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Prepare for Flight! Ashtar's New Year's Message For 2007

Ariana Sheran

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Message and listen to it all year. It reinforces everything I’ve learned. It sheds negativity and gives all kinds of information. My favorite teachings this past year have been Sananda with his meditation on balance, using our own hands to calm the energy from the chakras (and it really works). The other one is the walking meditation. I live by a lake. It’s just wonderful. I have great gratitude for our guides and the practical assistance they give to us.”

Ashtar: Lovely hearts of Light, I am here with you. I am Ashtar.

Audience: Thank you for coming. Welcome.

Ashtar: I am with you in total love, adoration and light this morning in order to bring through the New Year’s message for the coming year. As we do this together, I am very much feeling the energy of love from all of you. From the Heaven Worlds, the energy of love and Light is coming towards you in huge waves. All of your guides and teachers are participating on this occasion. We have a company of Heaven that is assisting in the promotion of this message, just as you are doing your part as you sit together in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Thank you for coming together early this year. We did want to get the message out in very good timing. Thank you for participating in your experiencing so that you will be able to understand the message and to apply it to your lives.

2007, A Year of Great Change

We are coming to the year, 2007. Think about numerology. Seven and two are nine. This is going to be a year of endings and completions for everybody and everything on the planet. In other words, this is going to be a year of great change. There will be a very vast wave of energy that will break systems you are very used to on the planet. It is going to change a lot of energy. It’s going to give a lot of input to those of you who are wanting to understand what went before and the coming changes. We have spoken about the systems needing change for many years – ten or fifteen years at least. We have been giving this message yearly. Since the late eighties we have been speaking of this. 2007 is going to be a real push to breaking systems and I am putting the Lightworkers on alert to understand what is happening, to accept it, remain calm, balanced and neutral about it and assist others through it if they do not understand. This is going to affect your economy, your medical system, your education system, all of the religions and more. I’m talking about the big systems on Earth. It’s going to be a shakeup… a shakeup of people’s reality, great changing forces.

Ways of Coping with Change

In order to get yourselves through this time with your love and your Light, I would like to suggest that you do your daily meditations, even if it is just touching in to your guidance just before you go to sleep at night or just as you awaken in the morning. I’d like to suggest that you give a definite acknowledgement to the presence of your guides, your teachers and those who are helping you from the Spirit World. Consciously thank them for their presence and their assistance. Consciously understand that they will assist you as you go through your days, some of which could be filled with doubt, upheaval and uncertainty.

Learn to work with your guides so that you will be able to receive from them in a very direct way. We are getting to the time when all of you must learn to channel, must learn to receive answers in one way or another… something that is definitely a partnership so that you are going through life in a very guided way. I am urging you to work with Spirit this way. Actually it will be in your own way because everybody develops their own system which is unique to their personality and their energy but the main part of my message this year is once again, just as it was last year, that it is time to work with Spirit in a conscious daily way… I might even say hourly or minute-by-minute. Know and understand that Spirit is working with you whether you acknowledge them or not, helping to keep you safe, helping you to stay upon your life’s path, helping you with the changes that are occurring on the planet and inside yourself.

As you all know, this particular annual message is one of helpfulness to see you through the next year in a guided and loving way and I would like to remind you that there is love flowing to you always. Sometimes it is through relationships that you receive this love, this sustenance of life. Sometimes it is through your pets that live with you and are close with you. Sometimes it is through nature as you walk to work or you walk along the lake or as you just look out your window at the birds as they fly or as they sit upon the limb of the tree outside and sing. You can receive love in these ways and yet love fills your heart simply by taking a breath, if you will just remember your guidance is close. You are always filled with the love of your guidance if you will just remember and know this.

Assignment: Assist Others in Your Own Way

As you become closer and closer to transition time on the planet, it is imperative that you assist others with these ideas because so many will become unbalanced and out of their own particular comfort zone. You are now the teachers, you Lightworkers who have proclaimed yourselves to be of service, those who are active. It is your heritage that you have done many years of study and you have done years of personal work and experiencing so that your time of teaching, helping and assisting is upon you, if it has not already started… each to his or her own way of teaching and way of assisting.

Now dear ones, my love is with you as we go through this message.

There are many from inter-dimensional realms in the skies. At this time they are showing themselves more clearly than usual. Sometimes clouds mask them but many times in the future you will see a materialized ship in the air. I am not talking about a blimp or something that looks a bit like a star. I am talking about something that looks like a metal craft. These craft have become very visible in many countries and these craft will become more visible to more people as the days and the weeks go along. They will be a reassurance for you. Always send them love. They will be a confirmation for you. Know that they are here to assist you. These craft are assisting those who are in dire need on your planet, sometimes visibly and sometimes invisibly. There is much more of an inter-dimensional and inter-galactic showing in the air above your planet at this time. In a way they are preparing you for more of the same, more wondrous interchange between our worlds and our dimensions. Soon everybody will accept us, understand us and know about us. This is another way that you will be able to help and here I am talking about the aware Lightworkers, those who know and understand meditation, the mind and the ways of projecting those to help others.

Assignment: Your Personal Journey of the Heart

Mother Earth has been having a difficult time, from time to time and yet her energy has been flip-flopping from that of total excitement in going into the higher dimensions to that of overwhelm when changes happen upon her surface that are difficult to bear. Still her vibrancy is coming through and she is totally, totally excited about the coming months and years as she takes all of you and all life on this journey of joy and love, light and hope into the finer dimensions.

Each and every one of you is on this journey, whether you know it or not. This is a journey of the heart and it feeds the soul. This is a journey of soul growth for in order to translate yourself into a finer body, you might say automatically; it takes purity, the purity of a light heart, a strong heart, a cleansed heart. Making yourself light and pure is your “job” right now on the planet and in order to do that there is much happening in your lives, for this does not come easily. It comes with effort, it comes with work and it is the work of living. Anything could happen in your day or night, to your mind or to your body. All of those things that occur with your health or your relationships all contribute to your soul growth and to this process. The Earth Mother also influences you, because when she is in one of those stages when she is light and vibrant you could pick up on those vibes and feel that way too and yet not necessarily but when she is on the flip flop side of that energy you, who are empathic, can feel that and you could play out that scene in your own way.

The subject of relationships is a very big topic this year. That includes your relationship with yourself and your inner being, relationships with other people on the planet and your relationships with other life forms such as animals, birds and other elements of nature. Relationships will be tremendously important this coming year. If it is a partnership, if it is a marriage, if it is a friendship, your interaction becomes a work of love so even when these seem to be strained and even when they seem to be going nowhere you are still doing a work of love. When you come through to the light of understanding and you come through to the light of love then, my dear one, you have taken another giant step towards infinity.

Assignment: Demonstrate Your Light

Dear ones, as I go through this message with you my heart is open and I can feel that your hearts are open as well. I want to thank the Lightworkers at this time, for you are all working, in your own ways, to accomplish this wondrous change on Earth. That which we predicted many years ago is front and center now and that is spiritual entertainment including movies, videos, songs and dance. All of the creativity that can occur through people is becoming enhanced by the spiritual influence and the general public is recognizing it. I am very, very happy to see this occurring. These types of entertainment are very important in the scheme of things because they touch those who may not ever think about light, love and soul growth. So here again you can do your Lightwork, dear ones. Take your friends; take your relatives to some of those entertainment venues and enjoy them. Another person could be awakened to their own divinity if you should do that.

It is a wondrous time that you are living on this planet, a time of great change, a time of wondrous hope. Allow yourselves to look at the bright side always rather than the wars with the inevitable viciousness that the human can do to other human beings. The reality is this is now occurring. The last vestiges of Third Dimensional brutality are being played out right now and because this is a karmic thing, it is acceptable in the eyes of Heaven. If it is acceptable in the eyes of Heaven, then it needs to be acceptable in your eyes as well. If you understand the big picture, that this is the ending, this is the last of it, then perhaps you will understand better and you will be able to help others understand as well.

Dear ones, you are all teachers upon this planet now, every single one of you. You are all teaching by example, just the way we do from Spirit. You are all teaching from your heart to those who are receptive. You are showing the way and you are holding a light and with this message I put you on notice that this is now a serious matter. Your time is now for demonstrating the Light within you.

Back to thinking about the individual human being and the changes that are going on within you in order to reach to the light of finer dimensions, I would like to soothe any worries that you have relative to your health, relative to the physical changes that are going on within you, relative to the energy that seems to be excess that is coming from you and other changes that are very strange or very hard to understand. Know that your guides have this matter in hand and it is being managed as well as it can be. There are vast changes occurring within you – vast – and very often it comes with discomfort. I am sorry that you need to go through this in order to ascend. I am very much empathic with that which you are going through. It is best for you to keep a light heart about this, to understand that it is the changes of the Earth that are affecting you and the changes will assist your transition so that you will search for whatever comfort you can receive to get yourself through difficult periods. Know that your guidance is always with you and we will give you insights as to how to assist yourself through these particular personal bodily changes.

There are studies that have been done relative to the DNA changes and if you wonder what is going on you can go to those studies and begin to understand more. Basically this is another way that you can help others too. People helping people is what this message is mainly about: the Lightworkers helping others. If you are in one of the healing modes, for example, alternative health, massage, or any other bodywork then you are hands on with people on a daily basis, frequent and intimate. In this way, as you do bodywork with people, information is going to come from them that is spontaneous and that is actually a cleansing and a clearing. Help people through this, dear ones, as you are giving your treatments. As they clear through those layers of energy, they will lighten up and their body will feel much better too.

Assignment: Follow Your Intuition

You will notice that in your North American continent there were fewer storms this year and fewer catastrophes that were expected as hurricanes. These energies will come and go, come and go, come and go. There were more tornadoes, more wetness and various other things were happening. It is to be understood that these energies are not so consistent that they keep going time and time again to the same place but weather changes are still happening and will happen in 2007 in various ways and various places. Know that there is an energy of water that is occurring right now. Very many water events will continue to occur on the planet. They have been occurring for the last three years or so; they will continue. Be sure and live on high ground, dear ones.

Relative to water also, the ice at the poles both north and south are melting at a faster rate than normal. This has been predicted for many years from the Ashtar Command. We tell you this over and over and have done this for many years. Eventually the water level of the oceans and the lakes will rise and therefore it will be necessary for people who live in cities on the coasts to move inland.

You Are Ambassadors of Love

Now dear ones, if you live in a city on an ocean and if you feel that it is not for you to move inland, please do not worry about that. Totally go with your instinct and your inner feelings of comfort because those feelings will put you in the right place at the right time in case there is a problem. It is very important for you to trust your guidance, which comes through your dreams, your feelings and many other ways. Follow your intuition and you will be in your right place for safety. Should you be in the wrong place at the wrong time there is still a way to assist yourself and that is through what we call the enhanced abilities. Fervently pray. Fervently wish yourself somewhere that is safe. Guidance will assist you. There were times during the hurricane that occurred named Katrina where a lone house was totally untouched by the storm because the people inside were all praying fervently. The house was totally safe and the people inside were safe as well. You can save yourself from any situation that occurs through your mind and you can teach others to do this as well for you are ambassadors of love and Light and you are lighting the way for others.

This touches on manifestation. You are getting closer and closer to the time when manifestation will be very clear and very prompt. You recently went through an exercise, which was a push in that direction, where each of you endeavored for the entire day to keep your thoughts of love and light, to think of only the beauty in your life and the things that you needed or wanted to stay in the flow of life in the direction you wanted. You had a wonderful practice that day and I would ask you to continue in those practices because there will come a time when manifestation will indeed be instant, so you’d better watch what you’re asking for because you just might receive it, as the saying goes. Work on these ideas in your own way and they will assist you in your relationships with others and in your own physical comfort.

Those ones who are your four-legged friends are little angels that have been put on Earth to show you many things including unconditional love. Yes indeed. They are ambassadors of love as well. Care for them. Notice how they are behaving and acting. Love them. Tend to their needs and they will reward you time and time again. There could be times when they could predict an earthquake or some other earth change so watch if they are acting peculiarly. I think Sandora that your black kitty does this for you.

Sandora: Does she ever! The bigger the storm the more she runs.

Ashtar: Yes, so this is something to watch for in your animal, that they will exhibit different behavior.

Now besides watching and loving your animals, there is another wonderful occurrence happening on your planet and that is the arrival of babies. Babies who are coming to the planet now are coming for the sole purpose of leading you into the finer dimensions. They are coming in order to show unconditional love. They are coming in order to point the direction. They are coming to point out that which is not right. In that case those children could be rebels so in their own way they may not act like little angels but they are pointing a direction, in any case.

If you are fortunate enough to have a baby, a small child or a teenager in your home, notice very accurately what it is that they are teaching you. We have had a meditation called “Become a Little Child” which points you into a direction of innocence and of enhanced abilities. Children have the ability to be in touch with their guidance on a minute-by-minute basis. They may not be able to tell you or show you but they are endeavoring to do that. With loving hearts, they are showing you how to become a little child so that you can walk happily into the finer dimensions, taking your body with you.

Now we will ask for questions or comments from those of you who are present relative to anything I have spoken about or anything else that might be on your minds that would be helpful to Lightworkers who would listen to or read this message.

Make Personal Preparations

Karen: Thank you, Ashtar. This is Karen. Relative to the breaking down of the systems, could you expand upon that in terms of how you see things changing and what preparations would be important for Lightworkers and all people.

Ashtar: Thank you Karen. I would ask you to notice, on a daily basis, what is occurring in your country, in your city and in the world so that you will be prepared and understand that shifts are going to happen. Sometimes Mother Nature gives you clues. For example, when power outages occur in your area, it is only a hint but it is a hint that there will come a time when you won’t have power so what do you do in order to compensate for that? I can tell you that when that final change occurs there will be a lot of preparations so there won’t be as much worry or concern as you might otherwise think. However, this is a really good instance because people without power would also not have heat and would not have a way to cook their food so it is a very, very important teaching. People need to prepare in case that occurred and make alternate plans, which could be quite extensive.

Relative to some other systems, let’s take education. You have noticed that children simply refuse to be taught mundane things anymore. They will rebel totally. They would much rather learn from a computer than from an old fashioned teacher, so in this case watch the children. Watch their reaction, for their reactions will tell you and will show you the way to the Light.

Now with religion, you have seen many churches that are empty at the front. Yes, why does everybody go to the back of the church and sit? You can see that what they are teaching is not working in people’s lives. So take hints from these things.

In the medical profession, many people would rather go to alternative practitioners than to a physician unless perhaps for setting a bone or for some sort of surgery in the case of a life threatening condition. In your own way, prepare. There are so many ways. Just imagine you can’t go to a doctor. What would you do? What medicines would you take? What would you do to help yourself in case you could not get to a hospital? In many ways it’s about taking responsibility.

A very big clue is the military. The military in various countries are going to war these days. That is a huge clue for all of you, my dears, that things are very wrong on the planet, very, very wrong. What can you do about that? Go on peace marches, perhaps. Spread the word to your friends of the news behind the news, the truth behind the news. Discreetly do what you can as an individual to help others understand the manipulation of government and heads of state.

Karen: I was also wondering about changes in our monetary system.

Ashtar: As you know, when you go into the finer dimensions there will be no such thing as money and this is an adjustment that will come as a total shock to many people. For now, it is about being aware that soon you will be able to manifest what you need without money. That’s going to be the fun part. You won’t need money to manifest the apple that suddenly appears in your hand because of your thought. To be aware at this time is the main thing and there are books and filmed media events occurring to assist with that as they focus upon ways of achieving your goals, manifestation practices and giving people the idea that thoughts produce things.

Mining Practices on Earth Need Changing

Darryl: In northern Canada a flood in a uranium mine is occurring now. I am looking for the meaning behind that. Is it because the people that are involved didn’t protect it enough including using White Light or is this meant as a signal that we should not use uranium as an energy to help produce electricity? Is this part of the Earth changes? What is the real message why this happened?

Ashtar: People who are miners and the corporations behind the mining endeavors do not understand what they are doing when they drill deeply into the Earth and disturb the surfaces there. They do not understand that this is a disruption to the Earth’s energy and the systems that are set up within her that might be called ley lines. This is a warning to all miners on the planet so they can be aware that the methods they are using are not conducive to stabilizing Mother Earth’s energy at this time, especially now that the Earth is changing her vibration. It is very important that they do not tamper with her in these ways.

Darryl: Thank you. Is any type of mining acceptable to Mother Earth right now?

Ashtar: If practices that are of the Light are followed and if they do the digging or the preparing of the mine under total guidance, then it is acceptable. However, with the changes happening on the Earth the present mines that are on the planet might be called “thorns in her side.” They are very, very hard for her to deal with. This is the message in the disruption of that particular mine. I realize that it is necessary for the human being to have access to the products from the minerals within Mother Earth and it is necessary for Mother Earth to put up with that for the time being and she basically will. However, this particular event was a warning, specifically towards people who might begin a mine in the future, to do that under guidance. If this uranium mine had been set into Mother Earth under spiritual guidance, then water flowing through the mine would not have occurred. This has been a different and interesting topic to explore Darryl. Thank you very much.

Our Methods of Dealing with Relationships Need Changing

Vesta Luma: How can we help people that do things to excess? This would be something that consumes them and affects their lives in a negative way. I am not talking about addictions but for example it could be certain behaviors, gluttony or attachments to material things,

Ashtar: Thank you Ardath for reading Vesta Luma’s question, which was made with love and concern yesterday on the telephone. My answer to that is to meditate and to include them in your meditation. You can do the pyramid meditation or any other quiet-time meditation. You don’t need to have very much method with this one. Just send them love and send them Light with no purpose in your mind. Also, if you are with that person, you can throw out some vague hints but if the person does not pick up on them there is no point in proceeding. Trying to help a non-receptive person through verbal means will not work.

I know it is difficult for you on Earth to accept the concept that meditation and sending out your thoughts is better than speaking directly to a person but especially now, as you are approaching the finer dimensions, it is a powerful method, dear ones. You can say a prayer or put a person in your meditation without their knowing as long as their highest good is the only motive of your intent. When you do that meditation, your guides and the person’s guides come together in finer dimensions and in that way the message comes through to the person you were praying about or meditating to assist. An unreceptive person will simply go the other way from your “lectures.” You could lose that friend or family member to your friendship and you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to disrupt their world. They need to figure it out for themselves. Just give them a boost to do that. Thank you Ardath. What is her second question please?

Assignment: Monitor All of Your Thoughts

Vesta Luma: How do we curb unwelcome desires or thoughts within ourselves?

Ashtar: The best way is by using the word, “cancel” twice. Along with that goes awareness. First you need to practice the awareness of monitoring your thoughts. With that practice you would notice if something is coming through that you really don’t want in your life or don’t like. When you notice that immediately and automatically say to yourself “Cancel! Cancel!” Then the matter is absolutely totally finished for you and for your guides. You don’t need to dwell upon it any further. Develop this two-part habit of monitoring your thoughts and then canceling those you do not wish to manifest in your life. This is very necessary for this coming year and very difficult to do as well. To catch a criticism while you are having lunch with a friend or to catch an unkind fleeting thought as you walk through a store is not easy. Catch those unwelcome thoughts. “Cancel! Cancel!”

Inter-galactic Assistance and Peace on Earth

Sandora: Is there any chance that people in high places who are under negative influences could do any kind of trickery to disrupt the plan for inter-galactic assistance and peace on Earth?

Ashtar: The attempts will be there, my dear one, however the Light is so overpowering at this time that in the etheric plane the circumstance has already been handled.

Karen: As a comment about that, in the Mayan calendar, they predict exactly what you said relative to communication and our connections with inter-galactic beings.

Ashtar: Now you all understand that the government on many levels and in many countries is working to suppress any information about inter-galactic travel, about space travel or inter-dimensional travel. There is a huge disinformation activity going on so that even a valued observer of the unusual would probably be ridiculed by their neighbors. Just hang tight, dear ones. Your galactic friends are on their way to you. They are, in fact, here and they are also here in human form. They are able to manifest as humans upon their will. Many of them are doing this now and so if you are introduced to a new friend, you’d better look at them twice (laughter).

Karen: With regard to how films are coming out with more information for our times, a Japanese film I’ve bought for my grandkids is about animals that transform into human beings for their survival.

Darryl: You are piquing my interest. Will these beings show their power to us or will they masquerade as normal human beings?

Ashtar: There are all kinds of scenarios that could occur. Some of these inter-galactic beings come as walk-ins to people who are living on the planet. You know about those. This is quite a common occurrence in spiritual circles. Some communicate through the mind. Others come for a time. For example, one time when Ariana was at Mitla near Oaxaca in Mexico there was a very elderly gentleman there who was acting as a guide. It seemed to be a self-imposed “job.” He was simply there and he was very interested in telling people about the area. This being of Light was doing a wonderful service to those who were trying to understand how the structures were made and who lived there many years before. This person, who Ariana remembers, was a guiding force from finer dimensions. Now one who visited you in the summer had an occurrence that happened rather similarly where a man came up to her in a booth at a wellness fair. This person who she observed both from a distance and fairly close turned out to be a new guide for her who had manifested for that purpose so that she would form a bond and a realization of whom that was. Others can come down to Earth for a couple of years and then suddenly they are out of everybody’s life. They act the same as any other human being.

Cloverleaf’s Twentieth Anniversary in 2007

Ardath: I have another question. The Cloverleaf Twentieth anniversary is next year so it will be a special year for all of us. I’m wondering if Ashtar can give any hints or suggestions of things we can do to prepare for that retreat. It sounds as though it is going to be such a year of change...

Ashtar: Yes dear one. For those of you who wish to come to the annual retreat in the summer of 2007 we would love to welcome you to the Saskatoon area and basically the preparation that we have always given to you is to work with your journals, to work with your dreams, to write and to be aware. The more that you can be in touch with your guidance, the more you will get out of the fraternal atmosphere of being with other Lightworkers. For those of you who can channel verbally or through writing, do come and practice your channeling in advance. We would love to see what Spirit brings through you. For those who think they can’t channel, you can. It doesn’t have to be through writing or speaking words. Maybe it is through drawing, maybe it is through creating a beautiful necklace, maybe it’s through photography. Whatever is your creative interest, bring that and share it with others.

The retreat is all about creativity, working with your guides and receiving the messages. We are very much looking forward to the gathering next summer with all of you. Thank you very much, Ardath.

Governments and Religions will Change

Darryl: How will Divine Government take effect on this planet? Will politicians change vibration more in harmony with the Light? Will a certain benevolent type of political party take more preponderance? Can you perhaps explain a little bit how the changes will take place?

Ashtar: Darryl and all of you, little by little the truth has been coming out for at least five years now in a very strong way, the truth about how both governments and religions are controlling people in order to keep their power secure. There will come a time when there will be an abrupt change and we, in the Heaven Worlds, are looking to that as a time when there will be a vast need for all of you Ambassadors of Love to be there for people, to understand that when there is any disruption in a country, a government or a religion that you are there to calm people down and help them to understand the changes. There is going to be changes that are hard for you to fathom but you who are Lightworkers can tune into your guidance, can understand the bigger picture and help those of your family and friends. The Divine Government will come. It will come, dear ones.

Sandora: That is so good to know!

Assignment Summary

Darryl: Besides channeling Jycondria, who is full of joy and love, how else can we have more joy in our life?

