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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Rick Martin, and Ronn Jackson, and Serge Monast.

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Feb 10, 2014
I have reviewed the recent postings of both MH and Sorcha Faal.  MH's very interesting photographs and description of what may be a precursor to the government's "Project Blue Beam" hoax, and of Sorcha Faal's report on the Global Elite's fears of, battles with, and intended war on our cosmic brothers come to help Earth man in this cycle ending, are both important clues and signs that the Global Elite are close to playing their hand.  In response to these indicators, perhaps it is time to re-run the information given us regarding Project Blue Beam, as described in the Phoenix Journals.  Below is the article originally sent you and posted on fourwinds back in December of 2009 for your consideration of posting at this time.  Thank you.  And thank both of you for posting all the fine articles you have and continue to post on your website.  They are of great assistance and benefit to many, including myselt. 
In Lighted fellowship and service,

Rocky Montana






Reports and comments by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Rick Martin, and Ronn Jackson, and Serge Monast.


*   *   *


Excerpts from Phoenix Journal #97, 'HEAVE 'EM OUT, Phase Three, Part 1'


6/9/94    HATONN



The Elite Committee(s) have absolutely HATED us speaking about the Monarch Project and, yet, this one seems to bother them far more than even that old ongoing project.  They seem also quite concerned about Mr. Jackson speaking on these subjects along with MJ-12. ...


8. Speaking of appalling, we recently came across an incredible reference to chemical warfare the US military was prepared to deploy against Canadians in the 1930's, in War Plan Red! Imagine!

You mentioned this would be your last public speaking engagement, S.M.  Is the true and, if so, for what reason?

S.M.: I have received threats to my life from the office of the Prime Minister and THE VATICAN.

9. "Holy" Vatican City in Rome--the Pope?  How so?

S.M.: Because I dared to unveil the NASA "BLUE BEAM" Project. The Vatican does not threaten the life of someone without good reason.  This is an extremely BIG secret.  I am sure Commander Hatonn will have more to add.

10. Well, tell us what you can about the NASA "Blue Beam" Project. ...

[Preamble: In a banned Journal (PHOENIX) published in 1991, Sananda (Esu Immanuel Jesus) tells of a SIMULATED SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, supposed to have taken place by year 1985, "The script, as they have written it, if successfully staged could deceive the very elect, BEWARE!" Holographic imagery will be used in a simulation of "the ending" in which says Sananda, "You are given scenes which cause collective thought which focuses on fulfillment of that which is desired for you to project--to fit the needs of those deliberately staged FALSE CHRIST will be for the implementation of a new Universal Religion.  "Enough truth will be foisted off on us to hook us into the lie.  They project one statement and bear definition of an entirely different intent."

[H:  By the way, readers, FROM WHO AND FROM WHERE do you think got entered into the "teachings" of a RAPTURE AND WHISK-AWAY?  Ah Ha, now it gets serious, does it not?  Better be on guard, my friends, for coming out of the "Montauk" projects is the ability to take up a whole bunch of people as in a "rapture" type of situation and whisk the whole bunch into never-never-land.  Just like a whole bunch of people got whisked away into time-space warp "forever and ever--"!]

"It is truly enough to break the heart for portions of the projection are worthy of changing the entire planet into oneness with God.  But you must remember--there is not intent to God in relationship to Man--but the premise that Man shall somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts."

The calculated resistance to the new Religion, the new Order and the new "Messiah" will be human loss on a massive scale in the ensuing "Holy Wars".

Mr. Monast fills in some details:

S.M.: The "Blue Beam" Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as that which took place 2000 years ago.  In principle, it will make use of the sky as a movie screen as spaced-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language, in every dialect according to deals with the religious aspect of the NWO and is a large scale seduction.

[H:  Better keep your eyes firmly planted on Billy Graham when he does his cute little crusade "to the four corners of the world" through technology hookup and projection by satellite--ALREADY PLANNED AND ADVERTISED AS HAPPENING FROM A BASE IN PUERTO RICO!  Indeed, he told all about it on the Larry King Live show a couple of months back--right after he RETURNED FROM KOREA ON HIS "DIPLOMATIC TOUR".  Billy tells the world that after these "big projection" so that the "word" in show-and-tell is scattered to the four corners (according to prophecy)-- "THE END WILL COME!"  Now, people, I suggest you check on it --for I think I recall something being mentioned about Spring 1995 or possibly even this year, 1994.  I think it will come off next Early Summer!  Better check out the members of the Committee(s), also, and see who you might find aboard the roster!  The "system" has already been tested and holographic projections of the "Christ image" have already been massively seen over deserts, in sand-storms, dust, mist--you name it and the vision reports, of all sorts, are pouring back from everywhere.  These, of course, only show up in the "Tabloids" so are instantly discounted.  "THEY" are just setting you up. By the way, they can also project craft, aliens, monsters, angels--you name it....]

Computers will coordinate the satellites and software will run the show-and -tell.  [Holography is based on very nearly identical signals combining to produce an image, or hologram, with depth perception, which is equally applicable to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF waves) AS IT IS TO OPTICAL PHENOMENA].  Advanced technology was ready in the early '80's--the event planned for 1983.  This means the NWO would have been implemented shortly after the appearance of "The Christ".  But something went wrong...  Specifically, the show will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images according to predominating regional/national religious faith. No a single area will be excluded.

With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space, astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned Messiah in spectacularly convincing lifelike realness. ...  Then, the projections of "The Christ, of Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one, after correct explanation of the mysteries, prophecies, and revelations will have been disclosed.  THIS ONE GOD WILL IN FACT BE THE ANTI-CHRIST, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood; that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, nation against nation; therefore the world's religions must be abolished to make way for the Golden Age (New Age) of the ONE WORLD RELIGION, representing the one god (Anti-Christ in this instance) they see before them.  Naturally, this superbly staged, full-scale falsification will result in social/religious disorder on a grand scale, including millions of programmed religious fanatics.  [H: And where do you think such a Falwell, Robertson and the other avowed ZIONISTS will be?  Where do you think all those massively scattered TBN transmitters and receivers will be that day--along with the GREAT PRETENDERS who carry forth this very day?]  Many scenarios are possible, including a Holy War in the Middle East. In addition, this event will occur at a time of great political anarchy and general tumult--at the edge of something big.  The U.N. even now plans to use the Beethoven Song of JOY as the official anthem for the NWO.  [R.M.: Mr. Falwell passed over on in 2007]

11. Is this the only reason the Vatican is attempting to suppress you?

S.M.:  No.  Let me explain.  We have been given the accepted scenario involving established prophecies, Armageddon, the Anti-Christ and so on. What the world does not know, and is not given to know, is that other UNKNOWN prophecies exist that very accurately chart the course of human history to the present day and beyond and in which is SHOWN THE DOWNFALL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST!

These documents, or copies of them, are housed in the Vatican Archives, to be sure, but they are also scattered elsewhere.  I am reluctant to say more. ... Ones are known to possess this information.  Needless to say, it could dramatically alter the course of our present civilization. ...

12. Have you had access to these documents in truth?

S.M.: Yes.

13. You are saying that something else, besides what we are given to know by the controlled media, exists that is more magnificently greater and which has yet to surface?

S.M.: Yes, precisely.  And the church KNOWS. What is more, these prophecies have come down to us from the French lineage, from France, and are extant in Quebec [Quebec is the only surviving remnant of original European ancestry in North America!].  [H: Be very careful with this one for it is not QUITE right, readers--at least-wise, not as this seems to be presented here.  The truth is abundant in the old Sumarian seals and tablets but "France" doesn't have much of anything to do with it.  There are other scrolls, etc., also--but do not depend on those you call the Dead Sea bunch of nonsense now loosed upon you.  Remember that the Israelis have control of "those" and that was the END OF TRUTH.]

14. Extraordinary!  So there is known prophecy, and there is secret prophecy?

S.M. That's right.  The present U.N. maneuver in Quebec not only is strategic but is also for religious/spiritual reasons.  It is foretold in these prophecies of which we speak that the Anti-Christ [the leading figurehead of the Khazarian Satanist cabal] will come to Quebec in order to seek and destroy this source.  Does this explain the U.N. foothold in this strategic part of the world we are witness to?

[End quoting - Chapter 12, pages 158-164.]

*   *   *


6/10/94     RICK MARTIN




Ronn: [Mentioning] Blue Beam is going to bother some people, but it's not going to bother me in the least.  It doesn't make any difference to me--it is NASA.  What is it you're runining:

Rick: Well, the information we got briefly outlines what the project is.

Ronn: What does it say it is?

RIck: Basically, a massive holographic display globally using the sky as a motion picture screen, using satellites and holographic images.

Ronn: Well, the satellites started being put in place in 1978.  So they have been there.  They are required.  There are a number of satellites involved with it, so not only is it a NASA project but it's sanctioned by other organizations.  It goes into a little more detail besides holographic images.

Rick: The detail that was described concerns all global religions, including a narrative explaining the prophecies and that man has misinterpreted religion.

Ronn: Well, just remember one thing---this is and was being initiated by NASA.  But it's a funded project of this country and a couple of other countries.

Rick: The way it was described has to do with One World Order Religion--the bringing in of the One World Order Religion through a re-education process by these holographic images and sounds, using the sky as the screen.

Ronn: Well, you know there are a number of the religious leaders that feel jeopardized by this.  For example, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, those organization and that's one of the reasons they are pushing....and they don't know the entire concept.  Blue Beam...they do know that as individuals their little domain is about to be infringed upon.  It was originally scheduled for January of this year but it had to be put off because of some of the imaging.

Rick: What other countries are involved, other than the U.S.?

Ronn: Central Europe, Japan and then they were trying to get a point that is geographically the center of the Soviet Union but you have to remember they have a little problem because of the Earth being round.  They are going to have to dot the same thing in the Southern Hemisphere.  So they're having a little logistical problem.  And another problem is because of the languages involved and so on.  It's quite involved.

Rick: Quite a technical project.

Ronn: The last number I heard that was involved with the satellites, the maximum required was like two-hundred-thirty-two, I believe something in that order and they were having a little problem because of that.  So the time frame, I know, was moved up but I'm not sure how much.  I believe it is supposed to be less than a year, so I can't be more specific than that.

[End quoting - Chapter 16, pages 192-193.]  Phoenix Journal #97

*  *  *




6/20/94    HATONN



As the days pass and you get closer to the time of the operative fulfillment you will witness the frantic efforts to "save" you in the name of this one and that one.  The evangelists, especially those having gained recognition through multiple books, TV, Radio, etc., will be in almost panic expression--to get you SAVED for your RAPTURE (as now used).  This, they will tell you , is to keep all goodly (but you must believe on Jesus) Christians from going through the TRIBULATION. ...

I don't care WHO tells you the Bible is filled with promises of lift-off, raptures and such.  It is NOT SO. "RAPTURE" is not even a word in the Bible. That has been conjured by those who would want you to believe them that you will be stupid enough to line up to be whisked into never-ever-land and GET RID OF GOD'S POTENTIAL PEOPLE FROM THE EARTH PLANET.  Where do you think might have come the IDEA of some kind of a RAPTORIAL DELIGHT? You had better get your feet and your definitions under you.

I am going to give you some definitions to consider so that you might hook a few words together and get a better description of what is going on here.

RAPTURE: 1. Ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy.  2. (raptures) an expression of joy or ecstasy. 3. [H: Now comes the NEW definition for you:] The carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence. 4. ARCHAIC: The carrying off.

RAPTORIAL: 1. Preying upon other animals; predatory. 2. Adapted for seizing prey. (As in raptors.)

These definitions are from your old friend, Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1989. (With updates of accepted terminology.)


As with Ezekiel--space craft.  (Wheels within wheels, wheels of fire--etc.)  Now, HOW did the evangelists come to BASE THEIR DEFINITIONS OF SUCH AS RAPTURE ON THE OLD TESTAMENT WHEN THEY WILL CLAIM YOU MUST FOLLOW THE NEW TESTAMENT IF YOU ARE TO BE SAVED?  Is this not strange?  If, further, the evangelists of the CHRISTIAN "faith" base everything and need on the NEW TESTAMENT and utilize the "Jewish" (misnomer) tradition (who did not believe Jesus was the Christ of Messiah) how did they come up with WRONG answers?  Because they are desperately offering YOU A WAY OUT OF YOUR MESS SO THEY LOOK GOOD! AND, WHO ON EARTH WILL BE LEFT TO COUNT THEM WRONG?  WELL, LOTS OF PEOPLE--STANDING AROUND SNICKERING AT YOUR STUPIDITY.

Will there be some kind of a lift-off, possibly?  Yes, probably--but it will not be like you are told here--it will NOT BE A RAPTURE.  Rapture by its definition means a state of emotional beingness.  It does NOT mean physical lift-off to another sphere of wondrous delight with God--unless, of course, you are DEAD--which you WILL BE, in physical consideration!  Dead as the proverbial doornail !  The point is to get you God-respecting, Christian believers OFF THE PLANET SO THERE IS NO FURTHER CONFRONTATION WITH THAT WHICH IS TAKING YOUR WORLD--IN OTHER WORDS, KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE--GET RID OF USELESS FEEDERS AND TROUBLE-MAKERS.

It is your privilege to believe anything you wish, good brethren--ANYTHING YOU WISH.  I am, however, grossly remiss in my own task to refrain from telling you TRUTH about it.  The evangelical team is being put in place RIGHT NOW AS WE WRITE--to pull this dastardly deed off--they too being mostly in ignorance.  THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO DO THIS JOB!


This is what they are really working toward. It will have two meanings to you.  If it is interrupted--they will tell you those nasty space cadets (the bird people) have done this to you.  If not, and something goes wrong, you will be told the "aliens" did it.  Next, if it goes right--the evil merchants of death and preying upon you-the-people will kill you and pick your bones.  The magic show-and-tell will not be so entertaining AND it will be TOO LATE.

Will the plan be changed?  Perhaps--but obviously the only thing that will be changed is the interim magic show--because what is planned is not a human physical exchange to another place.  It will be a physical change-out into particle form into another time/space warp--but God's wondrous place of continuing life of perfection.  You will, however, be "perfectly" out of the way.

Do I mind if this happens?  NO--if that is what you wish--go for it.  I am only telling those who will have WISDOM--that it is another lie of the adversary.  A physical body cannot remain atop a cloud friends.  It is heavier than the cloud formation--and will FALL immediately upon release from the power structure holding it there.  It will fall back down to Earth in search of its own density in "matter".  Then, being that you might well have soul, the soul is released the same as in any other MURDER situation.


[End quoting, Up Front, pages 2 - 4]

*  *  *


6/18/94 HATONN



It is important that you understand something--just because a "Project" such as Blue Beam is utilized and fulfilled effectively--doesn't mean this old world is gone.  That is only a PHASE operation to get to PLAN 2000.  There will still be plenty of things needing overcoming--nations to be reclaimed, wars to be encountered and on and on.  As long as there is physical expression, man will have to eat, sleep, have shelter and make passage--through living--and living is the accepted manner of physical expression. is a journey in lessons of how to make growth in soul projection that you might ascend through wondrous dimensions of expression.  Human physical experience is simply ONE of those experiences --but one perceived as "only" or "all" there is--while expressing.  The adversarial buddies are testers, bullies, bribers and enticers--to get you to swap that nice soul for their physical "goodies", playing to the physical "senses".

[End quoting, Chapter 11, p. 156]

*   *   *


Excerpt from Phoenix Journal #104, 'FIRST STEPS'

7/26/94 HATONN



Just through publication of the heinous little scheme [called Project Blue Beam] has caused the big shots to have to shelve the plan as written in their scripts.  That does not mean that it won't happen--it means they have to work harder to cover the truth and fool all of the people!  It was supposed to have happened as far back as 1983--so we make progress with every day postponement has to be allowed.

Stop picking at daring reporters who take the risk and tell you about things which don't happen.  Information is ALL THAT PREVENTS THEM FROM HAPPENING--FOR ALL IS NOW CAPABLE OF CONTROL BY AND FROM EARTH FUNCTION.  Every time the adversarial anti-civilization nerdniks have to call off a dirty deed--YOU WIN!  KEEP UP YOUR RIDICULE AND PRATTLE ABOUT THAT WHICH APPEARS TO NOT HAPPEN--AND YOU ARE LOST, READERS--DEAD LOST.

[End quoting, Chapter 3, p. 75]

*  *  *


Excerpt from Phoenix Journal #130, 'TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER "AND OTHER FORMS OF MURDER" '

3/15/95 HATONN



You apparently got the Blue Beam project pretty much postponed as Graham has "come down" with some mysterious illness reported by "close" parties to the minister.  Mr. Jackson tells us it is Graham's "mistress" of many years and is cancer of the prostrate.  I don't care to comment.  He is the only one around, however, who could focus the people to a single event of religious nature.  The Pope used to be able to get that kind of attention, but no longer.  Besides, there are a lot of satellite units now in a dysfunctional debris path.

[End quoting, Chapter 8, page 77]