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Relay Relay Relay - Ashtar

Spirit Eagle

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We wish you to know that there can only be one outcome, as this has been Decreed!   As these intensities increase in your lives, on the inner and the outer, know that all is well; just stay the course in what your are doing for it IS working! 
This is Not a time to falter in your commitment to Yourselves, to the Earth Mother, to your Earth Family!  YOU ARE THE BRINGERS OF THE NEW DAWN upon your Earth Mother!  Do not falter, no matter what is going on around you!  Do not place blame; just BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE! 
We, of the Galactic Federation of Light are witnessing what we have not seen before.  This World, your Earth Mother, this Solar System is on the Path to Ascension as are all Beings here!  (Ready or Not?)
We understand the intensities that you are feeling, that you are experiencing.   Do remember that this is to awaken your discernment and by so doing, This time you will make the best decisions for your soul's growth.  Just be open to seeing all that you might have preferred not to see Within yourselves.  Acknowledge your mistakes and then go forward knowing that All are free to choose to live differently, or to remain in the quiet ruts in which they feel safe.   Not all will choose your Path.  All will choose what is right for them! 
Remember, that All are loved; do no less than that!  There is a time coming when you will be thankful to know that you have transformed your lives, have faced yourselves, have loved yourselves, for then you will give all, be all, and do all without judgment because you have been in the Other's shoes!   Acceptance, Non-judgment, living in Personal  Integrity is the way of the Peaceful Warrior.
You Are the Ground Crew!  You are called into further service now!  The more Dross that you clean out of your souls, the more able you will be to help with the Transformation that has just begun on your world.  THE TIME IS NOW!!!  I am Ashtar.

Oct. 4, 2010