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Focusing Upon Your Personal Mission / Vitality Affirmations

Ariana Sheran

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Human beings were put on Earth to be caretakers.  That means they are physically able to care for the land, and everything that grows upon it and for the wildlife in all its many forms.  Humans were also put on this planet as a reward, in a way, for this is one of the most beautiful planets in all of the heavens.  Since God meant every human being to be a caretaker, that means each person just needs to look after their own area where they live, as the person next door has the responsibility for looking after their own piece of property.  There is never too much load put upon one person.  Sometimes those in Spirit say to us that all we have to do is "be".  What does that mean?  We are human beings.  We are not called human doings.  It is enough that we have chosen to come to Earth and have agreed to be the caretaker of our home, our area, the vegetation and the critters we call ours.  Nothing else was expected of us.

Then came the Earth Mission and it has been intensifying now but has been in effect for many, many years.   A big job was to be accomplished on Earth.  People incarnated in order to be of service and in order to demonstrate love.  Looking after our own little piece of the puzzle then expanded into caring for and about our neighbor and later finding a specialty that we could do that our neighbor would appreciate and find helpful. It is in focusing upon your specialty that Lightworkers sometimes feel they are called by God.  Then passion and intent comes into the picture because a way has been discovered to really help other people or other forms of life and only you have the vision and interest to make it happen. 

In the last twenty years we, as Lightworkers, have been asked to work with our minds and our hearts through meditation or contemplation to do spiritual practices that will assist the whole world and all people living upon it.  Working with our minds by holding the vision is the way accomplishments are made throughout the Universe.  It is the way a fairy assists a flower to grow.  The fairy holds the vision of the flower in full bloom and the flower grows into that shape.  In Spirit, beings hold the vision of a new invention, for example.  Then some scientists or others on Earth pick up on that and come up with similar ideas.  Crop circles are made in the same way.  Many beings in Spirit give energy, which is relayed, focused and directed.  Then very suddenly there is a new design in the wheat field!  

Now we, as human beings living on Earth, are being asked to learn these same techniques and we can do them because we are spiritual beings living in human bodies.  We can make so-called miracles happen.  We can help people and situations with only our minds.  We can make a difference, just as our guides in Spirit do, in a quiet, efficient and aware manner.  This is called Lightwork.

So when you see a war occurring on the television in your living room, focus your mind power and send Light and love to that situation.  You don't need to strain.  Just concentrate for a minute or two and you will feel your love being magnified by spiritual energy.  You will receive help while doing this!  If you want to send Light and love to the vegetation on the planet, don't pick a flower - just bend down to reach it and give it your joy and appreciation.  If you want to send Light and love to the animal, bird, or sea-life kingdoms, just talk or think to your pet and tell it how gorgeous it is, how lovable and how smart.  Alternatively you can watch nature programs on television and do your Lightwork for the various kingdoms in the way described above.  In remembering these practices whenever you see a bush, a bird or another human being, you will soon find that you are living your life through love.  Your plants will thrive and people will be drawn to you.  They will begin to ask you questions about what changes you have made in your life or they will be drawn by your current interest.  That is when you can teach.  That is when your wisdom can shine.  It is only when people are asking that they will listen to your experiences in a respectful and serious manner and will take your suggestions to heart. 

Your mission is living your life through love quietly, dedicatedly, simply… and helping all life on Earth in the easy ways just mentioned.  That is the way your guides are working with you so take a lesson from Spirit.  Your spiritual teachers are never noisy nor are they aggressive.  Their energy is subtle and loving.  It is important to hold the human energy on Earth.  That means being of service when a situation develops that you can help with and demonstrating love in any and all aspects of your life always, no matter what situation you find yourself in.  You are an example to others.  They will learn from you.

So dearest Lights, I am here now to give you my love and gratitude for coming to Planet Earth and for being available at this time to continue being a caretaker, being a Lightworker and working with the Earth Mission in these days of excitement and change upon your planet.

I am Ashtar, quietly guiding you into ways of the heart.


                                                                                    By Ariana Sheran, Inspired by Ashtar


                                                                                    Received Through Typing June 12, 2007




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I am (your name) of the Light.

I come in the name of our Heavenly Creator to turn inward, to listen and to hear.

My heart is full of love and the Divine Energy of Light.

I am under the total protection of Universal Energies and Light.

This protection manifests as a sense of peace throughout my mind and my body.

Peace prevails within me and peace prevails on Earth.


I invite my guides and spiritual teachers to be with me in the loving energy of Light.

I come to work with Spirit in a personal way at this time, through affirmations.


I now deepen my meditation and feel or know a Divine touch from the Universe.

I am bathed in the Green Light of Healing and bask in its glorious vibrancy.

I am comfortable.  I am relaxed.  I am vibrant.  I feel wonderful!


My muscles, tendons and ligaments have great strength and flexibility.

My backbone is well aligned and strong.  All of my bones are strong.

Everything is in order with my vertebrae, pelvis, spinal cord and nervous system.

My head feels clear and my neck is relaxed and comfortable.


My feet are strong.  They carry me around my world.  My hands are strong.

My legs, knees, hips, arms, elbows and shoulders are powerful and move with ease.

They are flexible and in perfect alignment.

All of my bodily systems are functioning to perfection.  My entire body is healthy.


I love my body; I love myself.  I radiate a magnetic aura of love to all I meet.

I forgive others and myself with the Divine assistance of love.

My mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are all at peace.

Each day is a joy and produces spiritual growth through my experiences.


At this time, I wish to sit in quiet, deep meditation for a time

In order to dwell and understand one particular facet of my personal life.

I will now take some time to be with my beloved guides in the garden of my mind.

I ask the Universe for Divine Blessings.   Not my will but thy will be done.

I put this situation in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom


        ©    ©    ©


Before ending this meditation, I wish to expand my vision to include

our dear Earth and all life upon her.  I send Universal Love from my heart.

I direct love, in particular, to   (person, place or situation)


In loving gratitude, I thank the Universal Energies that have assisted me today.

I go forth renewed as I rededicate my life to Universal Love and Divine Service.

I feel oneness with all life at a very deep level.   I am (your name) of the Light.   So be it.