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Ashtar Through Yeoda

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y distractions so it is imperative that you do not argue among your ranks. Beloved one, remember who you are. Remember why you are here. Does it matter one iota if another believes something you do not? That is called free will my dearest ones. Does it matter one iota if another chooses to not believe what you try so hard to convince him or her? No of course it does not. You waste so much light energy trying to change another's view point when it is of no consequence if they do not believe you.

I have come here today to say to the doubters, I care not if you believe or accept my presence, I am that I am. I care not if you stray from your journey. That is your choice and eventually I will greet you in your ascension. I care not if you scoff at the truth messages we bring for that too is your choice. But more importantly the reason I care not is because I love you. Yes love. My mission is not affected by your opinion of who or what I am.

My mission and my presence is that of the father's design, and the brothers of the light who have supported and uplifted your planet and protected you so well for so long still await your ascension, but I do ask indeed that you allow your fellow travelers to have their truths without having to defend themselves constantly from your negative attitudes.

I have waited and watched for change among you and I have waited and watched for some sign that you were open to insight and growth but it has not been forthcoming.

Be careful oh you dissenters for indeed it is not the lightworkers that you injure but yourselves. Many of you have carried your manipulative ideas and attitudes from other life experiences and they can be a great nemesis for you and in that respect a wonderful gift from God. For indeed as you uncover these nemeses you have a wonderful opportunity to go into the silence of your beings and remove these things that keep you from the truth.

I beseech you each one to stay focused on your journey and your collective ascensions for indeed the time is nigh - that which you have come to do is very near to manifestation - search within you now and decide - know where you are journeying and re-intent your contracts. Open wide your hearts and very souls to the inflow of the highest light energy ever sent to your beautiful planet. Choose now dearest ones, choose now. This very moment you have the opportunity to walk in peace.

As you choose love and peace great waves of light energy sweep forth from your being carrying your love and light to all levels of humanity. To all levels, beloved ones, if the balance is to be manifested do not allow a moment of darkness or negativity to enter your consciousness for you are powerful indeed - by your thoughts and your visions and intents the pendulum swings first this way and then that.

To my beloved ones who work with me and who love me - forgive me my silence for what seems to be a long time for you in your illusion of linear time. I have never left you without comfort or protection - know that I am closer to you than you realize and you have only to trust in my presence and I am here for you. My gratitude is great for the awakened ones who accept and send forth my communications. To those of you who are still trying to connect to me I say this; Please know that within your heart you have a strong connection to me but you have a choice - yes a choice dear ones. Call me to come and I will help you to have a closer connection to me. Call me as you go to your rest at the end of your daily tasks - I will come and work with you on the inner planes to assist you in your awakening. The key to my presence is love. Love beloved ones, love.

That is the currency I require. I have need of no other.

Part of my work with humanity at this time of great change is to awaken the sleeping ones. Allow me to work with you and we will join together in brotherhood and love. Many of you are aware of my presence on the inner planes yet you are still afraid - so be it. I will not force you - I will not judge you. I will love you and encourage you.

Do not be afraid that you will be left behind in the process of ascension for indeed you will not. How could you be? How could you possibly fear that The Father would forsake you? Fear not. Go about your business and turn away from those of differing concepts who stir you to defend me or yourselves. Go about your business for indeed you are workers in the army of the most high. There is not one among you who is not known to me. I will continue to work with each one of you within the framework of your individual contracts. If you are given a transcript of a message that is claimed to be from me and it does not resonate within your being as truth, then turn away but do not judge the messenger. I am an entity of love and compassion and I do not waste my time bringing forth communications which have no purpose but to manipulate and confuse you.

Know this to be truth forevermore.

I am Ashtar signing off.

So be it.