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Message From Ashtar

Through Janisel

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your Internet. And we, of course, know of the many messages of Light that are shared among its more `enlightened' users. I would like to address with you one of the `themes' or `threads' we have noticed running through these messages.

There is, to some extent, one facet of your Lightworker community that is on the Ascension Path, that knows of the imminence of Earth's ascension and believes that all they need do is `sit back and wait' for the inevitable to occur. I ask you, my friends, to re-examine this concept. Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure that what you have envisioned Heaven on Earth to be will come about without an effort on your part? For the word `wait', in this particular concept, carries the vibration of `inaction', whereas the `creation' of Heaven on Earth is an `active' principle. The very word `creation' means to bring something into existence, and this cannot be down without `action' of one type or another. So I have come this day to urge each and every one of you to be about your missions here and begin to `act'. Yes, it is good to share your messages of Light on your Internet and, yes, it is good to expand your knowledge about so-called spiritual things, but of what use is this knowledge and the Light you share if you do not put it to its highest use?

If you are one who, during the course of your day, cannot be out among the peoples, sharing your vibration of Light with all whom you encounter, then bring your part of the `action' into the arena of your Internet and `participate' in the many organized group activities, such as meditations, classes, and the joining together for the sharing of spiritual insights. Every single one of you adds to the power of your creative endeavors. Each one of you carries a particular vibration or frequency, a specific part of the puzzle, that is needed for the ascension process. There is not one of you whose energies are `insignificant' to creating Heaven on Earth. So I ask you again. are you absolutely sure that the ascension processes will play themselves out in the manner YOU desire without your piece of the puzzle and without your creative input and action?

We love you, we support you, but we cannot do it `for' you. So if you are one of those who are `waiting' for the ascension to take place, we urge you to the realization that your `wait' may be very long, indeed, unless you claim your power and begin to `act'. For with your creative action, your ascension and that of the planet will surely come swiftly.

I AM Ashtar