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Ashtar's New Year's Message For 2004

Through Ariana Sheran

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ur history so that we may assist Lightworkers on the path of spiritual understanding and so that we may also assist those who are awakening or who will awaken spiritually during this year. Our purpose together today is not to give you specific predictions, although a few of those do come out but to assist you metaphysically, spiritually and emotionally through the year. This could be a year of roller coaster rides emotionally. Therefore, we will look at many facets of life together now as we speak about your life living on planet Earth as she prepares and as she transcends and begins to transform her energies.

Cellular Changes are Happening to You!

All of you on the planet, each and every one of you, all animals, all life in the green forest, all fish and cetaceans swimming in the ocean, are being changed. It is happening automatically, in other words, not to your will but to the will of Divine Providence. These changes are to make you lighter so that you will be able to take your body and go through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension and even higher without going through death. Now to do that, a lot of changes must occur in your cellular structure. You can imagine what I mean. You are going from Third Dimension human into a body that is very etheric which at this moment, if you saw that body, you could not literally see it yet it would be real and it would be there. In order to make all of these changes, much must go on with that physical body and especially as each and every person would have different needs and different areas of their body that must be worked upon. These changes can often come to you in the form of discomfort, discomfort of your body and discomfort of your mind. I am sorry to say that but it is a matter of releasing toxins and releasing negativity. Sometimes when you instinctively do not wish to change, the body goes through this against its will and when it does it comes with discomfort. Perhaps when you find that you are in discomfort from what appears to be illness or a rash of emotional contingencies that are upsetting you, it would be good if you could simply sit back and say, "I release, I release, I release."

You can do this with breathing if you wish and that would be very helpful because what you need to do is release any emotional baggage that is hindering your progress and any physical toxins that are hampering the cellular changes that wish to go on. If there is something in particular that you know you need to work on you can say, "I release this tendency to ..... "

You can simply mention what you need to release and you can do that with your breath. It would help very, very much if you did some releasing of this type, this intentional releasing, if you are finding yourself in discomfort or as a preventive measure. You are going to find that this type of thing, both physical and emotional, is going to be occurring on a more widespread scale from now on and although people will be noticing this, they will not understand the underlying reason for it. They could panic into getting flu shots or doing procedures with medical or wholistic doctors that might not be appropriate. Understand this is not a situation that calls for heroic measures unless your body is in dire weakness and stress. Normally you will be able to go through this and, with patience and tolerance, see your way to the other side of it. Then your body will be able to continue with the cellular changes that it was doing before it ran into a roadblock. The best thing to do, if you are going through a physical manifestation of discomfort, is to take natural products instead of medical products. The reason is that you do not wish to hamper the progress your body is making. If you take medicines that are not natural to your body, you will have a setback and unfortunately you will have to go through another cleansing again sometime in the future. If you go through this using natural means or just simply going along with what your body wants to do, making yourself as comfortable as you can along the way, then you have made that step and you have raised the vibrations of your body. You have given Mother Nature a chance and a nice workspace to strengthen and to allow those cells to change.

Dalphiaana: What about taking vitamins?

Ashtar: That is just fine as long as they are very natural vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are just fine, as are herbs, homeopathic medicine, tinctures and all that is considered natural rather than manufactured as a drug.

Sandora: What about the pharmaceuticals that are putting out vitamins that may not be natural or healthy?

Ashtar: Here you need to use your discernment. Preferably it would be very good if you were able to receive your own answers in some way, to hold a product in your hand and simply to know that it is good for you or to know that it is not good for you. You can progress to that. Many of you are doing muscle testing in order for you to learn if something is OK to take into your body and some are using other means. You will get to the point where all you have to do is hold it or touch it and you will know if it is something that would be beneficial for your body. You would get a sinking feeling inside if it is not beneficial and an uplifting feeling inside if it will help you. Just by knowing that your body and your being will do that for you, you can start to practice that. It's all about energy.

Cellular Changes in Your Pets

As I mentioned earlier, all life upon the planet is going through this type of thing and Mother Nature is in charge. You will find your animals sometimes will need some assistance as they go through their own cellular changes. However, mostly it will be rather automatic with them. They don't have a lot of thoughts and negativity to process through their minds and they are able to go through life rather stable normally. Depending upon what they have eaten during their lifetime, they may manifest some physical problems. They could come up with diabetes or urinary problems, even cancer. So look after your pets. What they are doing at this time is trying to make their cellular changes as well and they need a little bit of help through. Animals in the wild will no doubt come through this with flying colors because they are eating the way God wanted them to be eating in the wild and they are doing exactly what God wants them to do. They will come through just fine, the creatures of the sea as well. All those wild forms of life will be changing so slowly, so gradually, that all will be well and all are coming into the finer dimensions. This is marvelous! Now with your vegetation the same applies. Mother Nature is bringing all vegetation through into the finer dimensions as well. You are going to find there are quite a few diseases that occur in vegetation such as trees and this is all part of the process. What is happening here is that the tree, unbeknownst to the tree, is changing cellularly and ran against a stumbling block. What has happened is that it has become susceptible to certain insects perhaps or to drought. All members of one variety of trees could actually leave your planet because of this.

Emotional Uprisings in Relationships

I would like to talk to you about the emotional occurrences of human beings within their relationships. The main reason that you have emotional uprisings in relationships when you live on the Earth is for your spiritual growth. It's for you to go through various experiences and learn a lesson from them. When you learn that lesson, you have become more aware and you have grown spiritually. At this time, it is very, very important to use your relationships in a loving way, to go through your ups and downs with an open heart and to make certain that you always come back to love no matter what you go through. The key word here is to not react to other people's "stuff!" As this year proceeds, you are going to have a lot of opportunity to practice that, my dear ones because, as time goes along and truth is revealed about the world and about your relationships, there will be many reasons for you to become upset. Just know that your spiritual guidance is with you. They are helping you through these times of trial; these times of tribulation. When that emotional roller coaster hits you, do not jump off. You might hurt yourself. Go with the flow as soon as you possibly can. Be still in a meditation and come back to your heart, knowing that all is for a purpose and that you are growing through this experience.

Truth Will Be Revealed!

This is the time in your planet's history when truth will be revealed. The reason for this is that planetary alignments have already begun this process of awakening to truth. It will continue. There will be no secrets between you. Because of this alignment you will find a great necessity to always speak the truth. This could upset you because personal relationships depend upon what was known in the past. All of a sudden when your spouse tells you about something, which could upset your applecart, it would not be easy to take. These things are going to start to happen in marriages and in relationships, including business relationships. The truth will be revealed, dear ones. It is necessary to go with the flow on this. Truth is going to come out in all kinds of ways worldwide. There will be many players to bring the truth forth and it is just going to happen naturally. When that ball gets rolling, it is going to "snowball" so be prepared. Scandals will abound. Know that you will be safe from harm as long as you remain in the Light. There will be much consternation from neighbors and friends who do not understand some of the connotations that could occur. Be a stabilizing force for them. Because of your understanding of the heavenly reasons for truth bubbling to the surface, you will be able to help many people. For those who have not been in their integrity at some time during their lives, this could be a very difficult time but what I would say to you, if you were in that situation, is to let it come forth. Let the truth come forth from you. You will find, when you do that, your vibrations will rise and this process, which is going on inside of you to do with your cellular structure, will continue and progress. It is all tied in, dear ones. There are no mistakes in the Universe, none whatsoever. Your cellular changes are progressing at the same time as the energies for truth are coming forth and there are great reasons for that, which you can now understand.

Love must be high in your agenda in your relationships, all relationships, whether they are with children, with your spouse, your family, your parents, business relationships, even a relationship between a customer and a clerk. All of this requires your practice to keep love high in your heart. I would like you to make this a sound resolve, to always come from your heart in all situations, especially those in close relationships but also those in all of your relationships. Dear ones, this will assist you in your vibrational raising, your cellular changes and it will mean you will not have to go through so much in emotional upsets and physical discomfort to do what is necessary. I know and realize that it is not easy for human beings to go through this process. It is probably the most difficult involuntary thing that any human being has done on the planet. All of you are going through it. Some have already started this and are well on their way. Some have a long way to go. It's just the same as when people wake up to their day. Some wake up early, some wake at noon and some might stay in bed all day long. It's for you to simply go with the flow.

Indigo Children are Streaming Forth At This Time

Now that we are still speaking about the human family, let us talk about the Indigo children. Indigo children are those who have come on the Indigo Ray in order to assist the world through these changes. When babies are born, they come on a certain ray and those rays are of much interest. There are people of all rays on the Earth at all times but when a certain need arises on the planet, a condensation of many, many, many, many babies will come through on one of those rays. Right now the need is for truth, the need is for knowledge, for wisdom and for changes of systems on the planet. Therefore, Indigo babies have come and are coming. They are streaming forth at this time. The Indigo chakra has to do with the Third Eye. It has to do with manifesting miracles. That little bundle of joy in your arms is a little miracle. This little miracle is not particularly a good baby. There is nothing angelic about that baby and nothing different about it. It looks like a regular baby but this baby has been born with a very thin veil. This baby was born with remembrance of Spirit and as long as it is treated openly and allowed to flower beautifully it will come through life experiences in a way of helping people to understand life and to understand what is going on. By the time that Indigo children become teenagers, they could be quite unruly because they realize they don't feel good in certain controlled situations. They will not sit back and allow themselves to be in such situations because they know spiritually it is not right. They are movers and shakers, not sweet little angels but theyare doing an angel's work. They're doing a work of love. They are helping to make changes that will bring you into the Fifth Dimension.

Dalphiaana: Ashtar, are any of them teenagers now?

Ashtar: Oh, yes my dear. There are not a lot of them but there are definitely some teenagers and some of those teenagers will have a very difficult time of it in school because doing anything structured in Earth-made systems is not natural to them and they want out of it. They do not want to participate. They receive their messages from their spiritual guidance and they are in close touch. They might not know it but they know that they do not need certain lessons or certain schooling. They know it at a deep level and they won't do it. They could be very stubborn. You have noticed, perhaps, how babies these days are coming forth with many different names. Names such as Anne, Judy and Florence are not very often heard of as baby girl names any more. You are hearing a very different type of name. Sometimes place names are chosen. For example Brooklynn could be the name of a little girl. Hunter could be another choice. These names are rather generic. They can be either for a girl or a boy. What is happening here is you are getting away from the more feminine names of the past so that the names could be either a boy's or a girl's name. There is a big reason for this. There is a mindset on the planet that somebody named Anne or Mary is very feminine, very soft, probably a housewife and she has a husband to look after her. This is not the case anymore. These babies coming through now are their own persons. There is nothing about them that needs looking after. They look after themselves and they know it. It is some kind of a miracle that the names are changing like this but the reason is that the baby in the womb is giving messages to the mother as far as what name it wishes to have and these names usually do come through, or something very close to it. These girls don't want to be called "Debbie." No, these babies want a very strong name. They do not want a feminine name. That is for times in the past. They want their names to denote strength and character. You have noticed how women are now wearing pants. That has been occurring for over fifteen years and is happening more and more. That's another sign. The frilly femininity of thirty years ago is over. The strength of the woman is showing up in these ways.

Obtaining Perspective to Our Present Times

Dear ones, so you will be able to understand the next part of our message, I would like to go into the background a few years to give you a little perspective. Do you all remember Harmonic Convergence, the weekend of August 16, 1987? That was the beginning of the intensification of the energies that would manifest in what you are feeling now in your bodies and in your minds. It was at that time that many Lightworkers were activated and many who listen to this tape or read these words will probably identify with. It was a milestone in the spiritual growth of people. It was an awakener, a mover and a shaker. Ever since that time, the energies have risen very gradually but they have been working towards taking you into finer dimensions. It was known that it would take about twenty-five years for many of these changes to occur. Now that you have reached 2004, the intensification of these energies is very real for you. It is very real for people who know nothing about this but things are happening with them too that are maybe not unusual but are happening more often than in the past.

Our Goal is The Golden Age

The reason that Ariana did not bring forth this message in November at the usual time was because of these energies. At that time she was going through some of these DNA changes and the blockage was being removed, not too comfortably. I gave her this message back then and am asking her to read it to you now.

Ariana: Ashtar had been telling me about the beginning of the Golden Age and how birth is highly traumatic. "People are going through their individual lessons in order to bring forth this new baby world. Some are experiencing the birth. Some are the midwives. Some are the helpers. These roles may switch later. We are living in important times." Writing by Drunvelo Melchizedek that was sent to me later seemed to validate this. Thank you Ashtar. Would you like to expand upon this for us now?

