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Twin Hearts Meditation for Healing and World Peace

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Many religions and philosophies of numerous traditions state that what we give ... we will receive, and that if we Bless others, we will be Blessed.

The Planetary Meditation for Peace, uses the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi to project Blessings to all people on the earth.

"Twin Hearts" refers to the activation of the Heart and Crown Energy Centers. The Heart Center, is associated with Human Love and with caring for our fellow human beings. (Color-Vibrant Green)

The Crown Center, also know as 'Our Spiritual Heart,' is considered to be the Center for Divine Love and Heightened Spiritual Consciousness or Awareness. (Color-Violet)

By simply concentrating on these two centers simultaneously, they become activated and a person may feel Universal Divine Love and intense sense of Unity or Oneness with everyone and everything, in the world.

Personal Transformation may be gained through practicing this meditation. The benefits include Better Health, Reduced Stress, Greater Productivity, Happier Relationships, Increased Calmness and Inner Tranquility.

Scientific research shows an increase of plasma melatonin of up to 300% following the practice of the meditation. Further research to document additional positive results is being continued. When regularly used as a form of Service to Humanity, The Planetary Meditation for Peace, can bring Peace, Joy, Healing, and Reconciliation on many levels.

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