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Ashtar Message March 14, 2004

Through Ariana Sheran

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oice. I am putting this idea to you now so you will be able to make wise decisions.

No matter what events transpire or what news is told, choose to look at the scenario with the eyes of love. Choose to listen with the ears of kindness. Choose to react with a heart of compassion. If revelations seem dire and the actions of others seem mercenary or cruel, set your indignation aside, send Pink Light to the situation and know that all of God's children are worthy of forgiveness.

For all dear souls have been set on their path of personalized education and the experiences they chose were necessary for their learning. Some of the situations may seem very far out in comparison to a normal human's daily life. We are asking you to stretch the level of your awareness to include all extremes of behavior.

The basic underlying reason for souls to incarnate on planet Earth is to experience and through the playing out of relationship challenges as well as schemes the criminal mind may conjure up, the result is ultimately spiritual growth. That is what the soul is striving for and it is achieved in a myriad of ways while a person lives their life. Basically though, it is achieved through experiencing, after which there is a return to love. People go through the most unlikely situations to put them into the right position for introspection, forgiveness and a return to knowing God and feeling love.

Dear ones, you know in your heart that there is a grand plan afoot, which is being played out now. The time has come for you to make your choice if you have not already done that, to follow the Light or to choose the alternate path. Most of you, who are reading this message, have already chosen the Light so you are ready for the next step. That step is through using your love to be of service.

There will be much confusion in the minds of your relatives, your friends and your neighbors who do not yet understand what massive changes are occurring over the entire Earth. I am asking you to simply be there for them. Help people through; help them understand when they are ready to ask questions or comment. Be a calming influence in the lives of everybody you touch, no matter what scenario is being played out in your lives or in the world.

Prepare yourself for this level of service by going within. Meditate and state your intention to the Universe. In this way, your guidance will know your intent and be able to support you in a more defined manner.

Meditate on a regular basis also, in order to strengthen that calm pool of love that lies inside of you. It will assist you to always come from your heart in all situations.

I am Ashtar, always with you on levels of love.

Received by Ariana Sheran by Handwriting

Date: January 13, 2004

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