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May 12, 2012


12/11/95 #1   HATONN


As we move through our days in whatever journey might lay before us we find that our enthusiasm only can match the moment of each day.  By this I mean that we begin to look to the possibilities of that which lays beyond this experience and ponder that which may yet come into our consciousness.  We do this to the extent that we often miss that which is so beautiful at the time of experience.

Dharma asked me this morning if we could write on something loving and simply offer appreciation so that she could address her Season's Greetings and Thank Yous and have meaning in her cards to somehow express what is so grateful in her heart.  She asked that we offer something BACK to each who has so fully and graciously shared with us for, without your love, out there, there would be no "project" here.  Without the hands which pick up the daily writings there would be no journals, no paper--no ability to share in this wondrous purpose.

We have our beloved friends in such as Dave Overton but you don't realize, Dave, that YOU have brought us far more than an effort at sharing your gold pieces with us.  You have allowed for some to make their choices which EACH must do.  You have allowed experiences through the courts and efforts of many to DO THE RIGHT THING.  You cannot purchase such gifts of knowledge and realization.  You have, in such an around-about-way, shared your friends and your integrity of a lifetime with us--through the most circutious of routings.  You, in your humble realization, have been a part of a journey of truth and works and words shared such as Calvin's with us.  You became the contact of familiar people and places that enrich our lives and build our credibility.  WE MUST HAVE CREDIBILITY LEST NO ONE REACH OUT FOR TRUTH.

Ones such as Dave softly speak to us from his cot in a nursing home--but Dave, have you not EARNED some care in your shadow years to simply bless and allow those around you to learn from that vast experience you have opportuned to express?  Can you not allow others to now GIVE BACK a bit of that which allows them and us to feel worthy of our own passage?  At this very moment I must take care that I speak not the wrong words and alert our very enemies to those who relate to you and bring them into focus.  Perhaps, son, your works might be considered "over" by yourself--but they are NOT for through you and with you come others whom we MUST HAVE to finish our own work.  I did not come forth to DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU--ANY OF YOU.  I came to MAKE SURE YOUR work and truth found expression, and in that expression the confirmation comes of that which I have been sent to lay forth before the people that they have opportunity to fulfill the promises made by our Creator for our generations. WHAT WILL BE THE LEGACY OF JUST "OUR" GENERATION?  Well, because of your gifts of such a variety of input--our LEGACY will be that of the GREATEST MANKIND WILL HAVE EVER KNOWN!  When a person is not shackled by EGO and when the Ego is lost to the central identity of a person--the person can grow beyond all boundaries of limitation for he shall no longer recognize success or failure in the HUMAN sensing--he BECOMES, he IS, and he only has to measure his own "intent". Sometimes ones are blessed with a long time of ability to ponder upon his life-stream and anticipate that which will come, for when man puts aside his ego and merges with ALL that is God's--he has no limitations and CREATES his destiny for himself unhampered by that which others always try to attend, get, offer, demand or desire.  When the heart, mind and SOUL are offered without restriction unto our Father Creator--we become perfection and God gives BACK TO US the wondrous direction for service and precious gems beyond our ability to see and comprehend--AND IT BECOMES "FINE" FOR THEN AND ONLY THEN ARE WE FREE!  God truly is THE SOURCE that allows us ROOTS as deep as infinity and yet offers us wings and FREEDOM to fly to the outmost reaches of the Universe.  When we remain in HIS GOODNESS we can have NO LIMITS.  He backs off and allows us to express and experience and He weeps or rejoices in our wonderment of growth.  He forever holds His hand beneath us to keep us from floundering upon the rocks as we stumble along our learning paths.  He, then, becomes the wind and currents of LIFE that fills our sails and lifts our wings that we may soar and reach the very heavens.

There is no AGE limitation--only a fatigue which then allows most to want to go "home".  But I wonder about that, friends: are you just wanting to stop your curious research for you sense you need to move on OR are you giving up the most precious and productive years of your existence because you think selves too old, too infirm, too unworthy or just want to cop-out and not finish your work?  You who have talents, equipment--even that which may SEEM outdated, and yet stop your work and leave it untouched, simply packed away in storage somewhere so that NO ONE is able to use it--you err greatly--FOR IT WAS THE EQUIPMENT AND TRUTH BEFORE THE USURPERS OF TRUTH AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TOOK THE ABILITIES AWAY FROM YOU AND RE-CIRCUITED THEM TO FACILITATE THE VERY INTENT OF THE ADVERSARY OF GOD.  If you can no longer USE that which is acquired by you--can you not give it to those who can set up antennas, build frequency "boxes" and offer mankind alternatives in his imprisonment and enslavement?

