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The Fountain of Broceliande


By Anna Von Reitz

February 3rd 2019


Dead men always summon us to The Fountain of Broceliande, which like the Seventh Seal, is associated with a physical, geographical location,  but is neither physical nor geographical.  The Fountain of Broceliande is a Trysting Place---a Magic Circle, Fairy's Circle, or Witch's Circle.  It is a place without a place and a time without a time, where heroes meet themselves and test their fate.  We are all being tested now.


Unable to withstand the concentrated healing energy so many have sent, the Seventh Seal at Bardsey Island has cracked and opened and is draining like a wound.  I had somehow always imagined that it would simply vanish one day, not that it would rupture like a dam---with part of it gone and the rest of it still standing like a ruin above the waves.


Things happen as they happen and can't always be foreseen.  A seal which has caused such ruination of the Earth for so many centuries has captured life and used life to its ends for so long that it appears to have a life of its own --borrowed as it is-- and for that reason it presents as a wound of some ghastly kind, one that has festered out.


As it does, the evil that has long ruled Westminster falters and fades. A new wind is blowing in from the Western Sea and new ideas and feelings come with it. 


The people of Britain will sense that the "wound" is clearing out and that the dammed up ley line of the magnetic field is flowing again---not entirely freely yet, but flowing on to Africa and the Southern Hemisphere as it naturally should.


After so many centuries of living in the backwash of the Seventh Seal it may seem strange and even scary to feel the currents of the ley line lifting and bearing away.  People in Britain may feel at a loss or adrift or "out of control" as they adjust to the change, but hold on--this is going to be good.


The Great Palatine Seal of Rome still stands, but is under the similar assault of kindness and healing, thus far mostly from Italians who realize how miserable they have been, and know how this all-consuming Seal has devoured and destroyed entire generations.


The Great Palatine Seal is brittle with age, beginning to crumble at the edges anyway.  It's only the massiveness of its evil that keeps it standing yet it, too, sustains many fissures and is cracked to its foundations.  It leaks away its energy like a sieve and as it does the Italian People begin to feel alive and empowered again.


As we continue to clear away the debris of The Great Seal at Bardsey Island, let those who feel inclined to do it, turn their attention toward Rome and the work of dismantling and removing The Great Palatine Seal.


The removal of these two massive energy blockages in Western Europe will have profound and beneficial affects for the whole Earth, and mark the end of generations of suffering for mankind.


There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done and each of us have a Tryst with ourselves to discover the truth about our lives and our loves.  It is a Quest that many have delayed until these Latter Days and it may seem awkward in the midst of such change to find yourself revisiting other places and other times, and going through such an intimate examination of who you are, what you believe, and who you want to be.


I can only tell you that each of us has a time and a season that is all our own and a relationship with the One Life that gives life to each one of us that is unique--- and as perilous as your long journey has been, I don't think you will be disappointed by how it all ends.