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From: Rocky Montana
To: Patrick H. Bellringer
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 9:18 PM



from Rocky Montana


Phoenix Journal 5, FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON, by Ashtar, Chapter 4, p. 28-30.



Man must choose his own pathway--individual by individual and then as a whole. He will either join the Christ forces or the dark forces; there is no in-between. Mankind must be informed of the events to come. Much of what happens in the physical sense will be dependent upon how well man can come into understanding and where he will place his energy input. It is apparent at this moment that most are moving into the dark recesses. That, however, can be changed most quickly and much relief brought to bear. The tremendous battle is for the minds of men on earth.

We are come from the etheric realms in order to help to prepare you and others like you on your plane for the days of change ahead. This tie must remain and it must be ever strengthened. We of Space are bound to no one but the Christ, our Lord, Commander of all Light, Wisdom and Love.

You must be aware of all the negativity of man around you; now you must be aware of that negation which is being released through the fourth dimension which will burst forth to confound and confront the mind and body of man upon the third dimension. The masses are not prepared for this in any measure. It will rest upon your shoulders to bring as much understanding as is possible to those you know who will be stricken with panic and terror.

This is not the lower astral sphere of which I speak; this is a far more gruesome aspect of life than is that aspect of astral placement. The knowledge of the Christ-Light and the protection it gives is of major importance, as it is the only real protection a third dimension being has against attack. Doors of matter with all the locks you can conjure mean nothing to this rampaging evil, that in itself knows no laws. As for the Ancient of Ancients, they have known the Christed path though it might be called by other labels. Ye shall not escape by claiming ignorance--IT IS CONCEPT.


You will call in the protection of the Higher Light Source to protect and surround you as a plasmic shield ten thousand times a day if required. Our help is directly balanced with your own effort--past that we cannot step; so do not be found asleep at your switches. This is a WARNING to all to whom this message will contact. I speak with URGENCY to all who stand with the Lighted Forces in this greatest of all confrontations. The time for piddling about is coming to a halt.

The lower levels of the astral plane have been swept clean. This cleansing will cause sharp upswings in crime and perversion of all types and natures. Confusion and fear shall rule man of earth. The masses will need to rearrange energy fields, and they do not, by nature, know how to do this or even that a rebalance must take place. Your position within the Light is only as secure as is your desire to remain therein, so cling to the Light, and remember that we here are beside you on whatever path you may find yourself tomorrow or a year from tomorrow, as long as your goal is Spiritual understanding and knowledge in Wisdom and Truth. You must be in the awareness of your Higher Wisdom and Truth and your Higher Self in order to reap the rewards of our participation. Millions will fail to recognize of their plight even after you have informed them. 'Tis their birthright of free-will choice. Take the hands of those who ask; pass the ones who deny and weep not for their choice is but their own. You must not wallow in the deprivation of their refusal to see nor hear. You must learn to release of those ones unto their own itinerary, 'tis not of your business.



* * *


Phoenix Journal 5, FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON, by Ashtar, Chapter 4, p. 43-46.



To understand the Light Forces you must understand the evil forces. I do not speak of "good " vs. "bad", I refer to evil vs. Godness. For those of you who assume that there is no such thing as evil, I assure you that you are incorrect in your assumption.

The so-called DARK FORCES are those of our own galaxy who are openly opposed to the Brotherhood of Light, its principles and standards, and goals for mankind and the planet Earth. They would seize the planet if that were a possibility. They would bring it under control for their own purposes, which would destroy the freedom of man.

The bands of renegades that patrol the terrestrial realms are immediately dispatched to their proper level when overtaken in trespassing activities. The fleets of the heavenly commands are prompt to transport such intruders on their way elsewhere. IT IS ON YOUR PLANE IN YOUR OCTAVE WHEREIN THE ENEMY MUST BE MET AND DEALT WITH FROM A PHYSICAL STANDPOINT.

There are dark forces who are evil in their intent. We maintain very close surveillance of them. Most have been removed from the Earth atmosphere, but there will be a great redistribution of dark energies as this planet shuts down activities, so we have an enforced truce.

Brothers, a rule of thumb; Anything which deliberately hurts and hinders another individual is evil, and when it is willfully and maliciously designed to do so, it is even MORE EVIL. We of the Federation surround and defend the Earth as much as possible, but you have all you need right on board to destroy you in total. Just as Sananda has a fleet, so does the Satanian empire. Watch closely as you contact any of the space brothers. A "positive" man will always quickly identify himself and broadcast thoughts of Light and goodwill. You will KNOW that this is a God-Lighted man.

A Satanian will not identify himself in a satisfactory manner, or not at all. He, further, will flee if one directs Light at him and demands he depart. Never approach a craft until you are sure that it is MAN'S. ALWAYS USE "THE LIGHT"


Further, you will not be taken by force by either side. It is up to you to accept or deny. The agreement is usually made on a much higher dimension than at pick-up point. Refuse to go in the name of the Light and you will be left alone. It is a Law which is not broken. I am not going to give you descriptions of craft of which to beware of, for as you move close to the transition there are ones from galaxies far distant from Earth whose ships are spherical in shape and easily identified. Most of Hatonn's command of Pleiades and almost all of my immediate command ships have brilliant rotating red, green, yellow and white lights. We are easily identified at night, for we station between you and orbiting stars and planets that we have constant surveillance. Most will appear no different than a star. We effort at showing our presence to our Earth-based workers for confirmation of our presence. We will soon be moving into your visible consciousness.

Enough for today, Dharma. In appreciation and love, I salute you, chela.


[End quoting]