Ones ask, "Why me?"  They also ask, "Why me at my old age?"  WHO NOT YOU??  You who are on the yonder side of the mountain are the ONLY ones who can remember--who can KNOW the way it was and, looking back, SEE where, when and what WENT WRONG WITH THE INTENT AND DIRECTION OF MAN ON YOUR PLANET.

You who are sick, can you not GET WELL and serve you mission, your purpose--GOD?  Must you ENJOY such passing attention to the point of dying just to prove you are worthy of someone's love and a bit of attention?  Even a naughty child will do mischief and injure himself to get attention.  Can you not get the RIGHT KIND of attention unto self--TO HEAL SELF?  Illness is the greatest "escape from responsibility" of all things known and unknown.  The adversary plays to your holding card of illness and death--by offering you the "plum" of incurable illness to offer you death.  GOD OFFERS YOU LIFE--AND YET SO MANY CHOOSE INFIRMITY AND DEATH.

I repeat something here that I want all of you who call me friend to hear, please: If you choose to be SICKLY and refuse to do your work of healing and MOVE OUTSIDE YOUR EGO SELF-NESS--I have sympathy for you the first few days of illness and then after that I only have sympathy for your caretakers!  Don't even tell me your sad plight and don't even bore your family members with it--for you have made your choices to offer this tyranny of pain upon THEM as you relax in your bed of thorns, pricks, sickness, and crippled selfishness.

If you are "incarcerated" in a place where you cannot have the help from God in whatever form, GET UP AND GET OUT WHERE YOU CAN CONTROL YOURSELF AND THAT WHICH HAPPENS TO YOU.  Too old?  Too tired?  No, you are too lazy to do your job, for people who WORK and rejoice--get tired: people who are elderly have finally lived enough to hold VALUE in the very brains between the ears which could bring a world out of darkness.  No, do not give me the old "too tired" or "too old" for I AM OLD AND I AM NEITHER!

Dharma now complains and tells me that I am harsh and she asked for a Spiritual message.  Well, this is IT.  Get up off your old-age catch-all, your "too sick" catch-all, your "I don't know how" catch-all and do YOUR PURPOSE.  Stop being in the state of boredom and self-pity and get up and become involved.  SHARE THE GIFTS OF YOUR SPECIAL MIRACLES AND KNOWLEDGE WITH US ALL--DON'T MAKE "US" DO ALL YOUR RESPONSIBLE THINGS.  AND, DON'T SUFFER FOR "US"--WE DESERVE THE RIGHT TO SUFFER FOR OURSELVES!  Please pray for our success for we are praying HARD FOR YOURS.  Why should YOU have the privilege of transition BEFORE us?  Get up and carry your own load or, at the least, help us to carry yours AND ours.

Does Dharma have choices to make?  It seems she has none to make but this is not so--she has a big one right now before her--to send this message she petitioned--or bury it so as to not offend anyone on her Christmas Card list!  God does not ask: "Do you love me enough to die for me?"  That is a silly question designed by God's adversary.  GOD ASKS: "DO YOU LOVE ME ENOUGH TO LIVE WITH ME?"

Ponder it for the words from the opening in your lower face with the waggling thing in it that forms words--MEAN NOTHING.  It is that intent within SOUL which tells the truth about you.  You must share your miracles of LIFE to allow them to be miracles. Actions are the guidelines of judgement of a man or a woman for they reflect that which IS within the deep reaches of a MAN'S MIND and usually are that which is forgotten for it seems unworthy or too private.

I am asked constantly about this teacher or that teacher, this leader of that leader, this guru or that guru and on and on, as if my declaration will make a whit of difference.  They are YOUR teachers, for I need only ONE.  I KNOW WHEN I AM RIGHT WITH GOD and SO, TO DO YOU!  If I comment on a person or a teacher--you still only have no answer for self, only my opinion by which you can then "judge" me.  No thank you.  YOUR GREATEST TEACHERS ARE YOUR MOST DEVOUT ENEMIES AND IT IS FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT FACT.  It is when you can reflect and show truth IN GOD in the face of adversaries and adversity that you KNOW YOU CANNOT FAIL.  There is NO WAY TO FAIL--WITH GOD CREATOR--FOR ONLY GOD CAN CREATE WHILE ALL ELSE USES HIS THINGS CREATED TO EXPRESS.  Your enemy's evil, intent or action, can NOT stand in the light of TRUTH and Godly intent.  It has no fuel with which to continue to burn and must return to the darkness of colleagues in kind and limitations of secret bindings to survive.  It can only dwell in the dark frequencies of ignorance and evil acceptations and expectation built on ego recognition of actions, which are bound to a flesh-and-bone presentation.  You can be king of the hill--but the kingdom will fall in the first sufficient wind storm, rain storm or until the next "king" comes along.  GOD IS THE REALITY OF ABUNDANCE (A-BUN-DANCE).  What does this mean in great profundity?  Get off your Assets and move your Buns and DANCE YOUR DREAMS AND GODLY INTENTIONS AWAKE!  GIVE LIFE AND STOP GIVING ONLY DEATH AS YOUR GIFT UNTO HUMANITY AND BACK INTO THE FACE OF GOD!  You must accept God's gifts to allow them to be gifts--for only in the receiving can a gift be reality.  There requires at least TWO to make an "object" a gift--a passer and a receiver.  If the object is "taken" it is theft and certainly not a gift.  If the object is refused it is an uncompleted pass--and is not a gift.  It takes two in attunement to have a TRUE GIFT.  Once passed and accepted the gifter (passer) must release his bondage to the gift and yet, the receiver has responsibility and obligation to use that gift in every intent to be worthy.  This is why I see no sense in giving "gifts", say at Christmastime, which are returned, exchanged or tossed out.  Those are not gifts--and it would be better to simply give funds and cut down on your own pressures.  That does not mean the "thought" is less--it means the "intelligence" is matching the thought.  In that which is gifted in LOVE, there is appreciation from the receiver that cherishes the article chosen and the funds presented--and the gift is complete.  Of course "if the gloves don't fit--go get the size that DOES.

I have the same feeling about court documents and questions on depositions--BURY THE OPPOSITION IN TRUTH.  Write PAGES filled with truth for the opposing lawyer will never know what to do with the TRUTH, the WHOLE PILE OF TRUTH, and will be confounded by the massive tale and resource of input.  They want the whole story?  Give them the WHOLE story.  What else can a poor ignorant "citizen" do under the confusion of the LAW?  You see, the opposing attorney then has to give the WHOLE truth to the judge or explain WHY HE CHOSE TO NOT DO SO!  He also has to follow up on all the old and obsolete addresses and phone numbers.  He wants to follow the false information of the "enemy"--then put him to work and his clients to the expense of playing his game.  If you don't know how to play the Adversary's game--you had best get shrewd enough to do so.  If your own attorney will not allow you to do this--then get rid of your attorney!  To better make sure the Judge KNOWS the WHOLE truth, since modern courts do not allow hearings--make sure you have a REASON to make the WHOLE truth, since modern courts do not allow hearings--make sure you have a REASON to make the WHOLE document a PART OF THE RECORD AND MAKE SURE IT IS DONE IN SUCH A MANNER AS TO REQUIRE THE JUDGE TO STUDY IT and the jury HEAR it.  This is FAR WISER input than you might at first realize--THINK ON IT!  TAKE THE POWER AWAY FROM YOUR ENEMY!  MOST ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE "LOST EVERYTHING" AS WITH EKKERS--YOU HAVE GAINED GOD, AND THAT, AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE, MEANS YOU HAVE ALREADY WON.  ONLY THE DEBATE AWAITS.  IF YOU HAVE NO MORE THINGS TO POSSIBLY "LOSE", YOU HAVE ONLY THINGS TO ACTIONS BEYOND THE RECOGNIZED LIMITATIONS OF "FEAR".

To make a document a matter of record there are at least THREE acceptable ways to accomplish the task.  Even attorneys should know at least on of them.  And, again, there are always the "choices".  The point is, which choices will YOU make?  What is the worst thing that can happen?  The Judge rules against you?  So, what ELSE IS NEW?  Can't you have FUN along your pathway? I promise you that if you play your game well--YOU WILL HAVE JOY.  WHEN YOU DECLARE YOUR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE--YOUR ADVERSARY AND OPPONENT HAS LOST THE GAME.

Now, Dharma, since we have to work on these other things--it matters not whether our FRIENDS and LOVED ONES get a picture card before or after the "holidays", DOES IT?  You will be too busy writing the WHOLE story for Mr. Horn and the Judges to address the pretty picture envelopes and we can publish this in the paper and share with our enemies as well and DO SOME GOOD ON THIS DAY.

Take each day, each task, as the GAME IS REPRESENTS.  Live in the challenge of the moment as you tear down the mysteries into viable life-forms.  Bring truth from the taunting lies and you shall have that gift beyond all gifts--the acceptance of LIGHT within your being and expression.  GOD ALWAYS WINS THE GAMES!

In love and totality of you whom I cherish so greatly, I offer that which I AM, for I have nothing else to give and perhaps you will learn--there is nothing else worthy enough for our sharing into the reaches of the infinite.  We must, therefore, enjoy and treasure that which IS while we have human senses to appreciate it ALL.  This includes the perceived "bad" as well as the "good" for, in the choices and definitions within--ONLY with "both" can you learn TRUTH and hold LIGHT.

The LIGHT IS!  Hold it as your treasure and you shall never find darkness in your path--EVER.

I bid you good morning and I pray you will now get up from your stagnation and LIVE.  Salu.



Source: CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, December 19, 1995, Volume 11, Number 8.

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana