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Message From Ashtar - April 10, 2003

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the times for which you came to this planet. These are the times in which you can be of the most glorious service. This is not a world collapsing around you that you see, it is a new one being born. It is the old, decaying structures being removed to make way for a brilliantly shining new way of life on Earth. You are the midwives for the birth of this new Earth, you have come here to infuse your planetary consciousness with higher energies, energies of unconditional love. You cannot do this, Beloved Ones, if you are quaking in fear, and standing in judgment upon the decisions of your governing powers. Know that all ! these events that are playing out upon your world stage are, in fact, a part of the plan, and must be in place in order for the old to fall away. We of the Ashtar Command and the Legions of Light are working in many dimensions of reality to assist you in birthing this new paradigm of earthly life. You are not alone, you are not unprotected, and you are, each and every one, dearly loved. Now is a time in which you are being called to choose which energies you will align with. The higher calling, for which you came to this planet, is to align with the power of love, and by so doing, move up and out of fear and intimidation.

Beloved Ones, this is truly not a battle between light and dark, for ultimately one cannot exist without the other, and all emanates from Source, from the One. You are eternal Spirit and you cannot be harmed. When you bind yourself to fear and condemnation, you are completely minimizing your own strength and power, you are not serving in the highest capacity that you could. You are, each one of you, energetic beacons for the higher light, in each and every moment of your embodiment. When you become fearful, you smother your own light. Know that within you lies your very own I AM presence, your own Higher Consciousness. As you call it forth into this dimension, it will provide you with an infinite tower of strength. You are multidimensional masters, those of you who align with the vibration of Ashtar. Wake up, those of you who are still napping, and come out into the light of day. You are not powerless victims, each one of you has a specific and important part to play in t! his evolutionary leap your planet is taking.

You are hearing and reading many things in the way of negative prophecies and speculations because indeed these are the "end times." Most of these prophecies and speculations contain very little truth. The actual truth is that reality is ever-changing. There have already been an infinite number of changes in projected scenario for these times on earth. Thanks to much hard and successful work by those who serve the Light, much in the way of devastation, destruction and hardship has already been averted. You, indeed, Beloved Ones, have exceeded all our expectations with your tenacity and perseverance. Your planetary ascension is very much on track and ahead of schedule. It cannot be stopped by any opposing force. The collective consciousness of Gaia and her life forms has spoken its desire. Please remember these, my words, before allowing yourself to become distressed over the various scenarios and prophecies you come across. These are also times in which many others will b! e trying to tell you what you should be doing, thinking, saying, "for your own protection and welfare." I stress, Beloved Ones, that these are times to listen to your own heart, to cultivate and practice your own skills of discernment. Do this in both spiritual and earthly matters. If you must ask yourself if something is true or not, then it probably is not true. If it sounds outlandish, then it most likely is. Each of you has the innate capability to discern your own truth. It is very important, during these stressful times, that you learn to use that skill. Look within, and to your own I AM presence for your guidance, rather than seeking answers from others. You are the only one who can give yourself peace within.

Beloved Ones, it is TIME to become the multidimensional masters that you are. It is time to contact and bring forth the God-presence within yourselves. This God-Presence is your lighthouse and your energetic beacon. When you are fearful, you are denying it, you are denying Who You Are. Now is the time to pay attention to yourself, your own inner promptings, and leave the business of others and the world alone. Stay away from your earth media and sources of communication which you know to be sources of upsetting information. Be still, breath, and focus upon the world that you would choose to create. Leave the present drama to play itself out, and it will, as it helps the collective consciousness of earth to go higher. Do not sit in judgment of others, or yourself, as you have all played on both sides of the playing field. Attend to your own lives, follow your own intuitions about where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Now is the time to simply "BE" in the stil! lness of the Great I AM. Now is the time to move above the drama playing out around you, and to concentrate on staying in a place of inner peace. You will all be called to serve, in various ways, during the coming few years. You will need to be in that place of peace in order to fulfill your assignments. If you declare your intent to have this peace and mastery, you will be assisted at all time by those of us in the higher dimensions, but it is you who must make that choice, you who must call it forth. NOW is the time of choosing, Beloved Ones. You cannot choose peace without first becoming that peace within yourselves. You cannot choose love while clinging to fear. You cannot change a world without changing yourself first. Although we are with you, we are supporting you, it is your life, your planet, your choosing. The more of you who choose love rather than fear, the faster and smoother your planetary transition will be. Whatever you choose, still know that you are very m! uch loved and honored. You ARE the earthly embodiment of the Ashtar Co mmand and the Legions of Light. Do not forget that for a moment.

I AM Ashtar

(through Reniyah)