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Ashtar answering questions in Bellevue, WA, February 24, 2007

Susan Leland

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e are those who are, humm, signing papers, humm, giving their word, even to those Ambassadors of Light, who have come to visit them, and they are very programmed, so they stand in the way. They have stood in the way. They have been, shall we say, glitches, and stops, and barriers in the past, blocks as it were. Will it happen? Will the monies be distributed? Absolutely! We told you NESARA is real, and a part of that happening is the abolishment of what you call the Fed.; the abolishment of other institutions. And quite frankly you've built up quite a stack of laws that are in direct violation of that which is most sacred to the country, and that is, of course, the Constitution.

"There will be a massive distribution of wealth. What is that distribution about? It is about reparations. It is about providing this means to everyone to follow their passions, as opposed to being enslaved. It is all real. It will all happen. Do not get too fixated upon an order of happenings. Do not get too much into the details of exactly who says what to whom, and how it all comes about. There are many scenarios.

"Know you Plank's Law? You have heard it spoken before. There are many possibilities and potentials, of which several stand out as the highest probabilities. We have suggested that you participate in what is called the impeachment process, and that you send light to the Ambassador, and to all of those who are working to make this a reality. But it is only one scenario of what could happen. There are many possibilities. Whichever possibility actually becomes grounded in 3D will set the timeline, or the flow of events, from that particular moment, the nanosecond, on...

"Which one comes out into full acknowledgment in this, what you call your third dimension, and remember we have said there are actions that need to be manifest in 3D, in order to simply propel you up and out of 3D. It's like, OK, you've got the rocket, but you'd better light it, or it's going to stay on the ground. Does that make some kind of an easy vision?. So what we are suggesting that you do, and this is so appropriate is it not, as Lights, Beacons and Light Workers, and so on, that you light the rockets? You see? So, by all means follow the news behind the scenes, if you choose to do so.

"Allow yourself to be a co-creator of the outcome, knowing what the outcome is, the big picture of the outcome. Allow yourself to participate, if you choose to do so, beyond your own self in a 3D manner, if you choose to do so. By the way, here is a suggestion for you. If you choose to attend that which is called a rally, or a demonstration, to support the impeachment, and if you choose to carry a sign, or you know, paint a slogan upon your forehead, or whatever you choose to do, it'll be much more powerful if it comes from Love, than if it says, you know, down with, you know, their names, or labels.

"How about Peace? How about Freedom? How about lighting Lady Liberty? Let's light her up! You know those kinds of things that paint a picture, that is a joyful picture, for those who see you, who hear your words, and perhaps read your signs to envision. If you speak out, it is much more powerful and empowered to keep yourself in that high vibration of Love and Light, and to send empowerment to this payment, to the announcement of NESARA. And we would remind you that some of the key components of NESARA may be enacted in 3D, or manifested in 3D, prior to any official announcement, because things have changed somewhat.

"Do you see what we are saying? It is still most likely the strongest probability, is that NESARA will be quite evident, or very much in evidence, before the funds are distributed on a large scale. The reason being because - do you want to talk about a wake up call? What will NESARA be? There will be headlines around the World, that a part of NESARA has been enacted, and they don't even have to say, 'Welcome Lady Nesara.' It could be that that which you mentioned, the Fed, is abolished.

"The Treasury shall now be full of gold, and your currency shall now have gold backing it, yes behind it, so that it shall be of value in this brief transition time, because we are going beyond money. That is a part of the Ascension Process. There will be no such thing as money. The value will be in you, and the Love you are, and that is all that will be necessary. But, do you see what we're saying? You can empower it, because you are a powerful being.

"It must exist in the higher dimensions as an energy of Love. It is just like the discussions that we have had about Peace. Peace cannot be won through war. You cannot sue for Peace. You cannot impose Peace. You cannot enslave, and create Peace out of fear.

"Peace, true and lasting Peace, the Peace of the higher dimensions, has but one creative source, and that is Love, and it is the Peace of the Heart. So everything that you do, whether it be a recognizable 3D activity to anyone, whether they are awake or not, or whether it be that some would miss it, because they are just not seeing the Light yet.

"If you will, empower it from the Heart. This is why we spend time as you know it, as it passes in your gatherings, empowering from that place of bringing the Love into the Heart, and when you do that and empower all of your creations with that Love, it becomes Truth, because Love is the real Truth of the Universe. It is the most basic and fundamental of Truths. And the reality of it is, that when everything is done with Love as an ingredient, it is the highest form of expressing Truth, and it works. So if you choose to engage in co-creating, if you will do it from that high vibrational space; it has that Truth of Love with it.

"It will be brought from the high dimensions into that which you call 3D. It will open up eyes. It will wake people up, and it will create a desire in others to get on that path. And so it comes, and it rises. What goes around, comes around. You can think of it as circular, because that's the Truth of how it is. It's not just a line, any more than time is just a line. You see? So empower and create, but at some point let go of the actual, what you call, the moment by moment events, and just know that the greatest Truth is that Love shall prevail, because it already has. The Golden Age is here. This is the age of Aquarius.

"This is the age of Peace upon planet Earth, and whatever might seem contrary to that, put the Light of Love on it, and let it go. And so it is. And if you go to one of these rallies, or whatever, do so, and bring the Love to it. Walk among all, and let your Light shine, and you are doing your mission with impeccable integrity. Truth - Love is Truth. It is what is real. It is what will remain real as you travel upon your paths. So Light up with it, and keep yourselves lit!

"And Congratulations, you have accomplished much already, and you are Light Workers in the world, and you shall radiate, and shine even more in the next moment than you do in this one. Just as you are infinitely loved, and it only grows. And so it is. "

Susan Leland 2007. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.