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[AshtarCommand] Ground Crew Update


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see was the speech that the North Korean's told New Mexicans, where they thanked us for our hospitality, and for listening. Our news explained to us how the way the NK negotiate, they come out fighting and then back down. Our national news would have us believe that we are ready to go to war at all costs rather than the fact that we are just getting prepared after twelve years of downsizing our military.


Dear Ground Crew:

Happy New You! Yes, think about how new you are and how you are feeling early in 2003. Think about how we are co-creating our new Earth while eliminating old patterns, beliefs, fears, doubts, you know, all of those programs that no longer serve us. Think back on the progress you made in 2002 and how much you want to move forward with your work. There is an energy amongst many of us that wants us to get the job done. Perhaps that is because we are closer than ever. Maybe it is due to the ever-changing world events that propel us to greater deeds. These inspirations make us want to do more of what we came here to do. So how about a New Year’s resolution for a new you—I will move forward on my pathway with ease and grace. I will not let anything stop me from fulfilling my mission on Earth. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Think about the inner work you have done up until now and amplify that a thousand fold. That is likely what it will require for us to uplift the Earth. First one must uplift Self and then that will serve the uplifting of the planet. If you look around you will see that humanity is challenged. Often what has been taken for granted, money, jobs, relationships, and health are at the forefront of change. Do you know anyone who is not dealing with some focus for improvement? I feel the days of being stuck are gone. We will either move forward or will be thrust into that position.

It will take spiritual resolve and inner fortitude to grasp these energies for change. It will push us to the maximum of our abilities. I can feel these energies building and you are probably feeling them too. Some of what is occurring now does not make sense. Of course, it makes dollars for those in charge. With war being shoved at us we need to collect our energies for peace on all levels. Ask yourself the question, “What do I need to do to bring peace into my life? Where can I participate and commit to more of my spiritual path? Where do I need healing and how can I serve those around me who need healing? How can I eliminate fear from my life as much as possible?” In my healing practice the other day, I had a spiritually aware 15 year-old girl ask: “Why am I here? Why do people have to hate each other? Why is there war on this planet? Why don’t I feel like I belong here? Why do I feel so much anxiety?” These are questions many are asking. Many are in fear and are suffering from the hatred on this planet.

Ground crew, please do what you can to not buy into the fear the media is feeding us. Their input will fuel the anxiety and this is what it is designed to do. It is part of the manipulation that is used to control the masses. If you are focused on what the masses are absorbing and if you are sensitive like this young client of mine, it will make things more challenging for you. Take the best care you can of yourself. It could even get worse. Look for the truth and the love behind each message.

For me this year is starting off with a bang. I was told on New Year’s Day that my sister, Melanie, had major surgery and almost lost her life. She has complications and is still in need of healing. Please send prayers and healing to my sister and her family if you feel inclined. She is a psychic, spiritual teacher and a wonderful person that I love dearly. In other areas of my life wherever truth needs to come forth I am faced with telling mine and making new choices. This is happening with frequency already. I see it cannot be avoided. Who has time to duck the truth especially when it staresyou in the face? When we deal with the things that need to be settled we are assisting others also.

While things seem so challenging there are miracles happening too. I want to share several miracles with you that touched my heart. A client of mine was flying from San Francisco to the east coast and this is what she e-mailed me: “Did I tell you this? ... At the airport on my way out I forgot to take my free ticket-I left it at home. I searched and searched and couldn't find it. I turned to the woman behind me and said, "I can't find my free ticket that I'm planning on using. What do you think will happen? She said, "I think you need to fly." I got to the check in counter and told the agent I forgot my ticket at home but that I was in the computer. She said I would have to purchase a ticket (this was to the east coast). I asked how much it would be and she said she would look it up. I imagined that it would cost $800 since it would have to be "same day of travel". The woman behind me stepped up and handed me a free ticket and said, "My business card is inside the envelope. When you get home, send me your free ticket." She never asked for my name and number or date of return! I will never forget this earth angel and miracle- and I'm sending her my ticket and a present today.”

There are angels everywhere! This story touched my heart and I hope it does the same for you.

On Christmas Eve three clients asked me to channel Mother Mary for them. Two said they felt this was the best present they could give themselves. The third client called me excitedly the day after Christmas to tell me a miracle that occurred for her. She had been estranged from her son, his wife and her grandchildren for three years. She had not seen her first grandchild since she was six months old. They also had a new baby. When Mother Mary worked with her she received such a healing that the mother of her grandchildren appeared at my friend’s work with the grandchildren. She invited her to dinner at her son’s house that night. Now she is reunited and one happy mom and grandmother.

