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Ashtar Addressing the Sarasota, Florida, Gathering on January 20, 2008

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January 20th, 2008:

"..This is a time for you to become strong within yourselves, empowered within yourselves, knowing who you are, knowing that it is up to you to create whatever it is that you choose to create. And this is the time for you to be calm about it, so that your empowerment is that of Joy, and the process is empowered by Joy, because if it's not, if it's empowered by fear, you're going to get the flip side, you might say, of what it is that you want.

"So the best thing to do is to stay calm, relaxed, and embrace and  focus on what it is that you want to create. And don't even say, 'I want it.' Create it! It's now! It's done! It's a done deal! It's happening! Draw a picture if you need too, write it! Put it in what you call the present tense.

"How about, 'I AM now walking up the yellow brick road to my mansion in the sky,' or whatever you want to say. It doesn't make any difference what it is that you want. And don't for one minute think that there is anything that is judged to be wrong. If you want a boat, or a shiny red sports car, or an empty room in exactly the color you want it, where you can be in the middle of it and radiate your Love throughout the room, so that it reverberates back into your being. There's no right or wrong.

"There's no group blueprint for what it is that you're here to create, except that we advise you to always use Love as the empowerment for your creation. In other words, what are we saying? We're saying empower yourselves with Love, it's that simple. And be in that state of being; oh, throw some passion into it if you want, but be in that state of being when you create whatever it is that you choose to create.

"If the World seems to be in chaos around you, and believe me if itdoesn't at this moment, it will, take yourself to a place and go within. Take yourself to that place where all you feel, and all you are is Love, and share that with the World.

"There is a great deal of the habit of support. Humans are programmed to support other humans. Now, I have the worst headache I've ever had today, blah, blah, blah, and pretty soon you're saying, 'Oh m  God, I feel your headache, you know, and I'm taking it on.' No my God, Goddess, you're not here to take on whatever it is. Don't let anybody dump anything on you becauseit goes into

 your fields, and it might become very difficult to let go of it, to transmute it, or get rid of it, let's face it.

"Don't buy into anybodys dramas. Stay on your path, and stay true to yourself; and you become that beacon, you're that Radiant Being that the World wants to be in company with. And more and more will ask you. 'How do you do it? You seem to shine. You seem to be so radiant; you seem to be so calm; you seem to be so gracious to everyone.'

"And even that mean old so-and-so up in the front row can't get to you, or make you mean, or angry, or quarrelsome, or whatever. How do you stand in your own Grace, and radiate to the World, such Love, such Joy? Isn't it because you've claimed it for yourselves?

"You've opened your eyes, and you've opened your hearts, and so there you are Radiant Beings, ready to help in whatever way is your passion. There's your answer, 'How do I help? What am I to do? How can I make my contribution?' You already are, Beloveds, by being you, by being the Love that you are.

"We're asking you to commit to walking in G race in what you call 24-7. We're asking you to commit to be so in touch with yourself that your next moment, and your next, and your next is a pure path of passion that you choose for yourself. Never mind what the World wants you to do, be yourself with your passion, that's the only path you need to be on.

"Empower with Love, and oh yes, there's Ascension on your path. Never doubt that you have the ability to bring others with you when they recognize who you are. They may have confusion. They may not be quite ready to say you're Divine, because what does that make them?

"If they're what you call negative type people, they want to put you up on a pedestal and say, 'Oh I'm gonna worship and bow down to you.' And if they're wanting more, and they're positive type people, they may have to open up, and accept that they too are Divine. And how you treat them, and how you shine upon them could be the catalyst.

"You could be the 'opener-upper' to all around you. And what are you doing? You're shining the Love that you are to them. You're walking your passionate path. You're staying within the Grace of the Divine being you are. And if you choose to use theword 'facilitate' Ascension for others, that's what you're doing.

"And by the way, let's get something very clear in vocabulary; we're not talking about saving anybody. We're talking about you being a Leader. We're talking about living the Truth of Who You Really Are.."

 Â© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered. Inviting you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar teleconference Tuesday, March 11, 2008, starting with sign-ons at 6:15 pm PDT. The number to call is 1-212-990-8000. Your pin number will be emailed separately once you have registered. Please note: We must receive your registration no later than 3pm, Pacific Daylight Time, on the day of the call, in order to be sure that there is time to send you your pin number.

Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise