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Through Mark Stearn

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lective intents of light-servers. You are creating a worldwide situation of panic within certain souls that wish to perpetuate the old world dream. It has taken direct intervention from us your friends to turn the tide of the world dream. We are already among you now. We walk side by side with you as you move through the day. It is a simple shift of consciousness and you will know that we are forever by your side. We have awaken the vortexes deep underground and these are sprouting up new consciousness streams all over the world. The veil is wearing thin. It is being bombarded with thought forms of hope by beautiful hearts all over the globe. We currently fill your skies. As I have said the veil is wearing thin and the time is fast approaching when you will be visually aware of us.

Our presence really can be denied no longer. What is being witnessed now is the collective awakening to the truth of the world. There is tide among tide of change underway. Its momentum is constant and it is unstoppable. As I have said the veil is being taken down by the love sprouting up through the planet's heart vortexes. There is a new unified field of consciousness that was put in place yesterday by many awakened hearts. This new field is piercing the dream of the world. The entire show is opening up. Currently surrounding your earth are legions of the destroyer force angels that are present to wrap up the world dream even as we speak. The intent behind unleashing the truth of the light is creating pressure. The world illusion is coming apart at the seams. It is not before time. We admire and acknowledge your tremendous capacity for moving with the tide of incredible change you have all been experiencing since the global awareness of ascension was activated. As a matter of interest, I thought it might interest you to know that the ascension process was initially awakened in the early part of the last century by Maitreya Buddha from the Himalayas.

It has been carefully guided ever since by certain planetary guardians of consciousness. The new world is now being put in place by awakened hearts that are master craftsman of this task of forming a new world out of the bones of the old. You are in zero point at this stage beloved friends and from our perspective you weather the task so very well. The structures in place are being crippled by the awakening light in each heart that embraces the truth. It is pouring in from every corner of the globe and is being passed out to enliven humanity. No doubt you have all been experiencing the sensation of 'strangeness' in the air over the past three to four days. This has been the growing awareness of humanity. The world dream has in a sense come to a stop in it's momentum and it is being taken apart by awakened hearts. Awakening is naturally being stirred in all corners of the world. What will begin to transpire in the next four to six days is the world order will come apart at the seams. All will begin to align with the greater heart of the great central sun and consciousness will shift forever. The consciousness shifting will be like a great tidal wave of anticipation followed by an acute zero point awareness. It is then that you will all notice that you are in a fresh new world. Very little will seem to have changed at first but the heart awareness of humanity will have changed forever.

How you perform your lives will be like starting the earth game afresh. New ways of living in awareness of the great central sun will graciously engage your heart awareness and it is then you will notice the unity that begins to suddenly be the order of the day. The veil will lift like a shroud in this time and there will be much mist as the veil finally clears and returns home. Then we are among you dear friends. You will be aware of us in all ways. The formation of the new world is up to each heart that freely embraces the truth. There is no order other than the guidance of the great central sun that will awaken you like a flower blossoming into the infinite light of the sun. What can I say dear hearts. You already know all this! This has happened countless times before in countless dimensions and realities. You know what is ahead and are surely awakening every step of the way. The growing light of the ascendant is currently putting all that is false to rest. It will soon be a time of rest for all hearts that laboured long and hard to put together the new world. The global expansion of consciousness has always been a collective effort and we forever take our hats off to you. I will keep you all updated regularly over the coming times. Until next time.

Your humble friend,