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Ashtar: Staying Centered; Changes In Perception; Coming Home

Paul Walsh-Roberts

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ou. You are reaching more deeply within yourself than you ever have. Each moment is an opportunity to know yourselves more deeply.

This is Ashtar of the Galactic Command. We—that is to say, all contingents of the Command—have spent several years now in observation, observing your world, observing your progress. This observation has come following a period of intense application to the restructuring of the geometry of your world in order that it would be stable enough to undertake this ascension; in order that you people would be stable enough to undertake this ascension which is essentially a destabilising transformation for you. It even takes you to a point of consciousness that is less stable than you have experienced in your memory. Yet it has a greater potential for continuity.

Yes, it is a great joy to share with you. Do not think of it as an interjection. We are observers at this time. But it is worthwhile mentioning in observation that as the passing, old and tired energies of your world become shattered as they are at this time, new opportunities are growing. There is a chaos, a distress even, in the Humanity... which is a healthy sign of this transformation. Do not be perturbed by the disturbances, by the interruptions to your stillness. By all means be interrupted, but find your centre. Always find your centre. Always find your stillness. Always continue loving.

There are so many of the contingents of the Galactic Command that have elevated their own consciousness through their services to your world. And as they rest in observation, so do they gather rewards. They are not without their disappointments, either, because, as it turns out, there are elements of your world, there are contingents of the souls of your world, who will not undertake the transformation. It is so. It has become certain. As this takes place then the souls become dispersed energetically, dispersed so that they are less bonded together. When they are less bonded together then their retrieval is less traumatic.

You are all coming home. Yes home, home, home. Home like you have never known; home none the less. You have mistaken your homes in your world. Those are but resting places—cafes on the journey of enlightenment. Yes. And on your journey of enlightenment, as we have said, you are coming to a point when you will be requiring your dedication, your persistence, your focus. But I warn you to stop short of stubbornness; it is not a time for inflexibility. Harness your focus, your determination. Be clear in your intentions.

You see, in all of the communications that come to you, yes it is to encourage you, it is to provide your awareness, to help you build your light quotient, to bring you forth into a clearer more stable understanding of your divinity, to magnetise you to your Godhood; to magnetise your world to a greater existence a greater plane of being. Yes, all of those things. But the communication now has a main purpose to bring your world to action; to call you to action. That is why your dedication, your focus, your determination is required; and your will. As you learn to blend those qualities with the Power and the Love of your new consciousness, you will come forth.

Yes, there will be divisions. It has already been said. Ignore the divisions. Come back to your centre. Come back to your centre. Do not allow the interruptions to drag you off course. Well, not in the long term. We understand that they will tempt you off course into the dramatics of the transformations that are taking place, since you ego is still attached to such things. But you will elevate beyond that. So keep finding your centre. That is all that is required—to remember your clearest, your highest intentions; to remember your Divine Will; to remember your spirit, your essential core being that is coming to Light. That is to say, coming to your awareness as well as integrating in the journey into Light. We observe. It is tempting for us, I might say, to dabble in your goings on but we do not. But your world is extraordinary. The temptation is so great.

For one, for one perception, one point of perception—that is I, Ashtar—I would say it has become quite strange. It has been for... well, for several thousands of your years that my input has been constant, whereas before that it was rather more part time! But I have been brought into the realm of what in your terminology, in the frequency of your communication in your world, you would call Lord. But it is really a change in perception. And as I have said, it has made things strange because it means my perception underwent a great expansion a couple of your decades ago. And so I see your world differently than I did whilst I was taking part in its reconstruction on a more hands-on level. I now learn and stabilise my new consciousness. I am telling you this is with the intention that you would allow yourself to mellow a little, allow yourselves to expand your awareness. It will be strange because when you see more than you had seen before, when you are able to see further than you did, it can be unnerving and destabilising. But it will become stable. It will come to a point of reality for you.

Yes your world is changing and yes it will have great divisions, far reaching adjustments. A depth of change that many will simply not be able to manage. But most will. Most will surprise themselves with their ability to adjust and come forth. You will even forget what you had been, the way your world had been in such agony, in such distress. You will forget all that. Love is such a consuming magnet and its attraction is upon you. Your world is drawn to it automatically, and the closer it comes, the more rapid is the journey. As you speed through your experiences, continue to value them. Our observation is that those who fall away from the path are those who have forgotten the value that is in it. Remind yourselves perpetually of the true value of learning in each moment. Remind yourselves that the purpose of your journey is far greater than the actions you have ever undertaken. And so we call you to action in a new way—action from your centre, but action. This is not a time of theory, it is a time of action in your world.

I am Ashtar. The Galactic Command continues in some of its work as it is required but might I say that the work is so completely achieved that there is little to do at this time but watch. We thank you for all of the entertainment but, in truth dear ones, we thank you for your coming nearer. It is the reward. And we welcome you home. Welcome.