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March 5, 2016



I do not function alone, dear ones, I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all. Yours is a blessed land--and I mean your country. It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new. What a blessed, blessed gift.

In your land, those voices that are raised in the interest of true freedom for all men, who have any influencing force of note are soon slain or removed. Great ones of your dimension who have attempted to raise their voices in the cause of freedom eventually fall into the hands of their assassins. When there was uniting, however, to a wondrous cause, ye ones rallied and joined into one force and then joined your commands with those of your allies and moved as an allied unit. I take no note of in­dividuals; I take note of the unity and what can be accomplished in unity for Truth and wisdom.

During those times of your history, organization, not chaos was predominant. Ye must have "order" and deliberation of organized action to prevail. If there were times upon your dense experience whereby ones could unite, can you not do of it for your own liberation? Do you believe that we of the higher worlds are any less capable than ye of Earth? So be it! Would we not also disdain disorder and chaos, we who can see beyond what you can see, know beyond what you know? Would we not also see the value of joining our scattered energies into one united effort toward the goal of guarding and guidance of Earth? Therefore, as your Allied Command had its leaders so our Al­lied Command has its leaders.

All Commanders work in unison and love throughout the Galaxy.  Thus do we strive as one, as do you who serve this Light from your dimension.  We are all one in purpose and unity for the incoming Kingdom of God on Earth. I apologize for my vociferous response in abundance of words, which comes only from the abundance of my heart. I am abundantly proud of my Commanders and I am humbled to have them in my service. I cannot give credit to each without writing another entire manual, but I am so indebted to a few, such as Comman­der Korton, that I must mention his label and give credit. He has arranged the entire of the communications network in superb perfection against great odds.

There will come a day when men of Earth will rise up and understand each of our roles. We salute you and all that we embody, as well as all that we shall accomplish for the fulfill­ment of the Will of God and in service unto The Creation. Re­ceive you these words with our blessings and benediction.

I move to stand-by, Dharma, that you might have respite. Thank you, chela.

         TO STAND-BY    

                 ASHTAR           OUT.

Phoenix Jouranl #5, Chapter 3 excerpt., p. 24-25