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Our missions are peaceful and have been since early input in your late 1940s and early 50s. We have maintained this contact from that calendar timing. The governments on your planet have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence. They must also concede that we are of a higher authority. We do not need enter your buildings to know what is going forth. We, further, have the formula they would like to use. It is not intended for use in destruction. We are now granted intervention in some categories of experimentation. You are most critically in con­stant danger. You are such a tiny portion of the Universe that you cannot perceive that which you do.

There are countless wondrous worlds that are in the universes-­countless, for they are continually in change and formation. Your sun, as you call it, is but one of the smaller stars in the heavens. So far distant are many of the stars of even your own specific universe, that their light takes some 300,000 years to come to you.

The light from your sun takes some 8 minutes of your counting to reach to Shan. The light from your moon takes but a second and three quarters. Can you perceive 300,000 years? Going around these stars in orbits greater and smaller are many, many planets where there dwell beings often as you, yourselves. I speak only of your universe! Beyond these are many universes greater and even more wondrous than that which is your own.

How great is the Almighty Source Who created all these won­drous places, planets and suns, for all become one in the mag­nificent workings of The Creation? Can you imagine the power and the glory of Him Who made all things, when you realize that the light of the star nearest to your sun takes at least four and a half years to reach you? I, my dear children, pray and re­vere the Almighty beyond all else save The Creation itself. HE IS ALL OF ALL AND HE HAS GIVEN UNTO EACH OF YOU A SPARK OF HIMSELF, JUST AS HE HAS GIVEN UNTO ALL OF US A FRAGMENT.

How magnificent and how wonderful! How desirable it is that you should make this spark that He has given to you evolve to such a wondrous extent, that it can eventually be taken again unto that Eternal Light. Cycled back once again unto Itself.

Your sun, as you know, is of incredible energy mass and of great power, and the electricity which comes forth from it is very great. The rays that come to you could be most injurious, but the Almighty surrounded your planet with a wonderful enve­lope which you call an "atmosphere" so that the dangerous energy rays could not pass through.

I would like to describe it as a birthing process in which you now find yourselves involved. Let us say the world fetus is grown unto birthing. The surrounding container walls have thinned. The uterine structure is stressed to bursting; the cervix is thinned and effacing. You are no longer resting in security and safety. Further, you have just about used up all the avail­able life sustaining substances within your container--the birthing is at hand!

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