Ashtar: It is wondrous to have guides such as Jycondria in our lives who, from time to time, comes to give us wonderful laughter and joy through channeling. Sandora has learned specific techniques as to how to help people to laugh. It is important for people to understand the importance of lightening up and being joyous. There is always a choice between how you can take an event of your life, in a heavy way or in a light way. Choose the light, dear ones and then you will come through it with joy and laughter. If you have a hard time doing that because some of life’s experiences are tremendously difficult to go through, then seek the company and assistance of friends and family in order to have feedback and support. You need that support, dear ones, in order to stay in balance. Sometimes it is impossible for you to carry the weight yourself. Support means that somebody else is helping you to carry the weight. One other person could make a suggestion that would make the world of difference in your attitude and in your comfort level.

Ariana: (Thoughtfully) It is so “human” to try and do things by yourself.

Ashtar: We have brought forth some new ideas. We have brought forth the big responsibility that I am giving you at this time of being Ambassadors of Love to all you meet every single day on your dear planet.

Sandora: It’s been a wonderful message. Thank you so much.

Sharing From the Lightworkers in Attendance

Ashtar: We will end by having a word from each of you if you would share what being an Ambassador of Love means to you. Would you be willing to share with others some of your personal ideas? What can you do in your day to make a difference to those you love?

Sandora: I send out good thoughts. When I’m out someplace I always smile and chat a bit with people. I do what I can to help them feel good about themselves so they know they are important in this world.

Ashtar: You do wonderfully well in those ways. Even people you don’t know receive the light of your smile.

Dalphiaana: Take love with you everywhere. Keep your thoughts bright, light and in harmony.

Sharon: Seeing people, as they would like to be, is important rather than sympathizing too much and getting caught up in their struggle.

Karen: I’d like to comment to Ashtar and thank him for the New Year’s message. Once again it is a confirmation of my life and how I’m living. It’s always so interesting that the things I am doing and thinking about seem to come out in the New Year’s message. It shows me that I’m on the right track. I think part of being an Ambassador of Love and Light is to comprehend how vital it is to do your own personal work. Lightness and releasing of the heaviness are both vital sides of the same thing. When there are times of processing and releasing the pain, anxiety or discomfort, that is just as important as the laughter, the openness and charming ways that we have with each other. To acknowledge the truth inside of ourselves and to face some rather uncomfortable truths are also extremely important in the lightening up process not only of the emotions and the thoughts but also of the body. To me the integrity of being honest, of being fragile, of being humble and being willing to share that pathway with others allows people permission to do that work themselves.

Earthwalker: My first response was, “I don’t know anything about love!” This past week I have been helping a family and one of the things I learned was to accept the people as they were. To try to change them into becoming what I would like them to be wouldn’t be realistic. That was hard for me to deal with and learn, to accept them totally with their flaws and their strengths.

The best way I learned through my years, and this has been through my dysfunctional childhood, my alcoholic time period, and now being a Lightworker, is that people change by watching your behavior first by how you do things, how you act and then they will listen to your words. It’s important for me to express how I care for others through my actions first and then my words. If my words don’t match my actions that’s not being truthful to them or myself.

Ardath: Excellent. Talking about words, people can easily misinterpret what you are saying. I learned this summer that your choice of words is very important and also your tone of voice.

Darryl: I very much like how this message is showing us that we are Ambassadors of Love. I would like to make an affirmation.

I am an Ambassador of Light, love and joy in the world.

Light, love and joy flows in me, through me and around me.

Ashtar: Thank you very much for ending with that affirmation. Thank you all for attending and for sharing.

Audience: Thank you Ashtar. We love you. It’s wonderful to connect with you again.

Ashtar: My love is with you.

PRESENT: Ariana Sheran, Darryl, Earth-Skywalker, Sharon, Ardath, Karen Klassen. Sandora and Dalphiaana were present through a conference call.

Ashtar's New Year's Message for 2007

Spoken through Ariana Sheran

Date: October 28, 2006

Tape #877

Cloverleaf Connection

138 Sturgeon Drive

Saskatoon, SK S7K 4B3

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi