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Whether you have* a tiny urban lot or many acres in the country. YOU can make a difference in the health of the Planet. Even if you are renting a house in the middle of a city, you have been entrusted with the care of a portion of Mother Earth. Why wait for someone else to heal the Planet? Healing starts in your own backyard. Begin NOW, where you’re at.

Walk your property in sacred silence. Choose a quiet place, and pray the prayer below, or make up your own prayer. Look and listen. Visit with the land, and ask what it wants. Then be ready to act in ways that reflect your new understanding. Align yourself with the land where you live and with the rhythms and cycles of Nature. Work spiritually and physically to eliminate toxins and co-create healing and balance. Make your personal outdoor space sacred, holy and healthy. Copy this paper and distribute it freely. The prayer below was given to Eileen Lighthawk in May of ’97. It is a gift to you, to all our relations and to our Mother. Do not pray it unless you are willing to make some changes in your life.

(*No one can actually own the Earth. She does not belong to us, we belong to her. If we nurture her, she will nurture us. Nature lives in the cities and in us).

Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and spirits of Light and Love, hear me. I stand in your presence as a steward of this small patch of land, and I ask for your guidance & blessing. Teach me to care for this portion of the Earth. I am your child. Teach me your ways. Guide me in co--creating here with you and the Nature spirits a place of Light and balance, peace and healing, beauty and joy. Teach me, please, to honor my Mother, Gaia, and all my relations who share this place which you have entrusted to my care. Forgive my past ignorance and any damage I have done. Let me hear your voice in my heart. Guide me with visions and how things can be. Let us begin together, here and now, on this land, to restore balance and harmony to the Earth. I (State your name), dedicate this property to the Light. I call Light and Love here, now. I trust that I will receive guidance and direction in nurturing this land. Thank you for choosing me as a caretaker of this sacred place. Thank you for strengthening my connection to Mother Earth. Guide my steps. So be it.

(To share your experience, write Lighthawk, Box 188, Newman Lake, WA 99025)