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"Yes, The Benevolent Space Brothers Are Indeed Coming Down To Save You!!!"

Through Michael Ellegion

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“Greetings, In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, in charge of the Ashtar Command, wanting to comment on a false statement that we have heard used many times by those who tend to be what might be termed ‘cynical’ and even consider themselves as ‘rational thinkers” upon planet Earth in recent decades--many who have been in what would be termed the ‘UFO community.’ “If You Think that the Benevolent Space Brothers Are Gonna’ Come down and Save You , then you are totally Deluded or Mistaken and Not Facing Reality.....” But many of these misguided but well-meaning souls, as well as agents of disinformation who have often used this negative and erroneous statement to debunk and ridicule those who deep down know otherwise--as in the phrase, “KNOW THYSELF”. Such a phrase or statement only shows, to put it another way using slang earthly terms, of how ‘screwed up’ or ‘flawed’ are these one’s negative thinking. They are just unaware of the implications of such DOGMATIC thinking and/or assumptions concerning what Authority we of the higher realms, of the Galactic Federation actually have. This includes our official policies regarding “Laws of Noninterference” referred to as the Galactic Pacts and termed ‘Divine Intervention’, which determines what we are actually allowed to do for the people of Earth, especially under the severe conditions presently facing Earth at this time.

There are even a couple terms or words, which I will mention soon, that are often used by those who would consider themselves very ‘rational,’ ‘levelheaded’ and ‘down to earth’ when making this statement--(and usually they tend to repeat this statement with what would be viewed as a somewhat if not very sarcastic and ridiculing tone to their voice) to those who not only BELIEVE, BUT ALSO KNOW DEEPLY WITHIN that such a reality--is very soon going to occur. We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD AND SPACE SISTERHOOD!!!!!--are in fact going to quote “COME DOWN AND YES, SAVE YOU!!!!” for very obvious RATIONAL and PRAGMATIC reasons, some of which I will be covering.

This statement does not and has never been an excuse for you of earth to just sit back and do nothing, taking absolutely no responsibility for all of the problems and challenges presently facing you. Nor do we sense this is the emotional and psychological response when we monitor those who know this fact, and this knowledge yet has never caused any of you to take a lazy, back seat role being on Earth at this time. In fact, the exact opposite effect has occurred, as many of our Cosmic Psychotherapists, such as Voltra, have observed while monitoring your consciousness in the knowledge of this inspiring and uplifting promise of us ultimately stepping in more overtly. For this knowledge of us helping those of our Volunteers, as well as anyone else on earth desiring a better way of life, we have noted, that being inspired and empowered by this knowledge of rescue, only makes one strive ever harder to fulfill your Missions with greater determination and effort. As the noble beings you are, because you Volunteers all know deep inside, many of you also know consciously, that once we do lift or beam you up, you have to report back to the Higher Councils about your accomplishments. We know none of you would wish to look back with any regrets of what you ‘could or should have done’, as this channel often remarks at his workshops. Instead you will hold your heads high as the noble beings that you are, for with the knowledge and interest of us ultimately SAVING you, this has tended to only spur those of you on to greater and more inspired efforts to help us vibrationally uplift and liberate the planet from those forces of imbalance.

Just from a position of good old fashioned “Galactic Common Sense” which in fact, dictates and makes this very much of a “COSMIC MANDATE”. Now considering the complete circumstances all of the inhabitants of planet Earth are in such dire straights and the fact that if we do not step in very soon, more overtly, in mass, this planet would, in fact, cease to be. With those who have been in power for a very long time and are determined not to step down as we have asked them to do many times and allow us, of the Higher worlds of the Federation, to allow the people, the masses of the Earth who do wish and desire a better way, who have prayed for such an opportunity, to have a chance to live your lives in a truly peaceful and sacred way. This will allow Mother Earth to be transformed, instead of continuing to be ‘Culturally Quarantined” by those of us in the Federation, as has been the case up until now, which is truly about to be lifted, and this will allow us to openly share all our Higher Consciousness Technologies with all on Earth. That will truly transform this planet back into the Golden Age, and of a planetary paradise that all souls of the Light truly desire and long for.

What ever happened to ‘critical thinking’ and ‘deductive reasoning’ these same cynical ones have even lamented, as if these two terms would imply that by being able to use critical thinking and deductive reasoning, somehow this would conclude that such a belief is just unrealistic thinking. But, nay, this really is an INNER KNOWING OF THIS FACT, of us VERY SOON, ultimately coming down in mass, overtly and Divinely Intervening upon the behalf of the inhabitants of this sacred and precious planet. The REALIZATION of such a plan those cynics conclude, is in itself somehow flawed and not “realistic’ enough as quote, ‘in the Real World’ of the old 3rd dimensional duality Matrix of illusion and of those forces of darkness, who have been determined to take away any hope of such a dramatic set of circumstances would, in fact, NECESSITATE us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the Intergalactic Confederation, and Universal Alliance of Peace, stepping in overtly and openly to make our presence known to all the inhabitants of this planet at long last.

Where, in fact did this negative and DISEMPOWERING statement first originate: ‘if you think that the so-called benevolent Space Brothers are gonna come down and save you, well you are just deluded and not facing reality!’ We would say, that this Earthly ‘Urban Legend’ statement, like some DISEMPOWERING negative mantra, that is supposed to imply some kind of so-called earthly practicality, common sense and levelheadedness. Instead, as this statement tends to do, by double speak -Orwellian Logic, is taking out of context what has really been going on for the past 60 years. We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD have been having physical contacts with numerous of our Contactees back in the decades of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s which was termed the ‘Contactee Movement’. We have also been present in your skies, in Guardian Action around this planet, and as this Channel and Contactee knows first hand, how many times we have truly physically and personally Divinely Intervened and actually saved the lives of our Contactees MANY, MANY TIMES. For they would NOT HAVE SURVIVED or lived to tell about their many experiences with us and having been taken physically aboard our Merkabah Light Ships. “As this Channel and Contactee knows first hand, when the use of DEADLY FORCE has been ATTEMPTED MANY, TIMES upon many of our contactees/Emissaries. Many of you, who either knowingly or ‘unknowingly’ (as behind the scenes) have had ATTEMPTS AGAINST YOU by the Cabal. THIS IS A FACT!

During President Eisenhower’s term in office, the Cabal was referred to as the Industrial Military Complex, and Eisenhower attempted to warn everyone that this would become a more overt threat to your rights and civil liberties and these “Cosmic Civil Rights” have been taken away by these forces of the Shadow Government. This has “technically” been recently accomplished, by these ones presently in power at the White House. Of course they still think that they are ‘above the Law’ and that somehow they will be able to accomplish their plans for world control and the final establishment of the New World Odor”--yes, this plan STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN” as it has been mentioned on earth, and we think this, too!

But to get back to that phrase we have been referring to in this channeling, it appears to have originated deep within the bowels of the Cabal, of the Shadow Government, back in the early ‘50’s. We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD DID BEGIN TO HAVE MANY PHYSICAL CONTACTS WITH THOSE EARLY CONTACTEES. In fact, on July 18, 1952, to be exact, of 3rd dimensional Earth time, my first contactee known as George Van Tassel, did, in fact Channel me for the first time, and within 24 hours, it was our Ships of my Command, the Ashtar Command, that suddenly appeared over this nation’s Capitol Building, on the 19th of July--and again repeated the following weekend, of the 26th.

Yes, this negative disempowering mantra has been used by many within the UFO community, who come out as if they are sincere ‘UFO investigators’ and as if it is all such a great ‘mystery’, or that only the negative abductions by the renegade grey entities (which are one of the few ‘bad apples’ in the Cosmic Barrel’), and their secret Government Cloned greys, have been going on in these recent decades, rather than putting it all in greater perspective. These various so-called ‘professional’ B.S. artists and disinformation experts say they are just being ‘conservative’ UFO researchers’ and that they are not ‘jumping to conclusions’ and not believing anything that is ‘pie in the sky’. For many years, as they have ‘stuffed the grey aliens down everyone’s throats’ by emphasizing these negative “Cosmic Civil Rights Violation Cases” as if this was the majority of the so-called UFO experiences that have been going on. They also ridiculed and demeaned those who had positive and uplifting experiences with those of us, who are also in the vast majority of beings who have only BENEVOLENT INTENTIONS AND ALSO HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS-- WHICH MOST EARTHLY POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS UNFORTUNATELY HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO LIVE UP TO”, Obviously, this is just one of the many reasons that our BENEVOLENT presence around this planet in Guardian Action was put down and suppressed, and any reference to our ultimate plan to Officially step in and Divinely Intervene had to be ridiculed and destroyed from the very beginning with all haste, with diabolical evil intent, to keep the people of Earth feeling that you are ‘all on your own’ with no outside help and Cosmic Backup as things would begin to get worse (before they would finally be stopped by us, openly stepping in).

From an Earthly perspective, given a choice between—

• those termed the greys, which were actually breaking Federation policies of Noninterference, by doing these negative and traumatic abductions, these entities, which according to earthly standards of physical outer beauty, would be termed the least attractive choice of entities to interact with, and whose ships are not the most esthetic or beautiful appearing, with much more backward and crude type technology (which is why the earth military has been able to copy and back-engineer this type of technology as has happened since the Roswell crash of ‘47 and numerous other grey ships that did crash upon Earth for the last several decades of Earth time.) These ships have also always left negative radiation burns on the ground whenever they landed, which our much more advanced ships do not do.


• interaction with what we of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD--AND SISTERHOOD--(YES, COSMIC EQUAL RIGHTS, for our females or Commanderessess have always applied to equal status within our Councils) have always been able to offer. If one had a much better CHOICE, of being invited on board our Merkabah Light Ships, which are actually beautiful Rainbow Temples of Light, of intense higher dimensional energies of Light and Love, our females are truly GORGEOUS GODDESSES, which is a combination of their Inner and outer beauty, and you of earth would say we of the masculine perspective are quite handsome, we adhere to very high spiritual and ethical standards, that as stated earlier most earth politicians and bureaucrats and especially all those operatives of the shadow government would never be able to live up to. Our Technologies, which we refer to often as Consciousness Technologies and which are truly Life Enhancing and respective of all the Sacred Traditions of the Earth, which WILL SOON!!!!!-- ENERGY EMANCIPATE ALL THE INHABITANTS OF EARTH WHO WISH TO LIVE PEACEFUL AND UPLIFTING LIVES. This will cause all the major Corporations of the Cabal to collapse and cease to exist. From this perspective, it is very obvious, from a critical thinking and deductive reasoning point of view, why our BENEVOLENT REALITY AND ALL THAT WE HAVE YET TO OFFER, HAD TO BE RIDICULED--then talk about ‘insult on top of injury’ this became the agenda, to ridicule, and to make those who considered themselves ‘intelligent and educated’ to feel that it was beneath their level of dignity to be interested or involved in such a topic. And, to make those uneducated and unenlightened, fear this subject. Yes F.E.A.R.--False Evidence Appearing Real.”

And another way to express this perspective, of why we, the SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS--which has always been a term of GREAT RESPECT used by our original contactees of the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s,

• had to be ridiculed and put down as some “Cult term’ supposedly used only by ‘wild eyed, fanatical cult followers

• overly imaginative people prone to wishful thinking and daydreaming,

• as well as just a bunch of lazy individuals who were somehow not willing to take any responsibility for themselves, and

• as some form of ‘escape from all their boring, drab and negative earth so-called ‘realities; that they had to face from day to day.

As if they would all be ‘beamed up’ without any form of personal responsibility on their behalf. Yes, and if this form of MIND CONTROL LABELING and STEROTYPING was bought into by anyone daring to believe in the ultimate Divine Intervention, that they needed to ‘GET REAL’ and just 'FACE REALITY.'

Well, let’s ‘GET REAL’ shall we, and make it very clear, that this belief and INNER KNOWING is not just some psychotic schizoid ‘pie in the sky’ fantasy belief of lazy souls laying around on Earth just waiting for us to beam them up, as in there being “free rides” or as we have sometimes stated with a little humor, ‘there is no free ride on the good ship lolly pop’. We have emphasized to this Channel and all who we have had contact with, many times, as stressed thru that old earthly expression, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. That it is what we and you of Earth, together, as in the ‘win-win philosophy’ which has been referred to as ‘playing it forward’ that we all shall benefit from mutually. This SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. will result in the upcoming ‘Secret Wave of Evacuation’ and mass world wide landings, which most fellow Lightworkers and channels today usually refer to as First Contact.

Also, we have not really observed any really lazy individuals just sitting around or laying around waiting day after day, for us to suddenly beam them up. It is pretty obvious, we think, that this galactic common sense approach to life, is the reason why so many Volunteers/Star People are presently in Earth embodiment. You Volunteers are on very important Missions to ground more Light upon this planet and help Mother Earth as she begins to now make her Ascension and as all of you who have CHOSEN TO ALSO ASCEND with her, will definitely receive our more direct overt help and interactions here shortly when we do make our more mass appearance in your skies most likely within the next few years of earth time.

There is also another ‘obvious flaw in the negative statement by those cynical ones who like to state this biased statement of ‘us not helping those of you presently upon Earth’. This Channel questioned me about how much we have actually ‘helped’ this planet, because of seeing so much injustice occurring upon this planet and how it may seem, looking at it from the programed masses point of view, that things do appear hopeless of ever solving the major problems of this planet. And I telepathically responded that despite how things may at times appear hopeless to the masses, we of the Federation have Intervened many, many times, in such a way that, “If it had not been for our Divine Intervention behind the scenes, this planet would literally be in a MESS EIGHT TIMES WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS!” This Channel responded in his surprise, and thought ‘I can’t even imagine TWICE as bad as it is now, let alone eight times the problems’. More recently, we have been stepping in to help neutralize the Chemtrails and the HAARP projects, as well as other covert actions and destructive projects that the Cabal has attempted to accomplish, but they have been blocked from succeeding.

Yes, and one of the major areas, has been the neutralizing of all nuclear weapons by us, whether they be nuclear missiles or those compact ‘nuc suitcases’, which the government has continued to hold over the heads of their citizens with the F.E.A.R. of the possibility of some nuclear attack and now it is the F.E.A.R. of some extremist terrorist group having one--or in the lies of the Bush Administration regarding Iran having such weapons, just as they did with Iraq before, but we will not allow these WEAPONS OF MASS DISINFORMATION to succeed. We have made it very clear that these desperate forces must step down and that we will not allow them to create another 9-11 type event, and if they do attempt such a thing, these plans will be exposed for all to see.