Ashtar: Yes dear one. The times that you are coming upon are going to be very, very wonderful and you are going to begin experiencing them even before you get to the Fifth Dimension. In the past this has been called The Golden Age; some have called it The New Age. It will be a time when love springs forth into the hearts of people. This is not going to come automatically but with the energy tightening it should come naturally. Just like any other manifestation, the Golden Age is something that needs to be manifested by people. The energies can help but it is the people who will bring it forth. The more people who know this and understand this the better, because at that time their intention will assist and spreading the word to others will magnify these ideas.

We, the People Must Assist

Now manifestation boils down to three simple concepts. First is to have the vision. The vision, in this instance, is The Golden Age on Earth with the Fifth Dimension looming in the distance. In this instance, I would say that which will assist with the vision, to bring it into reality would be through prayer or meditation. Holding the vision is a spiritual concept that we have taught you and that those in spiritual or metaphysical study know about. It is the way things are manifested from Spirit. If one in Spirit wants an apple, they hold the vision of what an apple looks like and it appears in one's hand. Things happen quickly here. There must be intent. Intent is the second factor because if you simply pray and meditate without any feeling going through your emotional body, nothing will happen. With intent comes the desire and the formulation of a plan. You need that feeling aspect in order to manifest. Emotions need to come forth. The third factor is action. You need a plan and follow that plan. There has been much action on the Earth this past year. There have been people gathering in the centers of cities and walking for peace. They have been stating their truth and they have been adamant about it. The people who are walking and demonstrating in the streets are doing it for their own purposes and they are trying to manifest something that they believe in very strongly. They've got the intent and they had the vision. They are there and they are doing it. In the end, all of those people want peace. They want to manifest peace. What they're actually manifesting is The Golden Age on the planet and isn't that wonderful!

Now, there are many other actions that could be taken. You don't have to get out on the street with signs and state your truth loudly. There are many things that you can do in order to manifest The Golden Age. You can think about those. You might start with your own relationships, your own way of interacting with people or your own choices with regard to your activities and social life. It's all a matter of deciding to do something that is somewhat different. Take an action that is going to bring peace to the world and start it with yourself in your own family circle. Continue it with everybody you talk to on the telephone or on the street, visiting or any other situation that comes about. I cannot stress too strongly the importance that this peace is going to come from you. The Golden Age is going to come from your desire, your intent and your love. You dear ones, are going to bring it through and we in Spirit are pushing you.

Give TLC to the Relationship You Have With Yourself

Ariana: Ashtar, Sandora brought through a paragraph of information last week from you. I would like to read it and maybe you will have a few more comments. This came through on December 31. Sandora wrote, "We are to do everything we can to defend ourselves against negativity. We are going over a big hump and negativity will do as much as it can before we are fully in the Light. The negativity is like an animal that has been cornered and is doing all it can to do a final lunge. That means we are to do all the good for ourselves that we can do. It includes thinking positively and doing fun things as well as eating and drinking lots of good nourishment and keeping up our energy. Being in nature helps greatly, especially in water and sunshine. We are to do our best, whatever is best for our own health and well-being, as well as Mother Earth's health and well-being. We are going to make it. Keep the faith dear ones; keep the faith. This is Ashtar, sending love and wishing everyone the very best in the New Year and beyond."

Ashtar: I think what Sandora received was well put and she received my intention beautifully. I thank you for taking this message. You received a message also from Sananda. Could you please read that?

Sandora: Sananda came to me and said, "In 2004 we are to be more conscious of what we do and think, for our health and well being to increase. No matter what is going on around us in the world, we are responsible for our own world and way of living. We need to stay centered at all times. It may take a bit of work but practice makes perfect."

Ashtar's Assignments For You

Ashtar: As I mentioned before, your "assignment" this year is to come from love in all situations in your life and one of your most important situations is your relationship with yourself. Many people rush through life going to work, doing jobs and living from day to day in that type of an atmosphere. I am asking you to slow down. Slow down and smell the roses. Soon you will be able to do that with a clear conscience. Go out in nature and breathe that wonderful air but not when it's 25 below zero; still that would be good for you if you were healthy enough to stand it. Give TLC to the relationship you have with yourself. It is very important. I would like to give you another assignment for this year and this, by the way, is the first year that I have given you assignments. They are in joy and in fun and they are up to you. The assignment I am going to give you is to buy some self-help books or go to the library and get some self-help books that are new, in other words, just written within the last year or two. Find out what authors are telling you that is good for your mind and your body at this time. It is very important for you to keep up with the times. Authors are inspired to give you what needs to come to the planet, so get some new books, those that would help your body and those that would help your mind. Then start to spread those books around among your friends. See what's available. Think also about the movies that are coming out at this time. You are going to find messages in the movies, as has been the way all along, but the messages nowadays are going to be quite clear. Notice that. As a Lightworker, there's no doubt that you will notice them but as a person who has not yet awakened, these movies will give subtle ideas that will, in time, help to shift the perspective of that person when they awaken spiritually. These movies are doing a big job in the awakening process, so watch what is coming forth. There are going to be some wonderful spiritual movies coming in the next year or two. Notice them, go to them and see what the message is saying. Take your friends, take lots of friends; lots of people need to be awakened.

There Will Be No Need For Death Anymore

Dear ones, as a spiritual person you know and understand the loving guidance that you have that walks with you on another level. Pretty soon you will be able to hold their hand. It will be amazing, will it not? Pretty soon you will also be able to hold the hands of those who crossed over through death. You will be in the same dimension. As it is now, it is possible for you to be in contact with them quite easily. Soon you will be seeing them through your Third Eye. Many are seeing them already. As you go through these experiences and you realize there is no need for death anymore, you will begin to think about your options. Dear ones, with vibrations so high, you will be able to choose to keep your body until you walk through the portal to the Fourth Dimension. All you need to do is to have patience with the Universe as she puts your mind and body through its paces to prepare you for that.

Dalphiaana: That's a wonderful thing to look forward to.

Ashtar: This is another thing you can manifest, yet you must know that it is possible before you can do that manifestation. Now that I have mentioned it to you, the first thing for you to do is to hold the vision of yourself keeping your body and walking into the finer dimensions. You can do this through your prayer and meditation. The next thing to do is to really feel it possible, with your intent, your knowing, this is possible. Form your plan - no funeral for me! This is a celebration! Then go into action. What is your action? That's up to you. I would say that speaking about it to those who would understand would be a good action. This would strengthen your belief system and give them a new concept, a concept that is absolutely unreal to 99% of the people on your planet. Just talking about it, just thinking about it is an action. That could be your action but you might come up with more. For the time being, it is wonderful if you can be in touch with those who have gone through the portals of death in the usual way, your loved ones, your friends. I would suggest that you begin to talk with them either in your mind or speech. They will hear you. Tell them you're coming but you are coming in a different way and they know all about that. They will help to pull you. They will magnetize your energies into that higher dimension along with your will. What I am telling you about now could occur within the next ten years.

Ashtar: This is Ashtar loving you, embracing you, folding you in my love and helping you along your bumpy ride. Now, dear ones, Athena is with us. She would like to give you her own message.

Dalphiaana: Welcome Athena.

Athena's Heart to Heart Message

Athena: There were many times when I lived on planet Earth. I think that I was prepared to help you because of these experiences. I know what it's like to be walking upon the Earth. I know what the emotional experiences are and I know what physical pain is. I remember these things very vividly and so, with my compassion, I believe I can understand some of the things you are going through.

Your Love and Your Faith Will Save You

Many people who live on planet Earth are going to be in fear. This is because of the unusual things that are happening even now or could happen in the future. What I am thinking about at this time are world calamites such as earthquakes and weather systems that are very strong; Mother Nature at her greatest strength. Dear ones, I understand your fears and in the past they manifested only more fear. I would like you to step into the future and if fear comes into your heart, think love. I know this will be difficult but if you think love, then you will be transformed and you will be saved. There will be nothing that can hurt you; nothing that can touch you. It is a great feat of mind control; however, I realize I am asking a lot. If you can transform that fear into love, then you have over-ridden the energies and your life will be saved. There are many things occurring on the planet right now that are amazing and many amazing things will come in 2004. Those in higher dimensions are with you in a very real way and with high intent they are assisting people on the planet. If you happen to be, as an example, in an earthquake and your heart is full of fear, sit back, meditate and come back into love. Dear ones, you will be saved by those of us in finer dimensions. We can assist. There are other ways you can call on our help. We will be there for you. As Mother Earth goes through her changes she wishes to do it without loss of life. In many cases, this is not possible because fear runs rampant and because of certain situations that are beyond her control but we can teleport you from danger to a tranquil meadow. We will be doing this more and more in the future. We have been doing some of this in war-torn countries already.

