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I am asking all people of Light throughout the world to use your God Spirit within you to please pray to help defeat the great darkness/evil that currently exists in Canada. The handful of those brave souls working for (ITCCS) are under constant attack and work at great risk to physical self in holding back the darkness. Many have fallen, but the handful that are still standing against all odds, are working tirelessly in exposing and stopping the vile satanic practices which are being carried out in secret.

We know the power of prayer-our spiritual powers have no boundaries, we must not forget the power of our spiritual Self in neutralizing and thus defeating evil. We can help those who are holding the line of battle all over the world, by asking our God Spirit for God/Aton’s lighted protection. We can save another child from being harmed by using the power of prayer to have Lucifer’s minions removed from this planet and sent to the Void. You can use the power of your spirit to sweep away all the dark energies that infest this planet. You can pray for more intervention from our Star Family! You can ask the millions of Lighted Star Beings who are presently circling our planet in the upper atmosphere, to pray to have the Cabal removed.

Patrick Bellringer states, “Creator God hears the sincere prayer from a humble heart.  He hears the whisper of “God help!”  He hears the unspoken words of your heart’s desire!  He hears and responds to the pleas of a little child.  He hears, and He understands and He responds, always!

            Will you help us win this battle for the Light, for our world---to defeat evil?  Take even a few minutes from your busy schedule to stop and think, to think good things, to meditate, to say, “God, Help!”

            We can do it!  We can win this Battle for the Light, for Goodness for our world.  We can create so much positive energy that the Dark Cabal shall be swept off this planet and into the Void, never to return to Shan.  It is time, my friends, it is time!


For when you pray to your Spirit, whatever you request will be given to you”.

 “For believe with knowledge, and you will receive”.

 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts”. (Zechariah 4:6)


Blessings to those who see with eyes beyond the physical illusion, remember that God’s delays are not His denials-Amen.



A fellow traveler travelling the Red Road.

Katie Stoqua