On Christmas Eve. another friend became a grandmother to an adopted Russian baby girl two years old. What seemed like a treacherous and onerous path for her daughter and her beloved had paid off. They picked up the newly adopted precious baby girl on New Year’s Eve. The baby is a bundle of joy and has her own mommy, room and toys for the first time in her little life. Let’s spread the miracles everyone! Look at the amazing grace with which we live and the miracles of life. I am grateful for my sister’s life, my entire family, and friends and for all of you.

Grace is Here

By Valerie Donner

Amazing grace is here.

Look at the miracles of last year.

When it comes to living in grace

We are lockstep in place.

Angels abound

Knowing every need.

They help in surgery

And reduce your speed.

They deliver goods

Like babies and airline tickets.

They help us

Get out of the very thick of it.

Grace is here,

One of the angelic crew,

Studying your needs,

Carrying you through.

Count your blessings

As the miracles grow,

So you can live

In Heaven’s row.

Channeling From The Intergalactic Council

Through Valerie Donner

December 29, 2002


We, The Intergalactic Council, are with you today for much is about to take place on your Earth. We are in careful watch and consider this time to be of profound importance to the future of the Earth. It is a given that turmoil is in the air. We can see it and we observe the thought forms of those who would like to use their power in the most inappropriate ways. Certainly they have their game plan but so do we. Although we will not reveal our plan we will say that the sorcerer’s stone is not one to be found. Even though they have planned to use some dark magic to bring forth unimaginable calamities they do not possess the true power of the Light. They underestimate the great forces of love and awareness that will bring forth a most positive conclusion to these matters at hand. What you will begin to see on the Earth is a spurning up of those forces whose energies and patterns are deleterious to the Earth. The vibrations and consciousness of the ones of the Light are producing such positive effects that those of evil influence will find themselves in some other place. Their plans will be foiled. Please take this to heart for there is an important resonance in these words. This does not mean to imply that the battle is over we are simply suggesting the battle in lopsided in favor of the positive efforts and effects of the Light.

As we work with you we are able to amplify the energies of the Light coming from Earth. In this way we also effectively changes patterns of energy that could be seen as destructive. The energy from some of the Light workers themselves has been somewhat discordant and this is due to the amplification process. Some times those of the Light are not completely aware of what their emotional turmoil is from yet they are so diligently working for the good of the whole. Even if it seems that you are undergoing insurmountable inner struggle please understand that it is being used to clear out some inner and outer darkness. This depends upon what is most suitable at the time. We explain this for you to understand the importance of your inner work and the challenges that you face. They will become stronger next year and you will need your deep connections with the Forces of Light and your communication with God.

We certainly understand what you are going through. We do not want you to lose hope or to feel you are doing this work alone. You are precious to us and to God. Your presence on the Earth is appreciated and necessary to complete this divine plan.

On the emotional level if you are in inner turmoil understand that this turmoil is present likewise on the Earth. When you are successful at reinstating inner peace you are also assisting the Earth in regaining peace. In the days ahead you will want to ask the questions of your self about what you can do in your life to bring peace. You may not know the answer immediately but it will come. Brining yourself back to the present moment is paramount to inner peace. Breathing assists this part and so does prayer and meditation. You will need every tool you can muster up because these times on Earth are going to be challenging. You will also have every bit of assistance from us in the Light Realms to further the cause.

It is also important to remember that in spite of the complications and complexities occurring it is possible to regain your composure from external events. By simply finding your way back to the knowledge that all of this is an illusion. Taking things less seriously even though them may seem potent and perilous will allow you to return to a semblance of peace. Use whatever technique to can to maneuver your way through the coming times. Our intention in this communicating is to honor you for your work and to inform you that we are with you. Together we are a viable force of Light and we will be successful. With this thought in mind we offer you extra courage and means to uplift the planet. First work with your selves and see how much you effect the upliftment of the Earth.

As you use your energies for renewal you are combining your energies with ours and then offsetting some of the negative. Think of your inner expansion and renewal as being the keys to salvation. Bear this in mind as you go about your lives. Do not let out circumstances stop you from completing your mission. Peace is the way.

We are orchestrating a divine directive that will given to those who are lingering with their destructive devices. This directive will be powerful and will knock them to their knees. Other things may occur as a result of this so we want everyone to be ready to see some major ramifications and changes from the progression of war. We stand with you in the Light of a new era on Earth and hold peace for your world.

We are the Intergalactic Council.