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Message From Ashtar: People Are Searching For Truth

Spoken Through Ariana Sheran

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p>You recently experienced another photon wave, a bit like a tidal wave if you could make the analogy of the ocean. To back up a little bit, you have been receiving waves of photon energy for many years and, just like the ocean, now and then there is one that is huge. Usually they are small with some medium sized ones. For example, people who can touch into this energy have noticed and they would, in the past, make an event out of it. You'll remember the 11:11 and the 12:12 and other events that were publicized. Lightworkers gathered together in order to celebrate the energies.

What occurred on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 was a huge tidal wave-sized wave of energy that came to give you a lovely push into the future. This energy did, indeed, touch every heart of every person who lives on the planet as well as all of the animals and all of the life in the oceans and in the air. It even affected vegetation all around the world by giving it a boost. You will not notice this perhaps until it grows out a little bit but with trees there will be an extra ring in the wood.

My love goes out to you. My Light shines upon you as these occurrences take place. It is all in the Divine Plan. It is in the Divine hands of those who are assisting the planet from other dimensions.

I would like to explain how some people notice these energies, in fact they can predict them and other people do not notice them whatsoever. This is not because one person is smarter than the other or they are healthier than another. It has nothing to do with that. It is simply the way that the aura is tuned in that particular person. If you do not feel the energies, do not feel you are missing out. Just know that the energies did occur, did take place and did enhance your being. This was just the way you received it. For people who are rather placid who take life one day at a time and don't get too upset no matter what is happening in the world, they are not likely to feel the energies. They are living a very stable, controlled type of a life. If you are the type of person who takes chances, who embraces change, can spend two nights out on the town and still have high, high energy, those people often feel it.

Separation Energies will Continue for Some Years

Now we come to a period of time where the so-called war between the lesser Light and the Light is intensifying. These next months will be very, very intense because of it. You will find that many things will be going on in the world that are caused by the panic of the Reptilians. The Reptilians in dimensions close to Earth are still controlling those of the lesser Light and this will continue but also the separation will continue and will do so for some years.

People will choose, either at a conscious level or at a sub-conscious level. Those who do not understand what is occurring in the world, for example the natives, who live in small countries in North Africa, would have no chance to know what is occurring. They will be choosing simply by the way they react in their relationships and to situations such as what they do for a living and what their spiritual life is all about. It has nothing to do with knowledge of what is happening. This is going to occur to people no matter who they are or what their way of life is like. Their guides know the purity of their heart. It is those with purity of heart and love in their heart who are going to be separated from those who are self-serving or have an evil intent.

People are Eager for Truth!

For days and weeks now you have been noticing the intensification of political control and as this political control is noticed more and more by the people who live on the planet, they are starting to question. They are starting to look into the background of things. They are beginning to wonder about past history such as when the government made a certain decision or when a certain disaster occurred. They are reading books and delving into the Internet more and more. People are searching for truth.

Dear ones, the truth is being released on a daily basis. People are coming to the realization of their own understanding and they are ready for more. They are ready for more truth. They are eager for truth. If you have a piece of the puzzle that needs to be shared in some way so that more truth can come out, now is the time to do it. The people of the world are receptive, in fact eager to know what you have to say. Therefore, write your message, share your message in any way that you find it comfortable for yourself. Bring out the truth, especially the type of truth that would normally be difficult for you to share. It is time.

There are certain factions of the media that still will not receive the truth from people who are willing to give it. They will reject this because they are still under the control of the governments or the elitists who own or control them. Now it is very fortunate that you have alternative methods to bring out the truth through the Internet, through alternative publications, through radio and even some television programs. It is time to share, dear friends. Share from your experience; share what you know. Share what you have realized. Bring it forth even if it is simply between you and another friend or among the members of a meditation group or a small dinner party. You can begin to make your truth be known. The Universe supports you in this as do your guides and their inspiration will help you to be brave in this event of sharing.

Little by little, the world is preparing itself for the time when it will be easy to share truth when there will be no second thoughts about it. The energies of love are coalescing into areas that never before felt love in this way and that is in such places as the governments of various countries and the media. Suddenly the love is going to take over from the control, even in these instances and the love will win. At that time, when the love wins in government and in the media, all will share in this Divine blessing. Hold the vision of love in government places and the media. Hold the vision for the world to come forth with a total vibration of love… love, peace and joy throughout the entire world… your Earth Mother, your home.

Bypassing Lifelong Programming to Speak the Truth

Al: When we're talking about getting the truth out and dealing with the truth, how can we get past those things that control us as individuals so we can face that fear and get beyond the ethics, the morals and all the human rules and speak the truth.

Ashtar: A very good question. Thank you Al. The forces of darkness have been in control for so long, in actual fact Ariana has seen the figure mentioned of sixty-five million years. You have been "trained" from away before your grandmother's time to have fears and reservations. We encourage you to come from a space of love. Love is the opposite of fear. If you can possibly bring love into your heart at the time when your mind is going crazy about "should I share this or not," you can touch in with your heart and your guides. Then I believe you will be able to be given the inspiration as to whether this is safe for you or not.

What human beings have learned to do is put on a mask for the public even for their friends. Children don't wear those masks. I want you to start to think like a child. Start to take off that mask that you put on for other people. Become as a little child. Ariana did a channeling by that name over ten years ago and it is true now. It would do you very well to read that channeling once more. Come back to your inner essence, the love. That is what the child has. The child has love and trust in their heart. As an adult, the love has turned to fear and the trust has turned to uncertainty. Are you willing to work with this, Al? (Yes)

Good. This was a most important question because it shows how far a person is controlled from when they are a child until they are in their forties, for example. Nowadays, real strange stuff is going to be coming out, things that haven't been heard before and it will come from many people.

I give you my love and thankfulness that we could be together this morning.

A Channeling by Ashtar

Spoken through Ariana Sheran

September 13, 2003

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