Ladies Can Manifest Goddess Energy

Those of us in the finer dimensions who are female are coming to the fore. We are wishing to speak through more channels and we are doing that. We are wishing to be role models for you, the human female. We wish to show you strength. We wish to show you the power of the will and we wish to show you the joy of love. In some cases we will be projecting to you in ways that have never occurred before, in ways that are almost miraculous. As your Third Eyes open more and more, you will begin to see us and we will begin to work with you in lovely ways. This is another thing that you can work upon. It isn't something that just happens but something that you can manifest in your life. Just as Ashtar has mentioned, the steps of manifestation are simple.

Dalphiaana: So we think of you in meditation and keep you in mind?

Athena: And the feeling has to be there, the desire, the intent to communicate, the intent to know and to see. then the action. The action in this scenario would probably be to sit in meditation and to receive however the information wishes to come. It will come to different people in different ways. We need more and more people who are willing to channel the female energies of love. We are asking for channels to do this with us. The female energies of Earth need to be strengthened. There is so much unworthiness and so much fragility among them, as they have been browbeaten in many ways. Many of them have come into weakness. It is my mission to assist to strengthen the female human and it is also the mission of many others. You may call us goddesses, if you wish. We wish for you to have a role model and perhaps a goddess would be something that is more real to you and something that you could strive to be. I would love to work with you and with anybody who wishes to do that. We can work together through writing, through your inner knowledge, through the spoken word, through dancing, through art, just about any way that you can imagine or is your forte. We could assist.

Important Message For New Mothers

I have another message for the women and that is in regard to mothers. Dear mothers, at this time when you choose to have children, you can bring forth babies of much love and delight. That has happened throughout history but now you can bring forth children who will assist Mother Earth and all life upon her to move into the higher dimensions. We mentioned earlier, in Ashtar's message, about the Indigo babies. Unfortunately mothers, you do not have a choice. The Indigo baby will come to whatever situation is relevant for that baby and for that family but chances are that you could have Indigo babies. This is not to say that it is such an ideal that it is the only type of baby you want. We don't want you to think that way because the babies on the other rays are also very gifted and quite often they would be more placid. However, if you find after a year or two, that these qualities seem to be emerging in your little one, I would like you to understand what is happening, to go with the flow and to encourage that one. Do not squelch the energies of the Indigo baby or any baby. If you do not understand what they are trying to talk to you about or they are trying to show you, then please just go with it because what that baby is trying to do is to teach you something. If you keep saying no, no, no, no, no, if you are negative and not open to learning, then both of you are going to have relationship problems. Indigo babies are going to teach their parents and their grandparents a new way and as they get older they will go into the community and perhaps public life. They are going to teach masses of humanity. It's going to be really something to see. You, as the mother of an Indigo baby will be kept on the run. You will be kept on your toes. It will become quite the experience. There are books and there are movies with regard to these children now. You will be able to learn more about them. It will be very interesting for you, who are mothers. As you go on into your year, miracles will happen, miracles of joy, of togetherness, of Light and as they occur you, as a mother, will take it in your stride and be open to the joys of love.

This is truly a year of miracles, dear ones. I would predict that there will be a change of consciousness on the planet that will occur naturally as we are giving you this message, which is quite different, I believe, from other New Year's messages you have received in the past. Other channels are receiving similar information. A change of heart, a change of consciousness is ready to occur. The manifestation of The Golden Age is beginning. We wish you all the love and all the joy of this treasure. It is yours to keep. My love goes with you as you go into your year and Dalphiaana with that cold; you are just changing your DNA, my dear. We thank you for participating in the New Year's message. Thank you so much. You will have quite a ride this year. Ashtar and myself are always by your side as are your other guides. Sananda is within your heart at all times.

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Ashtar's New Year's Message for 2004 Spoken through Ariana Sheran Date: January 3, 2004

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"As we become the peace we seek, peace finds its way into the hearts of all beings. This is the miracle we accept, and it is clearly working." -- James Twyman


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