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Ashtar On 9/9/9

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** "Well, `tis a most significant day! In terms of the World, it is going to be a stop and breathe point, a measuring point. It is going to be a day upon which a person can ponder, if they so choose, what has been going on. They will have more information by that date. That is, the World at large will have more information, and so what will happen is that there will be a grand awakening on a much larger scale than has happened.

"Now, the most important ones to wake up have done so, that is you yourself, and the other leaders in this time of transition for Planet Earth. But, the number of awakeners is going to be exponentially increased by that date of 9-9-9. And that is a grand culmination date as we said. That is a 'Stop and take stock date.' That is a date of, 'We have come this far. This is what we have accomplished. This is where we are. This is what we are beginning to recognize as the Truth, because the history/herstory has been so subverted by those who would have people, and indeed the entire Planet, kept in fear.'

"And fear, that is the lies that have been promulgated to promote fear, are themselves the most toxic form of pollution upon the Planet. And you know all of this. We do not give dates, but 9-9-9 is a date that will happen. It is happening. It is on the calendar. It is bound to happen, so to speak.

"Now, there are events that are planned, and events that will not happen. There are events that will seem to be happening at first, but they will literally boomerang, if you will, back upon those who perpetrated the events. You were speaking of this. This is truth. It is much more fruitful to people, that is they can recognize Truth easier, when something happens before their very eyes.

"It is not so easy for them to recognize Truth when it is going to sound so different from that which has been drilled into them, that is this false history/herstory that has been programmed, you might say for the Planet, for eons. And therefore it is very difficult for people listening to the Truth to accept the Truth, because they have all of these old programs running. Do you see what we mean?"

Tom: "Yes!"

Ashtar: "So look for 9-9-9 to be a date of information, Truth coming through more, people really starting to rub the sleep out of their eyes, and open up, a lot of them receiving this for the first time. This Truth has been trying to make its way into the hearts and minds of every, every living being upon Planet Earth. The other Kingdoms have no problem with it. They know it. They've known it all along.

"It is simply the Kingdom of the Human that is having difficulty with this. But, as you know, there are so many voices who are shouting the Truth now, and those who are turning their backs to it are going to be greatly diminished in number by that date of 9-9-9. Now that is happening very quickly is it not? It is less than two weeks in your time.

**"Indeed! And as we have said 9-9 is going to be a date, which is because of the sacredness of the date, because of its numerological influences, it is a date upon which many, many more people are going to say, 'The drama is over. It is time for the new life, the new World to begin.' Do you see what we're saying?"

Tom: "Yes!"

Ashtar: "Now there will be imprecise moments within the individuals involved. Your Planet has roughly six billion individuals, so you can imagine that not everyone is going to reach that conclusion at precisely the same moment, however there will be ongoing moments throughout the whole of that date that will create impetus for the next event to happen.

"Now regarding those who don't want to give up; their numbers are dwindling. Their resolve is being shaken. The more that comes out, the more there is to be knowing about, and the more their numbers are dropping.

"So it is a matter of coming into the situation yourself, and for yourself, and just being generally aware of the greater awareness that is developing around these particular events.

"Now the main event of course is not the 9-9-9 date, as much as it is the 9-11 date.**** The 9-9-9 is sort of like the quietness, the going within, the stop, pause and take a look. And when we say take a look, we're talking about allowing the truth, the wisdom of it all to come through into one's conscious being, and to resonate greatly within that vast chamber, known as the heart. Do you see what we're saying?"

Tom: "Right!"

Ashtar: "So it may come in audibly, it may come in visibly, it may come in, in just a knowing sixth sense as people call it, or the psychic ways, or however it comes in. It needs to be something that comes in not only to the conscious mind, and this is of course where the great brain and the wisdom 'I' will be in cooperation with each other; you might say fine tuned harmony, or resonance.

"And then there is also the matter of resonating within the heart. Now we have been doing a great deal of work in this area of the heart, because the heart is the key center for decision making. Now that may sound a little bit strange, especially to one such as you. Now you're quite well balanced, and you do have an excellent brain working, and you know that...."

**Indicates deletion of private material, pertinent only to Tom

****Clarification from Ashtar: "9-11 will be a date for lightworkers around the world to stand forth and join together in profound and powerful healing of the entire Planet and all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms!"

© Susan Leland and Tom T, 2007. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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