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Weekly Message: Ashtar Command, February 27, 2003

Through Nancy Tate

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ou a long pause in communication. To us here in the Ashtar Command it is but a second. We are most pleased to be in communication with you and we will bring to you a caricature of all the lifetimes that have happened on the earth in the time of the infiltration of all the angels that have walked in honor and among the brethren of this existence.

It is a long time coming this reunion with this one. We are pleased to be of service, and wish to come to the assistance of humanity through this one in the times to come. We honor the wonderful work that is taking place on the earth at this time, and we are circumspect in the travails that are encompassing the earth in these days of sojourn on the planet.

There is a great deal of controversy that is taking place that needs clearing up. This is to do with the attempts of the hierarchy to infiltrate the auspices of the people of the land. This is going to come to and end in the time to come, for there is a movement taking place that warrants the attention of the ones who would seek to keep the people in the dark as to their goings on.

Believe me my friends, there is a coming day when the cards will all be laid on the table, and the game will take on a different meaning. There will not be any more time to secure a mask over the face of the beast, as is now the case. The forces of might and justice are waving the flag of truce; and their governship is coming into the continuation of the sheep of the fold in the interpretation of the masses

We speak now with the authority that has been handed us by the citizenship of the earth. There has been a dependence called for in the intervention of the angelic forces of the Light. These Light beings are using their majesty to rule the cosmos with the hand of the Holiness of God. The sovereignty of all of you has spoken, and the rightness of the action has been considered for the development of the truce on earth, and the coming to a decision of the hierarchy of the Heavens.

My friends, we of the Ashtar Command wish to inform you of the direst of concerns. There is no longer any need to bring the stewardship of earth into the hands of the mighty, for it is in the hands of the mighty angels that are yourselves. You are the mighty hierarchy, and you rule the progress with which we serve the cause that you bring forward. In your amnesia, you follow the path that is foremost in your illusionary world. It is the innermost beingness that speaks to us of your sovereignty. It is the Holiness of your knowingness that beckons to us of the light that shines in the window of your soul. There is a coming together of all the people of the world in a common cause for peace and justice. This is the result of the awakening beauty that lies within each and every one of you.

Come to the throne and see how it fits. Open the door and walk into the chamber of your sleep, with your eyes wide open. This is the coming of the interaction with the cosmos that has been promised for so long. You will be reuniting with the family that loves you, and the movement of the ages has deepened that love. You are coming back with a richness that will propel you into the assemblage of angels that awaits your return. Tell us a story Daddy! Read to me of all your adventures, Mommy! Come and run with me in the fields of clover, and the billions of stars that shine all around dear Brother and Sister! We are awaiting your return, and we love the anticipation.

Thereís a story we here in the cosmos like to banter around. It tells of the group of angels who went to live on a celestial rock in the heavens. They went with the idea of forgetting the rules and making up some of their own. The next thing you knew there was all kinds of drama going on, on that rock. There were squabbles and fights; there were jealousies and hatred. There was picking of quarrels and competition for each otherís fancies. Interspersed between all of this was an occasional remembrance of the love that lived within. There was a blessing of beauty and a song of joy and peace in the land. Books were written, and tales were sung. Ballads were composed and treasures were hidden. Soon, these treasures were forgotten, for the roadmaps to their existence were lost and buried deep in the memories that grew lazy.

Then one day, just as the angels on that rock were about to blow themselves to smithereens, along came a beautiful white dove, a bird of peace that swooped down and encircled all the angels with its wings. Then the dove crooned its tune of peace and love so that all on the rock could hear. Those who were not caught up in the embrace drew nearer and wriggled their way into the spread. It was very warm in there, and the comfort was Divine. Soon it was obvious that the laggers-behind were not going to persuade the others to come out and play with them, and detonate those bombs. So they dragged their heels and dug in their toes and sat on the ground and wept.

Then a wondrous thing happened! The angels who were all safe and warm inside the doveís embrace eased out one by one, two by two, then dozens by dozens until they completely encircled the laggers-on. Then the dove, who knew this was going to happen spread her wings and glided over to the throng who lay on the ground. There she rested her head and allowed the laggers to reach up and touch her beak with fingers so timid and bold at the same time. Then the fingers reached further and touched the tears that moistened the delicate feathers on her face. It was so smooth, and so tender a touch, that she lifted her wings to a far stretch. Then the laggers-on rose and climbed on her back, and bid the others to follow. As they did their wings grew out from their backs, and the glow began to shine the way for the others. These were the angels who were the first to rise, for their descent had been so deep.

It was a grand sight to see, my friends. This small group of fallen angels, who not only fell to the rock in the first place, but this small group fell again when they walked through their humanness; and now they were the first to rise. When the other angels saw the joyful response of the dove in her spread, and her tears, they remembered the song that brought them together at the end of the story on earth. For this end is a beginning and a brand new tale is forming; and the love that is present shall propel them all into the next tale of love. And the dove of the land will come and walk with them all.

You are all those angels, and the dove is the phoenix that rises from the ashes, and there are no souls left for the taking. They are all Godís angels, and they are singing the song that will lift them to the back of the dove.

We leave you now with a song on our lips, and a tear in our eyes for the joy,that comes from this tale that is told round the Heavens, and the rest of the story is grand.

Blessings to you all!

Thank you wonderful Ashtar Command,

Nancy Tate