers--and often turn away and proclaim the Journals evil.  They then launch forth on their tirade of "don't wear your gold watch on your left arm" and on and on and on.  And, "All you need do is have some sessions and hold hands, and focus on vibrations and you will ascend."  Oh, blind little children, you will get blasted right off the planet and I think that is not exactly what you had in mind for Ascension.  Do you not think that the parallel government laughs at you while you "march" in favor of gay rights, abortion and death!  Do you not think they laugh at you as you demand entry into the very death trap set for you?  Do you think they do not laugh at you while you demand disarmament of selves and rewriting of the Constitution as they teach moral decay and sex "education" as to how to have "safe sex" in your preschools?  Then they demand the right to abortion (murder) instead of the simple responsibility of abstinence.  "Free sexual behavior is a human right!" you scream, while you pull your nations into destruction--just as the evil planners have laid it out for you.


You all clamor for riddles and prophecies.  You write and rewrite the dates as if you were playing at tiddle-de-winks.  "Does this mean that, or does that mean this?" --you nag and prattle and now, I shall give you words of wisdom that you might look backward and see how that which was prophesied has come to be.  You will further find that ALL save the final segment has come and passed in total truth.  You see, you know not how the universe functions and how "time" is perception and that the past is fixed but often visited in reality and warp, and the future is ever changing as the probabilities unfold impacted only by the possibilities acted upon.  Where will you fit?  You are given the power and God-ness to CREATE from the possibilities and total change of the probabilities as laid forth.  What will you do?

Mother Shipton was an English woman who DIED about 1467.  Can you comprehend that date? 1467!  There were no radios, TV, movies, airplanes, machine age of industry and yet, look for yourselves and ponder carefully that which she laid down prior to 1467:

A carriage without a horse shall go.
Disaster fill the world with woe;
In London Primrose Hill shall be,
Its center hold a Bishop's see.
Around the word men's thoughts shall fly,
Quick as the twinkling of an eye.
And water shall great wonders do-
How strange, and yet it shall come true,
Then upside down the world shall be,
And gold be found at the root of a tree;
Through towering hills proud man shall ride,
No horse or ass move by his side.
Beneath the water men shall walk,
Shall ride, shall sleep, and even talk,
And in the air men shall be seen,
In white, in black as well as green.
A great man then shall come and go,
For prophecy declares it so.
In water iron then shall float
As easy as a wooden boat.
Gold shall be found in stream or stone,
In land that is as yet unknown.
Water and fire shall wonders do,
And England shall admit a Jew.
The Jew that once was held in scorn
Shall of a Christian then be born.
A house of glass shall come to pass,
In England-but alas, alas!
War will follow with the work
Where dwells the pagan and the Turk.,
And State and State in fiercest strife
Will seek to take each other's life;
When North shall thus divide the South,
An Eagle shall build in the lion's mouth.
The Tax and flood and cruel war
Shall come to every humble door.
Three times shall sunny, lovely France
Be led to play a bloody dance.
Before the people shall be free,
Three tyrant rulers shall she see:
Three rulers in succession be--
Each sprung from different dynasty.
Then when the fiercest fight is done,
England and France shall be as one:
The British olive next shall twine
In marriage with the German vine.
Man shall walk beneath and over streams:
Fulfilled shall be our strangest dreams.
All England's sons that plow the land
Shall oft be seen, with book in hand.
The humble shall most wisdom know,
And waters flow were corn doeth grow:
Great houses stand in farflung vale,
And covered o'er with snow and hail.
In those wondrous far-off days,
The women shall adopt a craze
To dress like men and trousers wear,
And cut off all their locks of hair,
They'll ride astride with brazen brow,
As witches do on broomsticks now.
Then love shall die and marriage cease,
And nations wane as babes decrease.
The wives shall fondle cats and dogs
And men live much the same as hogs.
The world then to and end shall come
In Nineteen Hundred and Ninety One.
Flee to the mountains and the dens,
To bog and forest and wild fens,
For storms shall rage and oceans roar,
When Gabriel stands on sea and shore:
And as he blows his wondrous born,


* * *

This bit of poem is all that remains of volumes of projections that took in everything from abortion to AIDS.  All along the way in your journey through the cycles, come ones who put to teachings, oral or written, the truth of how it is, was and would come to be.  It matters not except that as you see the impact of evil upon you, you are doomed to fulfill the prophecies as written if you do not take thine rightful stance and change of them.  You need not pass the same journey again and again; the test of the experience is to reach out and beyond the perceived and into the glory of the realization of God-given ability to change of the projections.  You can bring the glory of the perfection into your manifested perceptions--you need not move YOU into another perceived dimension.  Create perfection where you are for that is the point of graduation!!  YOU CANNOT SKIP AND RUN AWAY; OR YOU'LL COME BACK ANOTHER DAY!

Can you, as man, rise above the bindings of "Flatland"?  Can you rise in perception and truth into the dimensions of universal third, fourth, fifth and total dimension?  You were created to do just that--but will you?  Do you move to or from God?  Where are your desires, expectations; where do you place your heart wishes--with things of God or physical wants of self?  It is a time of introspection and prioritizing; evaluating and sequence values.  Do you live within thine prison of "I" "Me" "Mine"?  Can you give only thought to how a thing impacts thine brother and care not about impact on self?  Will you be able to reach beyond and give all unto the wholeness of all?  When you can do this, beloved ones, you will find that all comes unto you in a most balanced fashion and abundance shall flow as the waters of infinity.  There is nothing of the physical which can be bound and held without binding and losing of self.  Only through the allowing, releasing and freeing of all things physical can you garner, reap and experience freedom and abundance.  The entire journey is a series of discernment--discernment is thine lesson and is thine experience.  Which will you choose?  What legacy will you bestow upon this place to leave your mark of goodness for having passed this way?  Nothing of the physical shall endure beyond finite "time" and "space"--so, where shall you be?

My beloved children, know that you are Omnipotent and that your being is Holy.  Allow the realms of God to be incarnate in you.  Allow your power to reveal itself within you, on Earth and throughout the heavens.  Take this day, your daily bread, and thus, recognize your transgressions and errors, for then, ye shall recognize truth.  Do not lose your way to the path of temptations and confusion, but deliver yourself from your errors.  For God-ness dwells in the temple which ye are and you bear the power and the knowledge forever.  You shall never walk alone--take my hand and follow me and I shall show to you the way, and give unto you the instructions for the journey and the roadmap back unto your home among the stars.  For mine is the kingdom, the truth, the knowledge and the wisdom of infinity, the blessed circle of experience.

Grow beyond that which you perceive that you can be and into the glory of that which you ARE!  Remove your limits set upon God and you shall find that you have removed the limits from self and you will become infinite.  Fear (respect and revere) God in constancy; for that which you fear is destined to come upon you--therefore, fear God and the kingdom of God will come upon thee.  This moment in perception is all you have, chelas, what are you doing in this moment?  Ah so.  What else would you be in the doing in this moment and it will give you insight into self!  HOW DO YOU ESCAPE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES?  PONDER IT!  Would it not be easier to accept them?  So be it.  I am the word, the life and the truth and I have come to bring you home--who will come with me?




Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1990, Volume 2, Number 10.

Transcribed into HTML format by Rocky Montana.