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Mankind must choose his own pathway; it is his decision to make--individual by individual and then as a whole. He will either join the Christ forces or the dark forces; there is no in-be­tween. Mankind must be informed of events to come. It will be required that they be understood. Much of what happens in the physical sense will be dependent upon how well man can come into understanding and where he will place his energy input. It is apparent at this moment that most are moving into the dark re­cesses. That, however, can be changed most quickly and much relief brought to bear. The tremendous battle is for the minds of men on earth.

We are come from the etheric realms, because of the job we must do on your plane in helping to prepare you and others like you for the days of change ahead of you. This tie must remain and it must be ever strengthened. We of Space are bound to no one but the Christ, our Lord, Commander of all Light, Wisdom and Love.

You must be aware of all the negativity of man around you; now you must be aware of that negation which is being released through the fourth dimension which will burst forth to confound and confront the mind and body of man upon the third dimen­sion. The masses are not prepared for this in any measure. It will rest upon your shoulders to bring as much understanding as is possible to those you know who will be stricken with panic and terror.

This is not the lower astral sphere of which I speak; this is a far more gruesome aspect of life than is that aspect of astral placement. The knowledge of the Christ-Light and the protection it gives is of major importance, as it is the only real protection a third dimension being has against attack. Doors of matter with all the locks you can conjure mean nothing to this rampaging evil that in itself knows no laws. I care not for your creed or color. As for the Ancient of Ancients, they have known the Christed path though it might be called by other la­bels. Ye shall not escape by claiming ignorance--IT IS CON­CEPT.