In final analysis, as this channel, himself consciously remembers prior to him taking Earth embodiment, and shares this fact with others who need to hear it, all of you who were also key members of my Command and many other Commands while you were up here on our great Merkabah Light Ships within our vast fleets of the Federation. You then took Earth embodiment, leaving your higher density body in storage that you used prior to incarnating, along with all your higher Elohim powers and abilities you had, while still aboard our Ships and in our Higher Councils. While still in ‘Debriefing’ when you were each getting ready for your soul to be beamed down within each of your earth mother’s womb, YOU WERE ALL TOLD, AND IN FACT IT WAS A VERY SACRED PROMISE THAT AT SOME POINT WHILE STILL WITHIN PHYSICAL EARTH EMBODIMENT, THAT YOU WOULD, THROUGH A SERIES OF OPEN OR OVERT MASS LANDINGS AND CONTACTS, THAT ALL THOSE WHO COME ON THESE FINAL MISSIONS TO UPLIFT THIS PLANET WOULD BE PHYSICALLY LIFTED UP WITHIN YOUR PRESENT PHYSICAL EARTH BODIES, AS IN A TYPE OF ‘ASCENSION PROCESS’ WHEN THE TIME WAS RIGHT AND RETURNED BACK ABOARD OUR MOTHERSHIPS AND REUNITED WITH ALL YOUR EXTENDED COSMIC FAMILIES, AS IN A TYPE OF COSMIC R. & R., AND THEN BE RETURNED TO EARTH A SHORT TIME LATER TO HELP EVERYONE ELSE WHO WISHED TO GRADUATE OFF THIS OLD WHEEL OF KARMA!!!!

As it was stated even in the more orthodox and manipulated Christian Biblical scriptures, ‘no one knows the exact hour or day” when this event will occur that is referred to as Divine Intervention and which many fundamentalist Christians have referred to as ‘The Rapture.’ But as we have made very clear, this event, which will be very “rapturous” and feelings of incredible beauty and joy will definitely be felt by all of you returning back amongst those of us who allowed you to come on these Volunteer Missions to help uplift and liberate this planet from the hands of those who have controlled it for far too long. But what these Christians do not understand, is that of course, it is not a fanatical narrow religious belief system which judges everyone else who does not believe as they do, which is going to ‘save them’ as everyone else will just…. well you know, burn in some horrible fiery place. For as anyone knows from deep Within, our Radiant One, as we of the Higher realms and the Space Brotherhood refer to God, or Divine Intelligence, the Great I Am That I Am, God is not a force of punishment, but instead is a force of great Love and Compassion. So as we have always stated, one Chooses to be Chosen by their actions, intent and vibrational level of consciousness—that “Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotional integration” which determines through each person’s discipline and self-responsibility whether they would be ready to be taken into the higher vibrations aboard our Lightships. And often, as we look down upon this planet from our vantage point, do we feel the sincere desire of the hearts of so many billions of souls upon this planet who are tired of the old ways of struggle and the old endless wheel of karma, which now is finally coming to a close. The COSMIC LAW OF GRACE is being allowed to be fulfilled and all karma is being transmuted and all those forces and entities, which are in the vast minority who have opposed our upcoming Divine Intervention, and even those well meaning ‘Cosmic Isolationists,’ who somehow think everything is so ‘hunky dory’--well they will have a chance to incarnate on another planet, and this will not hold up Earth’s Ascension--something for everyone, as they say on earth.

Now at long last, for the majority of souls on Earth who truly do want a better way, but often do not know just exactly what to do and are overwhelmed by so much negativity that the imbalanced forces have created up until now to block this Inner desire, well no longer will these blockages be allowed to interfere with their FREE WILL and with the upward evolution of their souls and the releasing of all their unnecessary pain and suffering.

So, in final analysis, yes, let me state it once more, OFFICIALLY FOR THE RECORD, WE YOUR BENEVOLENT SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE WILL COME DOWN AND SAVE YOU!!!! and we will keep our word and fulfill our promise! All of you who are connected with us have known deep within ever since you were small children of this sacred promise, and all your dreams and fantasies WILL BECOME REAL! SO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKIES as you continue to go about your missions, as we Prepare for Divine Intervention! Blessings to you all. This Is Ashtar signing out. Adonai Vassu Berogus!”

Thank You Lord Ashtar

Michael Ellegion

This was a very powerful Channeling, as I felt Ashtar’s passion about clearing up this misconception regarding this statement of disinformation that as Ashtar conveyed, has been used to ridicule the fact that we will definitely experience upcoming mass world wide Divine Intervention. I am about to publish a book which will very powerfully help prepare humanity for about this event in much more detail. For those who wish to be informed when the book is published or who wish to connect with me more, please check out my web site,