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Alert From The Ashtar Galactic Command To It's EArth Based Volunteers

Through Commander Lady Athea, Ashtar-Athena

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changes loom upon the horizon for the USA and the entire globe. As we have stated before, life can and in most cases will change overnight. Surreal, magical, transformative, startling, unprecedented...all these adjectives could be applied to the times which lie in your planetís immediate future.

Rest assured that we have each and everyone from our fleets sheltered beneath our protective wings. As we have done so often in the past, we can and will now, shift the wavelengths of your dimension slightly off the current timelines to avert any possible threat of jeopardy to our beloved starseed. We utilize this type of maneuver frequently during earthquakes; during volcanic eruptions we reposition you to a slightly different version of reality construct, one wherein you are safely secured.

During one example, the one transmitting this dictation from us and her companion were able to avoid a fatal crash when their car passed right through an overturned truckerís rig. We certainly can and do raise and lower the vibrations of matter to cause it to appear or disappear. Long ago we learned how to travel the timelines and parallel reality scenarios, as well as how to shift, and reposition ourselves and others within them.

Therefore fear not, and remain confident that, as you continue to fulfill your mission assignments, we shall certainly fulfill ours with regard to your safe passage through these times.

The need to be within certain grid placements, and specific alliance with certain ones who are to work together, has caused many of you to make major life changes and relocations. This continues to cause a bit of shifting about as you find your place to hunker down to watch the fireworks, so to speak. Therefore, strive to cultivate the frequencies and associations that are required for the next stage of the mission. To whomever this applies, locate and secure the necessary environment that will provide support and nurture your heightened and refined vibrations. Many of you who are especially sensitive, are finding it challenging to live in areas of great pollution. A few of you hardier ones are led to serve in the very midst of the worst of environments, thriving because of your loving attitude of selfless service.

It is primarily the psychic, mental and emotional pollution that requires addressing; purification of both personal and collective levels is most urgent. With the cascading of light upon the shores of the third dimension, the debris at the depths of the ocean, of unresolved karma is being carried to the surface. Every unresolved issue must be forgiven and released this side of the doorway to the fifth dimension. Therefore strive to operate from the impersonal self and to face these areas with honesty of mind, sincerity of Spirit and detachment and you will be successful. Maintain your own frequency, tending to your own personal and Spiritual connectedness. You may find it wiser to refrain from becoming overly embroiled in the personal karma-dramas of others. Each must face their past and present creations and assume responsibility for dealing with them directly.

You starseed are called to serve as models, way showers and counselors at the highest Spiritual levels of attunement and knowingness. The collapse for many of all that has constituted their physical lives and livelihood will be devastating, and some of these will, perforce be ones that you know and care about deeply, even loved ones. Yet you can only be of assistance by holding your own consciousness poised at the highest levels of Spiritual vision and clarity. You are NOT, we repeat, NOT to become entangled and thereby entrapped in the collapsing third dimensional lives and lifestyles all around you. To observe, to hold consistently steady, and to remain in the serenity of Spirit as ones who know God is the highest form of service.

Both the weather, as well as the electrical grid, will continue to be less and less dependable. Those of you who have been guided to work on creating alternative energy systems will lead the way with solutions and opportunities for new forms of employment. The need for health care that is affordable may lead many in the health care field to join in forming smaller neighborhood medical and surgery clinics. We encourage you to determine ways to collaborate in working in a simpler manner in serving peopleís needs more effectively.

Every one of you has, for years, been preparing for these current times. Each has prepared something to share and contribute. Those of you who have focused upon amassing financial resources and abundance now are positioned to sponsor and finance useful projects. Some have been guided to form self sufficient communities, alternative forms of housing, and creative and efficient methods of providing shelter to house the swelling number of the homeless. As we view it, this will continue to be one of the most pressing needs of the immediate future, the provision of food and shelter.

It is time for those of you blessed with large homes and abundant resources to open your hearts and doors to those whom God sends your way. Many light workers, especially those who have been traveling about for years speaking and teaching, find themselves at this time requiring accommodation. We urge those of you who can make a little space for them in your homes, to do so. Many older light workers, especially, now need your loving provision; we urge you to please be on the look out for them. We from other worlds will increasingly walk the Earth with you in order to better serve your needs. Can we count on the support and assistance of our own? Can we rest confident that you will seek to care and provide for one another?

The time remaining in the world as you know it is short now and we want you to rest assured of the protective cover and provision that we have in place for you. Bear in mind that God works through human instruments in supplying the necessary and the needful. Be aware that this will always be the case cultivate awareness. Overcome every lower tendency to remain aloof from human need. Uproot every trace of selfishness from your nature. Take your brotherís and sisterís need as the measure for your action and share your resources . Cultivate heartfelt gratitude for the great gift of human life and the opportunity to serve as Godís instruments during these prophetic times . Regard the whole of humanity as your kith and kin. Harbor not the slightest trace of prejudice nor dislike towards any race, color, creed, or culture. Love and respect all as members of the family of God, even those who have yet to recognize that relationship. Practice serenity and equanimity in your emotional and mental bodies. That will enable us to count upon you to shine as steady points of Light and service in a world system rapidly undergoing itís demise.

The collapsing of the outgrown and obsolete social systems is not for you to be concerned with. Yours is the heralding of the message of the dawning of an age of Divine Love in which the Lord rules and reigns. It is for you, who see and know from a position of deeper insight and wisdom, to step forward as leaders in a world wide vanguard of brilliant solutions. The kingdom of Heaven is here in you, and as you. That impowered and transcendent state is calling all who would, to enter now. Proceed in the unfolding of the Divine Plan, at a progressive pace, proactive every day, within the flow of Spirit. Allow time each day to share your heart and thoughts with The Beloved. Dwell in the Lordís sweet presence, listen to his heart, sing out his Name with love and devotion.

Bring balance and beauty to every area of your life, with nothing in excess. Your creative expression, your laughter, your resources, and your Spiritual abilities, peace and joy are to be shared with all. Continue to practice patience in terms of your personal plans, goals and projects. Many factors must come together, not only for you, but for those who are to share the next cycle of the mission with you. Affirm that Godís timing, and perfect order prevail in your life and affairs. You will neither miss your timing, nor your opportunities, so have no concern about that. We have you covered as you would say.

From our octave, April through August 2004 of your calendar does seem to be the convergence point for many events to impact your world. We are aware of your great desire to rejoin us upon a more tangible level. That desire is to be fulfilled...sooner than you may realize...and in a manner as yet unimagined. Take heart Beloveds and be of good cheer for the joy that is there for you to embrace, is great indeed. Therefore think miraculously, act generously and enjoy the magical ďpresto changoĒ, as one obsolete world is totally replaced by one of sublime beauty.

Things are not as they seem on the surface, therefore learn to see with your heart. Follow the up welling of love in your heart for that is how the Holy Spirit guides you. Note also the correction of the Holy Spirit, which swiftly follows any form of unloving, negative interchange with another. Let the seriousness of the, so termed practical mind, take a long, much needed vacation! Seek out the company of Those who, like yourselves, KNOW. They may be considered more precious than diamonds, yet we counsel you to ask seek and find such ones of pure heart...devoid of self promotion, and radiant with universal love. Dwell peacefully in their midst and witness the Hand of the Lord deliver Terra Christa...the new Earth Child.

Adonai my Hearts, this is your Ashtar loving you always, and sharing the collective sentiments of the Brotherhood of Light and the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Ashtar-Athena SherAn & Solariel St Mary-Michael

Ashtar Command Heart Center

( 517 ) 719 - 9835 cell