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Patrick H. Bellringer

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         Our Father and Creator God Aton of Light, we weep for all the innocent victims of this man-made storm, Hurricane Harvey, and its disastrous flood waters.  Our God Spirit within cries out to the Forces of Light to come to our aid to help rescue the drowning, to help protect and heal the injured, and to comfort and give hope and help to all, who are starving, need shelter are thirsty or fearful. 

          Touch the hearts of those, who have the means or the ability to give relief at this time, that they will respond immediately and generously with the needed help.

          Through our God Spirit within we order the rains and strong winds immediately stopped, and all Dark Energies and Entities totally neutralized over this entire area affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Fill all spaces with Love and Light!

          We order the flood waters to recede quickly, leaving far less damage and harm to both property and to the storm victims than ever expected.  May many miracles happen, as the result of the prayers of the people, and may great soul growth be achieved and lessons learned by those, who open their hearts to the Light.

          Through the authority of Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda and the power of our Spirit, we make this prayer. 

          So be it!